WARNING: Beauty Girl 6 Days Double Whitening Soft Essence

Ever heard of Beauty Girls, luvs?

 this is it

when we open the package

 the texture is creamy, the scent is like powder. soft and nice

Well, if you happen to know and actually are *using* it,  STOP RIGHT THERE. 

"Why?" you asked?

Let me share you my story!

So I bought this product from a random seller who broadcasts everything via Blackberry Messenger. According to her, this is very handy to whiten your armpits and groins. She gave a reasonable price and I bought it with no suspicion.

When I apply the lotion on my armpits every night, they SMELL. Oh goodness, it was a very bad odor that stunk so bad I made every dog in the neighborhood howled in agony. I asked the seller again, and she said it was no biggie. Then I asked for a screencapped testimonials from her buyers (usually OL sellers do that), but she asked me to google it instead. So I did. I thought, yeah whatev, it's for my beauty and sparkling white armpits anyway.

So I googled it, yeah?


I got  a list of website that stated Beauty Girl whitening product, including ALL PRODUCTS manufactured by Yudantang International, contain mercury. (Click here to read more about the danger of mercury)

Below are the list of websites that include Beauty Girl as a dangerous whitening product:
http://www.mb.com.ph/node/329535/fda-relea (official news from Philippine)

I think they also include Aichun in the list of dangerous beauty product. Never tried the product, though....

Aaaaanyway, I complained to the seller. But then she insisted that what I got was fake, and told me not to believe some false news that is trying to put down a name of one product. PAH. How mature!

I don't know whether you are a seller or a buyer, but either way, please be cautious of products you're using. Although it is a pain in the neck, but it is suggested that you pay attention to the ingredients carefully.

If you're too lazy/busy to do so, don't worry!

Hang around this blog, and we'll update you with skincare and makeup products we get our hands on~! Our hope is that we can assist and provide clear information in a simple, understandable way.

So, yes, Romacchiato is at your service!

Our motto:

From knowledge comes beauty~

And I believe you are all nodding in agreement teehees.

Hope this helps, luvs! See you next time :D


  1. aku juga tau nih produk ini, di bbm banyak yang jual, ternyata ada merkurinya ya serem :(

  2. @xiaovee
    I know right :(

    Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Parah banget kaaaan. Aduh untung badanku ngasih reaksinya bagus oi. Tapi dari situ aku belajar, beneran bakal lebih hati2 lagi soal ginian deh

  3. aku juga pernah pake produk kaya gini tapi bukan ini sama-sama produk gak jelas gitulaaaa.sumpah kadang seller - seller bikin gemessss gak mikirin keadaan konsumen nantinya.
    Thnx 4 your info dear :*

  4. @dienchan
    sama-sama dear :D
    saling tolong menolong yaaaa~~~ :*

  5. eww the product sounds so gross ya haha..

  6. @Monika Simbolon
    (Horas, edaaaa :P)

    Wakakaka I think the smelly armpit part is the thing that grossed you out, yesh??? 8D

    A-at least I'm honest!!! Honesty is usually accurate!!!! ;o;

  7. wow, serem liat krim-krim gajebo, apalagi terkadang sellernya sering kekueh bilang yang dijualnya aman..bla..bla..bla, giliran ntar berdampak negatif, palingan cuman bilang "mungkin kamu ga cocok say"..ckckckck, btw aku dah follow nih, mampir ke blog aku ya, newbie nih :)