TIPS: Cheesecake (チーズ・ケイキ) Method

Roma: (browse Female Daily) "Huh. I wonder if this Chizu Saeki method is really worth to try?"

Macchi: "'re going to smear CHEESECAKE onto your face?"


And ever since, it's become an in-joke between us.

I would report to Macchi that I'm on Chizu Saeki Method (CSM) and Macchi would go 'Huh? Cheesecake?' *EVERY SINGLE TIME* thus the name is kinda stuck with me now.



I'm not sure, deh, if anyone of you NOT knowing this one particular grandma. But if you haven't, I'd be glad to share!

First time I saw Chizu Saeki's pictures on internet, I thought she was 50 or something. Who would've known that she's nearing 70?! But then again, Japanese people are famous for looking young (yay for sushi and all those ridiculous raw Japanese foods!) So I browsed to see if ordinary elderly women are as young looking as Chizu. And this picture really proves me wrong.

Kazuko Ito is a pro ping-pong athlete. 

(*baachan=honorific name for elderly women)
Doesn't look like a baachan at all, does she?

Chizu Saeki is the author of The Japanese Skincare Revolution. Many call her as 'beauty guru' and 'skincare guru' and I personally think that 'guru' is the best word to describe the lady. Chizu Saeki not only teaches beauty theory, but also beauty practice and philosophy. She emphasizes how thoughts can really affect your skin; and that saying positive things about you being beautiful can help you to be, well, beautiful!

One of her famous way to be beautiful is CHIZU SAEKI METHOD.


<click here for the video demo>

Chizu Saeki Method (CSM) is a method of masking your face with layers of cottons. Of course, this cotton is soaked in lotion prior application.

Chizu Saeki Method Ala Roma
(right-click to enlarge)


I, of course, leave it for more than 3 minutes. Sometimes I even use it as sleeping mask. *GA MAO RUGI*. Iya,doooooong. Abisan make HadaLabonya kan jadi lumayan boros :| Quite contradictory, ya, since this method's supposed to make our lotion last longer. (Chizu-baachan only pours penny-sized lotion in the demo video.)

How effective is CHIZU SAEKI METHOD?

I know it sounds silly, cumbersome and plain annoying. But this method really, really works for me.
Just see the result: 

  • closes and tightens the pores
  • reduces swelling and redness
  • gives healthy and dewy looking skin
  • readies the skin for the next steps of skin treatment
I've tried out the method for two weeks day and night and I could say that my skin complexion is much better. Our skin actually loses water at night, thus producing extra oil (sebum) which leads to oily face the next morning. But with the help of Hada Labo's Hyaluronic Acid that has the amazing ability to retain moisture level, my skin feels so smooth and supple the moment I wake up! It doesn't feel greasy at all!

What's crazier is the fact that my face is quite shine-free throughout the day. It's just amazing to feel 'clean' and dewy with only bare make-up face.

Your last thoughts on CHIZU SAEKI METHOD?

To be really honest, I thought the method was no rocket-science.  It's just the same like any other DIY mask sheet:
  1. Use a layer of cotton/cloth rich in skincare substance
  2. Cover face with it and let the skin absorb the substance, whilst the layer locks the moisture
  3. Skin is energized post-use. And is more hydrated! 
I believe that most people have done this before. The difference is; that they have no idea that this method can actually save them from saggy, wrinkly skin!

Allow me to introduce you to beauty bloggers who uses the similar method:

First is the beautiful MUA, Sheilla Huang!!

She uses babywipes for her mask; cutting holes for eyes, nose and mouth. Then, she dipped the wipes in oatmeal juice and put it on her face afterwards for a good few minutes.

I was confused at first. Intrigued, but confused. Don't wipes also contain chemical? What if it irritates our face? But she explained that she somewhat rinse the chemical out and dry it first before using. Hmmm, interesting! Perhaps it's too much a hassle for me, so I opt this one out, deh, hehehe.

Second is the famous, and my most favorite makeup guru, Michelle Phan!

Her method is much simpler than Chizu Saeki's lotion mask. She just pours it onto the dry cotton, peel and then put them onto her face.

Oooowkay, that's it from me! It took me almost all day to write this report. And yes, I'll keep on using CSM and I'm more than determined to be a young-looking grandma 100 years later *GRIN*

Until then!


  1. In Korea we can buy a plain mask paper that we can dip in any home made mask we create our selves. The texture of the mask is the same as the fragranced and flavoured sheet mask ^^

  2. Aku juga udah nyobain dan makai berbagai macam cara dari kapas, baby wipes, sampe plain mask paper. Sebelum denger udah nyobain sih, gara2 nonton serial korea manaaa gitu. he he he

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  4. aku pake ini kalo lagi menghemat paper mask ku.. :p nice review btw.. followed u... please follow and comment my blog if you don't mind..thankies :* <3

  5. waah suka banget tips-nya!!
    gonna try this soon!!

  6. Chizu baachann~
    aku juga suka pake CSM kalo lagi malas beli face mask..

    1 tips dari dia yang pernah kubaca di blog lain: berfantasi ttg cowok ganteng melepas hormon yang baik untuk suplemen kulit..

    Kalo demen sama beauty guru jepang.. ada 1 lagi.. tanaka face massage.. itu beneran ngaruh buat "ngecilin" muka..

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  8. @DocCii,
    *^* ada yang plaiiin? Dijual berapaan deh di Korea? hehehehe

    @Sekar, @Aprillia Chichi
    WUAH? Ada paper mask disini? Yang plain?? Dimana belinyaaaa

    Ehe, siap, nona *u*

    semoga membantu, ya! :*

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  9. wow!! that is pretty awesome. i will have to try this.

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  12. aku baru tau :O
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  13. Be careful not to use the lotion mask for more than three minutes - Chizu said in her book that it will have a non-hydrating effect, causing moisture to be taken from the skin and absorbed into the cotton again.