ROMA: Beauty Resolution 2013

I could say that 2012 is my happiest year. 2011 was great, but 2012 was even better! Probably cuz in 2010 I was dumped and felt so horrible about it. But after a full 2 year recovery, I am back on my feet, baby!

I don't know about you chicas, but I do have a habit of making resolutions. But making beauty checklist for the new year? I believe this would be the first time for me to do it!

REVIEW: TFS Real Nature Mask Red Ginseng

For some reason, I always stash my sheetmasks away and just feel bad if I use any of them COUGHcheapskateCOUGH. But I guess since I'm on my holiday, might as well as rejuvenating my whole body--from head to toe--before I face 2013 YARGH.

Without further ado, let's take a look at this one particular mask sheet from The Faceshop.

REVIEW: Kinohimitsu Jpan DTox Plum, Rosela and Cranberry Juice


With parties line up during this holiday, eating delicious noms is inevitable. Putting on some weight? No problem! Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Plum, Rosela & Cranberry Juice could be the stuff you're looking for!

SPONSORED: Sulwhasoo Firming Cream [UPDATED: 1/1/2013]

It's Christmas morning and I already cranked up another review! Man, I'm so proud of myself *pat self on the back* *...can't reach*.

W-well! It's just I'm lucky that this cream has no ingredient whatsoever on its packaging, so I can't really get to know about it. But I've used it for awhile, and it doesn't cause me any breakouts nor allergic reactions, which is good in my book!

REPORT: Kiehl's Holiday Head to Toe Event Gathering

Three words to explain New York?

My pick would be "bustling, artsy and cutting-edge."

ROMA: TOP 10 IN 2012

Heyo there, lovers! Today is a fun fun fun day cuz we are going to celebrate Christmassssss. But then again, Christmas is also a hint that we're nearing to the end of 2012. And what good is there if we don't take this time to sit and ponder about what have we been through for all year?

Luckily I've got ten items that I'm really fond of for this whole year. In no particular order, let's check out the items Roma's got!

TIPS: Spa ala Romacchiato!

Seberapapun magisnya, entah kenapa kesadisan kota besar mampu membuat semua orang galau, tanpa terkecuali.

Tanpa terkecuali, ya, saya

ROMA: My History with Whoo (Part 3)

Hey, laaaaaydiiiiiiieeeeeeessss, back again with ROMACCHIATO in their review of Whoo

Akshully, it's just Roma since Macchi clearly detests Whoo and its price. But she doesn't seem to complain when I gave her my Jasaeng ampoule. Guess what, though?

ROMA: My History with Whoo (Part 2)

The peasant-queen romance continues, folks. And no matter how weird and geeky that makes me, my love to Whoo is still as strong as ten thousand burning suns. 

Since I've (not so proudly) announce that I am a geek, let me share you

My History with Whoo

 Part Two

 drawn by Kate Beaton

ROMA: My History with Whoo (Part 1)

If anyone curious, the badly photoshopped picture on this entry simply shows my... interest of The History of Whoo products. I am conflicted. And here is the backstory why.

REPORT: Shiseido is Older than My Grandma

I was wondering for awhile how to make my report not boring or repetitive as so many beauty bloggers already wrote up Shiseido 140th Anniversary anyway (and I bet there will be soon to come). Perhaps the best I can do is to write this report in my honest point of view. Don't worry, though. I don't plan to be Ms A-Douchie-Jerkinson yet *wink*. So dig in this entry to find out what I really thought about it or just stop right here if curiosity doesn't really tickle your interest.

REVIEW: Innisfree Paddle Hairbrush

You might raise your brows and ask among themselves, o my lovely coffee beans. 

What's the deal with the hairbrush? But honestly, have you ever wondered what is the right brush for you? 

ROMA: A Lot of Beauty Items

Guess what, moccachinos? 
I've got yet another package waiting for me today! *GUSHES*

Oh, gosh, I've no idea that I would be so busy lately. That's why without even realizing, beauty items are just there; some are sponsored and some are store-bought, both not yet to be reviewed! My sole and only sponsor (Though I don't really show it, I don't really advertise OLshops whom I'm not comfortable with. Unless I really, really like the service/price, then yeah.) Sakurablossomshop, already sent me TWO endorsements.

REVIEW: Black Magic Noni!

Hullo there, my sweet coffee-beans!

I'm trying my best to catch up with reviews. Mostly are there, lying sadly in my dashboard. So after long contemplation, I decided to write about BSY Noni.

FOTD: Romance o Roma

 lol double chin

I love love love love floral pattern. And I love love love love instagram effects! I think this is my first vain shots *twitch* I dunno if you guys can bear with me on this one, but since I found these picture lying uselessly in my folder, I figured might as well as whip them out. LOL NOT GONNA LIE. These are a set of clothings I tried when I visited X to X store size LMAO. I was looking for a formal dress for my best-friend's wedding. So I figured, why nooot~~~?

ROMA: The Skinfood Water Series

I've always adored The Skinfood products.

Perhaps it's in the packaging and the brand name, but there's something about it that I couldn't resist.

Recently I found out that they had new skincare lines called 'Thermal Water' (hydrating and softening), 'Glacier Water' (toning and soothing) and 'Deep Sea Water' (brightening) series. Each line has mask sheet, gel mask, multi gel and multi toner.

the toners (source: google)

REPORT: The End of LANCOME Battle Trilogy

Hi, lovely lattes!

Roma here to report the final stage of beauty battle between Marsha and Carnellin! This event is actually the end of trilogy Lancome duel (Macchi attended the first and the second) and--if I may say--was the best!

