PDA: Versatile Blog Award + 7 Random Things

Who would've guessed that our blog would receive an award? In less than a month old too! Thanks muchly, Madame Rosdiana for awarding this award to us! She's like, some feisty-dancer-mom who got kickass tutorials about nails and stuff. Go check her out!

I honestly have no idea what is VBA, so I googled it. 

The rules for accepting are as follows:
1) Nominate 15 other bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
2)Let them know that you have nominated them.
3)Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4)Thank the bloggers who have nominated you. 
5)Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.

And since the lady asked us to write about our 7 random things, here goes nothing: 


Random things about me? 
  1. I believe in zodiac traits. So when i know someone and interested in that person I will ask when is their birthday date. I know it sounds weird but i believe it so much so i can anticipating whether I can be friend with them or not. Haha. And anticipating their pattern of behaviour too. 
  2. I feel ugly most of the time and feeling better after putting on a make up even it was a bed time. Maybe it sounds ridiculous. But when I saw the mirror and feel veeeery ugly, I will go to the toilet, wash my face and start to do make up training, even doing my hair do and taking pictures, and i feel all better after that!! Usually #roma will making "meh" face when i do it when we still living together haha. Sweet memories indeed. 
  3. Family is the thing can make me depress most. Problems with work, friends or even boys, never make me as depressed as if I have problems with my family especially my beloved mom. ;) With #roma, i dont think we ever had any big fight. We understand each other very well I even sometimes think that she knows more abt me way much more than my mom, or even my self. Sometimes. 
  4. I love tasty food and broccoli. I have this broccoli obsession since err 2005 i guess, oh yes #roma, and pork too. 
  5. I'm an introvert in disguise. I actually enjoying my "me" time so much. And there is time that i don't wanna meet anyone at all. But outside i looks like im really easy to blend and get close with people just like social butterfly do. Fluttering from flower to another flowers. Okay i know thats sounds wrong, ill stop right there. >D 
  6. I believe in karma too. And karma is a bitch if u do bad things. That's why must tend to do good deeds indeed. 
  7. I'm impulsive and very random person plus with my ADD thingy that really hard to stick on one topic! So i can talk from A topic and go to Z topic and back to J and so on without you even realizing. Only some very strict ppl who is too focus abt the topic who will really realize that im not sticking to one topic and swaying the whole conversation here and there ;) 
And baby, I want it to be verdana, size smallest. no matter what :) Thank you :* I love u so muach! 


  1. I cry on daily basis lol. Don't ask why, I just do.
  2. I'm actually an English teacher and still have no clue why I'm being one.
  3. When engaged in conversation, I HATE speaking in English just to get some prestige in public. 
  4. My skin hates makeups. If I were to put some on, my skin will break out.
    (In fact, I just put some gel-liner this morning and got a heavy headache for that)
  5. I suck at math. Like, suck horribly. My students know that I got 4 as I graduated from highschool and I use the fact as the weapon, "So, kids, certainly you don't wanna be me, yeah?" Just so they would study harder. They teased me instead for the whole week *SIGH*
  6. Quite the contrary, I know I got looks LOL. But I'm so very cheerful, loud, and clumsy and just cannot emit the sexual nor beauty appeal to the opposite gender. 
  7. It takes me a long, loooong, loooooooooooooooooong time to organize things the way I want. Maybe cuz I'm a perfectionist thus why everything is just wrong in my eyes. And if I see the flaws, I just can't get motivated to get things done. Get me?? It's like a trap SIGH.

Speaking of which, right now I feel super disappointed! I decided to be pretty and stuff today so I kinda put on makeups; bb cream, pact, browliner, eyeliner, lip tint and lip gloss (given by Macchi ). I put it on at 6-ish AM and decided to wash my face at noon-ish, intending to reapply it again.(So it's like only 6 hour long on my face.) AND YOU KNOW WHAT? It broke me out!!!! And I also put on a gel-liner, right? I looked great, even my co-worker complimented me. But it gave me a throbbing headache I almost couldn't concentrate when I taught Secondary class this morning.

FYI, my skin really, really loathes makeup products.

Why I never learned from the past lessons... I thought I could weasel my way out and just put makeup as long as I cleanse my face and give the skin a chance to breathe. But, noooooooooo. My skin doesn't want any makeup on at all. I feel so upset at the moment, but I realized that I just gotta accept the skin condition whatever it is. I'm so sorry, skin, please be better by tomorrow ok? ;;; 

So yeah *sigh* I think I'll go natural cuz that's the safest for me (  ;_;)/ B-back to you, Macchi...

To think abt it, her skin is being so rebel with her haha. GEL LINER CAUSING HEADACHE. Makes me so curious and google it. AND YOU KNOW WHAT ITS FREAKIN EXIST!! *faint* 
Omg i never know that those things can cause any headache and nausea :( 
Wow and it seems that the Maybelline GEL LINER, is causing headache for some people, #roma!! Wowowow. With strong irritation in eyes. Maybe you should stick to charcoal liner. crayon liner baby! Maybe liquid and gel isn't meant for you ;__; You will find another gu...OUCH *smacked*  XD 
Wow to speak of which this is first time we doin our blog together isnt it? :D Hahaha its funny cos we both is in our own office which is far far away. One is in Hogwarts, one in Neverland. :D Internet is awesome haha. 


I mean please follow this blog with your google-yahoo-openid-aol account available!!! :D 

Notes: The Choco colored text is #Roma and the small teal font that hurts your eyes is me, #Macchi. Yes becos i like to see your eyes narrow just like the Chinese ppl ;) (no honestly i just like to see you suffer, unless you click the ctrl++) fufufufufu. You just like to torture me, don't you? *squint eyes* >:[ And stop being racist lmao. I'm pribumi but I have very small eyes D: and you Chinese why your eyes so BIG?


  1. Wakakakaka orang sarap. Macchi sarappppppp

  2. The sarap Macchi at you service ;)

  3. lol U both are sarap! hahaha OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)! Amazing how you guys get along or maybe that is why u both get along so well. keep it up! It is very fun visiting your blog.