REVIEW: Silly Silky Girl (Double Intense Gel Liner)

Who doesn't know Silky Girl?

It is cheap and recommended everywhere by beauty bloggers!

I know this product from Stephanie Nangoi's review. Drooled at the cheap price (starts from 45.000 IDR, I got mine from Indomaret.) And I've been wanting to try gel eyeliner so I thought, "Heheh, why not?"

Since this is my first gel eyeliner, I was so amazed by the concept of the cap that can transform into the brush! 

 stolen from the official site

But later I found out that most gel eyeliners are that way, so I am not impressed anymore LOL. I thought today I and Macchi can do a duo-writing again, but she's too busy hehe. So today Mr. Blue will accompany me throughout the post!

"Hi, I'm Bwue...."


How precious/cute etc etc! We're talking about Silky Girl Gel Eyeliner by the way.

"I see, I see...."

"In-depth explanation about Silky Girl, pwease?"

Right on, Mr. Blue!

Just like my buddy Phanie said, the cream glides on the eyes smoothly; I can form the line on my eyes pretty easy. And the pitch-black is matte and strong; two elements I love most. However, like I said on my old post, GOD, THIS EYELINER GAVE ME ALLERGIES. I got a throbbing headache that I leaned back on my chair when I taught my students in class. I never have thought that the sharp pain was actually caused by this eyeliner.

CI 77499 (black iron oxide): Inorganic coloring agent (black)
Caprylyl Methicone: Surfactant - Emulsifying Agent
Cyclopentasiloxane: Skin-Conditioning Agent - Emollient; Solvent
Isododecane: Fragrance
Trimethylsiloxysilicate: Emollient
Acrylates/Polytrimethylsiloxymethacrylate Copolymer: Skin-Conditioning Agent.
C30-45 Alkyl Dimethyl Silyil Polypropyl Silsesquioxane: Mostly found in foundation (lol, pun much?)
CI 77266: Inorganic coloring agent (black)
Diteardimonium Hectorite: Suspending Agent (Preventing caking)
Hydrogenated Soybean Oil: Preservative.
Silica C15-23 Alkane (Hydrocarbon): From soy oil. Works as solvents.
Hydrogenated Soy Polyglycerides: Preservative.
Propylene Carbonate: Solvents.



"Actually I didn't wead the above info at all,"


That's okay, Baby Blue! I put that in just to maintain my status as a skincare detective *tilt hat* 
But if you wanna know the result of the investigation.... Well,

Surprise, surprise!

 Turns out that CI 77499 and Cyclopentasiloxane give low risk of cancer, while CI 77266 gives a moderate risk of cancer

Silky Girl also contains Hydrogenated Oil (can be found in margarine and butter) and as we all know, it's dangerous if we consume it. It can give allergic reaction to some people (*cough*ME*cough*), but really, it depends on how sensitive your skin is.

But the fact of this product containing three ingredients that can trigger cancer are enough reasons for me to write how people should probably find another alternative for this product.

Well! I'm not saying that you should avoid it. Just be careful! If your skin not giving out bad reaction, just keep using it, but if it starts giving you itch, watery eyes, stinging, sharp sensation around your eyes/head upon application, then you'd be wise and stop using this product!

I'm still looking for a good, safe gel eyeliner too for my eyes. Macchi gave me Revlon Colorstay Gel Eyeliner and so far it doesn't give me any allergic reaction *phew*

Okay! I think that's it from me! Sorry for Silky Girl fans out there. I'm just writing this based on my personal experience, teehee.

Until then!

"Oh~? It's over awweady?"

"Time to nappy nap, now~~~~"

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  1. OMG I'm so sorry for the allergic reaction... Since I'm horrible at using gel liner I only bough the pencil liner. So far I'm okay though.

  2. mak.... baca post u bikin gw ngakak setengah mati *guling2..
    sapa lg Mr Blue? jangan@ kepribadian ganda u lainnya?heheheh
    berarti gak rekomen dunk produk ini yah....hmmm

  3. @Sekar
    IYAAAA HUHUHUHU *elap ingus di baju Sekar*

    Tauk nih punya kulit kok sensitifnya kek kulit bangsawan padahal gaya kek mamang-mamang hhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Tauk LOL lucu aja bisa kedip-kedip jadi gw karang-karang aja ndiri WEKAWEKAWEKA. Gilak schizo bgt ya gw. Ini kan sama aja gw ngomong ama diri sendiri WEKAWEKAWEKA.

  4. ahahhahaha... dipake lap ingus bajuku... langsung dirombak jadi kalung + gelang *tutorial pending

  5. aww sensitif banget ya dikau kak >.< aku ga sampe alergi sih.. tp aku jg krg suka sama gel liner ini krn srg smudging +__+
    Btw beneran itu bs trigger cancer?? OwO

  6. @Sekar
    Wuahhhh mauk dong baca tutorialmu mak. Diriku paling bodoh soal jahit menjahit; Macchi lebih apik n telaten. Kalo aku ngejait mah yg kejait tangannya :|

    Sumber yg kutemuin sih baru dari link yg kutarok di keterangan kuning2 itu say. Karena sourcenya baru sebijik, jadi aku ga labelin 'WARNING' kek kasus Beauty Girl yg lalu itu loh.

    Ini post bakal kuupdate terus sampek nemu at least 2 sumber lagi.

    Tp secara badanku cepet banget ngasih reaksi alergi, seharusnya sih, lumayan akurat :P *Oooh, trus? Mesti bilang WOW gitu?* *lol maap ketularan gaya ngomong murid2 ane*

  7. OH MY! I ACTUALLY LOVE THIS PRODUCT and didn't know this trigger cancer </3 :'(((((
    nice review, romachiatto! :)

  8. Bikinnya gag perlu dijahit, modal gunting aja kok hehehe

  9. Great review! So this is the one that gAve u that terrible headache! Hmmm kasian deh loe wkwkwk no really! J/K. Glad u found it early on!

  10. @Nita
    Iya mbakjeung. Lah I was also very surprised kok lololol. Cancer trigger? Eeeeew buy it no more dehhhh.

    *bengong* digunting trus diapain D: emangnya origami D:

    @Madam Ros
    Lol rese! Jej punya country ada Silky Girl juga kagak? Laku gak disana hehe?

  11. aku tag award disini ya.. Mampiirr...

    BTW kmu klo ninggalin komen di blogku kok suka gag muncul ya? *errrrrr

  12. aku juga pernah beli dan pake 1 bulan. habis itu, ngejonggrok di pojokan lemari.
    Satu, karena dia smudge, 1 jam pakai, jadi mata panda
    Dua, lama kelamaan, kok adonannya (di wadah) jadi agak kering gitu, jadi susah untuk menggunakannya
    Akhirnya aku kembali ke selera asal yaitu, Aeubeu Eyeliner cair...bagus loh, memang harus telaten utk jaga mata jangan sampai kedip2 setelah kita pake (keringnya agak lama), tapi so far, produk ini bagus dan murah :)