Since this is the first time for me to go to an event like this, I was so excited! Perhaps too excited that I babbled too much, my apologies teehee. Oh, yeah, before we proceed to the report, I want to apologize about the crappy quality of the pictures (took'em with my camera-phone). I have prepared a pocket-camera, actually. But I forgot to put in the battery so I used my phone and stole some pictures from Fweegy (u///u)

REVIEW: Skinfood Egg-white Pore Mask (updated 16/10/2012)

Why hello there, sexy moccachinos! Today I'm going to write a review of Skinfood's Egg-white Pore Mask. Egg-white mask, as we all may have known, has the ability to tighten the pores. Albeit it's only temporary, many use the egg-mask religiously, anyway.

SPONSORED + GIVEAWAY: A Very Dovely Birthday to Macchi

**Dovely Birthday Giveaway ada di bagian bawah halaman ini. 
Scroll down, ladies! ;) 

"Loh, Mash? Muka lo bersihan, ya?" 

SPONSORED: Dove Mini-Giveaway

Hey, lovely coffee-beans

Jangan bocen dulu, yaaaaa, tapi lagi-lagi Romacchiato mengadakan mini-giveaway dari.... DOVE!

1 (satu) set handuk Prime Cott pink senilai IDR 500.000
1 (satu) set sabun Dove Bar

SHOPPING: Baviphat Rip-Off

Guess what I saw when I went to Plaza Senayan's Guardian? 


too bad these 'Baviphats' are not phat enough

SPONSORED: Yanagiya Prexceed Hair Cream

 (picture source: carolynsshadegarden)

I've never seen a flower as romantic as Camellia. And I think that counts a lot for a person who prefers street-vendor date than a romantic, candle-lit dinner at some fancy restaurant, heheh. In fact, back while I was a sloppily-dressed comic-artist, I drew this flower quite often for backgrounds and borders.

TIPS: How to Get Rid of Comedones Effectively

Hello again, mi cappuccinos! As I promised in my last post, today I'm going to share my personal tips on how to get rid of comedones effectively. This method was found accidentally; back when I was into DIY masks.

To cut the chase! Let's introduce you guys nose?


I wish I could capture more details sobb. 
Yeah, a new camera is already on my wishlist!

SPONSORED: Belvia Mini Pie!

Hello, my lovely cappuccinos!

I'm eager to share that Romacchiato has got a new sponsor: Sakurablossomshop!

Sakurablossomshop, not only spoil us rotten by sending a beauty product endorsement each month, she also sent us TREATS! Not ordinary treats, mind you. This home-made pie is very famous in Surabaya. In fact, just recently the owner of Belvia Mini Pie set up her own store. I think that's quite an accomplishment for SOHO home-made pies. And that kinda confirms me how delicious this pie would taste.

TIPS: Cheesecake (チーズ・ケイキ) Method

Roma: (browse Female Daily) "Huh. I wonder if this Chizu Saeki method is really worth to try?"

Macchi: "'re going to smear CHEESECAKE onto your face?"


REVIEW: Silly Silky Girl (Double Intense Gel Liner)

Who doesn't know Silky Girl?

It is cheap and recommended everywhere by beauty bloggers!

I know this product from Stephanie Nangoi's review. Drooled at the cheap price (starts from 45.000 IDR, I got mine from Indomaret.) And I've been wanting to try gel eyeliner so I thought, "Heheh, why not?"

ROMA: Wishlist and Recommendation (Updated Nov 13th)

Am I the only one who always write and plan what to buy? On journal? O-oh, well. Below are things I have bought and the below below are the things I haven't bought 3:

SHOPPING: Your Beauty Factor is indeed a Max Factor!

Who says looking gorgeous and sexy is hard and expensive? I use MaxFactor in my photoshoots and makeup creation. The products are superb, easy to use, the result is amazing and what I like most is its reasonable price!

MaxFactor Brand Ambassador

Looxperiments! WE WON!!!


(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻

Sorry, ladies. It's just this month, has been CRAZY. I need to calm myself down huff huff huff.
Okay okay okay.

PDA: Versatile Blog Award + 7 Random Things

Who would've guessed that our blog would receive an award? In less than a month old too! Thanks muchly, Madame Rosdiana for awarding this award to us! She's like, some feisty-dancer-mom who got kickass tutorials about nails and stuff. Go check her out!

I honestly have no idea what is VBA, so I googled it. 

The rules for accepting are as follows:
1) Nominate 15 other bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
2)Let them know that you have nominated them.
3)Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4)Thank the bloggers who have nominated you. 
5)Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.

And since the lady asked us to write about our 7 random things, here goes nothing: 

CONTEST: The "Ugly" of Friendship

DISCLAIMER: Entri ini ditulis untuk memenangkan free entry untuk Looxclass Beauty Blogging & Make Up Workshop Jogja (plus hadiah paket makeup sebesar sampai Rp. 250.000). Klik ini deh untuk detil acaranya : dan klik ini deh, kalau mau ikutan blog contest-nya :

REVIEW: Tonymoly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In (Scrub)


Good news, then, luvs. Because we've found the *purrfect* mask for you! TonyMoly's Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Sc-scrrr--*bit tongue*. Ahaha. T-that was a long one.

REVIEW: Skinfood Cucumber Mask (Wash-Off)

My very first review! *pop fingers and neck*

I was actually spending all day yesterday pondering which of my skincare products to review first. But then as I rubbed my cheek, I just realized how sore it was! Truth is, I've been battling my acne with 0.025% Retinoic Acid  cream, Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, Baviphat Strawberry Toxifying Mask, and Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask! Can you imagine? All of which are clay masks! And clay mask really sucks out the skin dry if we were to use it way too often/too long.

so here I am with sore and dry cheeks