CONTEST: The "Ugly" of Friendship

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I am kind of blank of what to write--not because I forgot what and how it feels like the first time I met my buddy here, Macchi. But more to... DAMN.  

There are so many things to talk about. 

I'm Roma, by the way. (Not Rhoma Irama ya :| ) And I'm the main writer and also the maintainer of this blog. This blog was created just a few weeks ago (you can check it on our profile) and there is this friendship contest going on. But of course we just had to jump on the bandwagon!

Anyway, back to topic. I never think or brag or glorify this friendship. It's not... even 'friendship' *laugh*. We often say to each other that this is more to broship. Many say that they're like sisters to each other, right? Well, we are really like brothers from another mother *cackle*.

hi, this is us

Why we think we're close:
We think constantly of each other every single day--yet we never show it. When we meet, just a simple 'sup' is suffice. We share money, we never really count how much we have spent on each other. Sometimes we have this 'mindlink' phenomena that only twins share. When she is hurting, I can feel it. It's like a frickkin telepathy you know? Even when we are in two different places, we can crave or even have the same meal! How crazy is THAT

Why we think we're different:
And even though people kept comparing me to her and her to me--saying that we were so much alike, we were two entirely different people:

  • She's a bully, I'm a victim.Strangely enough, she claims that she only lets one person bully her: me.
  • She can express what she thinks of people openly, while I stay quiet but complain at the back. 
  • She's easygoing while I'm a thinker. 
  • She loves being around a lot of people while I'd prefer a quiet conversation with a person I'm comfortable being with (Although I never show it, HA!) 
  • She LOVES food. I only like food to some level.
  • She loves green-tea and hates coffee. I love coffee and dislike green-tea. (And now y'all know why this blog is in coffee-theme heheheh)
  • She's carefree. I'm meticulous.

 And to top the disparity, here, I'll show you how even our skins can be so different.

skin-type: oil-combination, oily on t-zone, sensitive
skin problem: excess sebum, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, large pores

skin-type: normal to dry
skin-problem: light spider-veins on cheeks, but other than that her skin is flawless I hate her

Beauty-wise, I love skincare more than makeup, while Macchi loves makeup more than skincare. I like minimum/bare makeup (ulzzang) and casual, princess-y clothings, Macchi loves heavy makeup (gyaru) and sexy clothings. 

That's why when we shop, we give advices and comments to the things we craze over, yet we still cannot fathom why our taste is so different. (Macchi labeled it as 'nyebrang' hahahahaaa). 

L-R: Roma and Macchi  (Mashi's drawing hehe)
every time she expresses her love to me
I just pretend looking disgusted 
truth is I just feel really, really happy inside

Why we are convinced that we are more than friends:
We first met in 2006. Both of us were just comic-geeks who didn't give a damn about skincare nor makeup. I had a face that was pimple-infested like it's nobody's business. She was a tomboy with tousled, messy hair. But we pretty much share the same build; chubby, short, tied long hair, glasses.  

Then in 2009, it kinda changed. She was just... suddenly this entirely different person. Wore makeups and frilly skirts, talked about lingerie and famous brands and all of those things. At that time I really wanted to punch her gut when she suddenly acted girly-like in front of her dates LOL. 

And in 2010 she moved in to my house. She kinda got situations at her parent's house and I helped her 'escape' from there (I swear, if I write every little event we had, this would be a novel). We cried a lot in this very particular year. But she stayed in my room and I moved to my mom's room for this. During this year, we worked together as a team. Remember the part of us being comic-geeks? That's what we do. I can't really reveal of what we did, but we worked for the publisher in United States. I was the main artist and she was my assistant. 

This is one of our collaboration work. I colored, she did the outline.

Here, another collaboration work of us. Well, things get real serious, so we decided to chase dreams, be awesome and yadda yadda yadda yadda. So, in June 2011, we moved out from my parents house and shared a flat. If you're thinking anything funny, then don't lol. I told you, we're just brahs! We're just brahs!!! 

But basically this was what we did every single day: 

Haha, fine. Maybe it's just a tad too weird. But I gotta admit, back then our relationship was like a husband and wife excluding romance and any other kinky stuff. She still went on dates while I was sitting at home playing with our... dog. Lol, yes, we owned and raised a pup together LOL.

ANYWAY. The comic thing will never be continued cuz I've got to make more money and we both realized it's just impossible to be rich in that situation.Thus in December 2011, we decided to be realistic, split up and went back to our parents' house.

God, as I typed this, I just realized there are so many things we have shared together. And I believe our friendship is still going strong. I'm talking to her via blackberry messenger as I'm typing this, trying hard to hold back my tears LOL. 

Right back at you, bro.

ETA (Edited to Add):  
Another proof that we have yet another MINDLINK
lolling so hard as I read this. we didn't make this up, honest

Alright, I think that concludes our contest post. I... didn't expect that I would spend hours making this ahahaha. I don't really chase for the prize, but honestly, just to reminisce the goods and bads that we've been through. So I call it 'ugly' friendship. Why? Cuz we have seen the ugly sides of each of us. No layers, no nothing. And we're still friends and stay friends. But this time, we will work hard to make ourselves beautiful, too. 

PS. Have I mentioned that we plan to establish our online-shop together? 

Hi, we're Romacchiato. 

Nice to meetcha!


  1. HMMMM this is weird.

    Rosdiana. Shelviana. Can you post your comments now? Cuz I just did and it's just fine :o *confused~*

  2. Nice story of your friendship ^^ I do blog with my little sister and she's like the queen as she controls all the post I make there :-D Just like you two, we fight so many times yet we're still clinging to each other. Hahahaha

  3. *stare at test comments* I so want to delete those but I'm now on blackberry *mumblemumble*

    LOL I guess me and your sis are similar *lil sis high5*. I'm actually a year younger than Macchi but people always mistake me as the older sister. *so wrong in term of age AND relationship* Oh well xD

  4. Hahahahaha. As for me, I'm the big sister but people though I'm the younger sister. Not by appearance, but attitude. Some say I act half of my age. I'm 25, so consider my behaviour is similar to a 12.5 years old girl :-D

  5. @Sista DocCii
    LMAO 12.5 years old girl. That's a good one.

    What's your name, big sis? How should I call you? :D

  6. @Xiao Vee
    ehehhe iya sekarang bicaaaa *v*

  7. aw, what a sweet friendship story :)