SHOPPING: Your Beauty Factor is indeed a Max Factor!

Who says looking gorgeous and sexy is hard and expensive? I use MaxFactor in my photoshoots and makeup creation. The products are superb, easy to use, the result is amazing and what I like most is its reasonable price!

MaxFactor Brand Ambassador

Hey, luvs! It's Roma and Macchi writing our shopping post at Senayan City. Per usual, we write this side-by-side, my writing is in brown while Macchi's is in mini-teal font!

Roma: I gave Macchi my hand-gift (Paniki) and she was pretty pleased with her noms. (She kept complaining how it should be more pungent than it was, though). But we're here not to talk about culinary! We're here to talk about Macchi's most loved makeup brand: MAX FACTOR.

Remember how I much I dislike makeup? Well, makeups hate me first so I only use them only on special occasions. Ironically, the products that are safe to use for me are only lipsticks and eyeliners blaaarghhhh. I've heard Revlon and Maybeline. But MaxFactor? Sounds like an extreme TV-show to me haha!

Macchi: Extreme TV show!! Haha. But people, do you know that Max Factor is coming from the founder name? He is Mr. Maksymilian Faktorowicz - Max Factor. Funny isn't it, the fact that it comes from a name, who would ever name their baby boy as MAX FACTOR? haha. He is poland-jewish, FYI. ;) It was a family bussines founded during 1909.

Macchi and MaxFactor counter @Senci

Roma: Much to our surprise, the counter gives this BUY 3 GET 1 promo. Macchi, of course, suddenly looked spastic and squealed around the counter to get a better look of the promo products. She claimed that there is nothing can beat MaxFactor mascara. She even cheated on Maybelline just to get this piece of awesomeness! 

Macchi: *Nod nod* Yeah i was a Maybelline (and many other mascaras) loyal (arite not so loyal...) customer for years!! (after i changed to be a feminine girls of course! *wink) But now i stick with one. (Arite, maybe for now!! Crossing fingers!)

 False Lash Effect. 
The sales girl said that it had 
this mini fiber that could lengthen the lashes.

I laughed at the applicator. 
Macchi wasn't pleased of my lol.

  Since Macchi raved about it like a sugar-high puppy,

Roma decided to give it a try.


Roma: "Oh myyyyy, do I look pretty or do I look pretty?!"

Roma: OH WOW I love how it looks very natural; it's not chunky, and very berry water-proof-y! I rub my eyes often lmao so I was surprised to see no black stain on the back of my hand. It's just AMAHZING no one really knows about its existence! Also it's crazy cheap! 125.000 IDR for this mascara? Once I got my paycheck, I'd certainly buy twos! (One for me and one for Macchi ehehe.) Oh, yeah, since I didn't really clean my face properly (it was past midnight when I got home so I went za-zzzzzzzzz), I noticed that the lengthy effect was still ON as I woke up this morning! So pretty much it lasts for THE WHOLE DAY. Crazy crazy!

Macchi: Yes its quite cheap, and Manifactured in europe! (Italy) So dont hesitate, just buy it while it last!! (cos its one of their best selling. Remember to buy the fat one!! Oh the other one is good too though, but this one is MY fav! And they also have -half waterproof- version which easier to clean! (it having effect like some other brands that claim "waterproof" but can be smudged sometimes.) 

Roma: Their other best product is BRONZER. I don't know what's the function of bronzer... *blank look* You should consult with Macchi with that. (o___o)

Macchi: Actually I would rather to recommend their MAXFACTOR MIRACLE TOUCH LIQUID ILLUSION FOUNDATION. Why? Becos u wont need any concealer anymore! Okay maybe you need for some zits. But for err like visible holes on face's surface like mine, i really like this one. Its actually a very good base make-up if u wanna go to "Kondangan" I'm serious!! And also it's very good for photoshooting too! :D Actually Im a big fan for their foundations (they have lots of vriant for this!!) And in affordable price!! Very good for "tante" like me! Hahaha. (I mean I never recommended any foundtions for girls below 20). 

50.000 IDR for a bronzer

Roma: See? Macchi is really the expert at makeups  ( 030)/ I had no interest in their foundation ehehe. I was admiring my eyelashes on the mirror of the counter. Wanted soooo bad to buy but my last trip really made me broke so I was just browsing around. Then Macchi poked me, smiling mischievously and asked me to pick TWO of MaxFactor's Vibrant Curve Effect lipglosses for my birthday gift! It was a BUY 1 GET 1 promo (30.000 IDR for each!) only for that day--but still!!! 

FYI she already sent me a cake, gave me a card, earrings, etc etc. I kinda have a hunch that we will forever treat each other much better than we do to our boyfriends LMAO.

Macchi: I should've buy you flowers bouquet, Roma! :( I'm sorry the idea come a little bit late!!

Roma: D: STOP IT YOU ALREADY BOUGHT ME TOO MANY STUFF FFFFF. Anyway! I was having a hard time to pick colors I really weally like. Concentrating too hard that I didn't even pay attention to Macchi's picks. But when I finally decided, we burst out laughing as we found out that we picked SIMILAR COLOR.

Hers is a bolder and more vibrant colored 
while mine is her toned down version! 

Roma: Check out also the names of each lipgloss! Macchi's are "Me Me Me" and "Trendsetter" while mine are "Intuitive" and "Vibrant"! For some reason we really think that's so us ahahahah.


No no no Roma, I never think that MEMEME (sounds like sheeps meeh ing) and Trendsetter is so me, I said "Its sounds so egoistic!" *rolleyes* Haha.
Some geeky facts abt MaxFactor from us: 

Procter & Gamble had discontinued Max Factor in the United States and now it continue to be marketed overseas. Max Factor is also exclusively available through in the United States. (And only some selected items too!) So we are very lucky to have it in our dept store!!

Roma: Last but not least, here is the poster sign with makeup price range. The quote on the top of this post was also taken and translated from the poster.

Okay, I think that's it from us! Hope you enjoy our report~ So, what are you waiting for?! Jakartans! Hurry go to Senayan City and buy some!!!


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  4. @phanie
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