REPORT: The End of LANCOME Battle Trilogy

Hi, lovely lattes!

Roma here to report the final stage of beauty battle between Marsha and Carnellin! This event is actually the end of trilogy Lancome duel (Macchi attended the first and the second) and--if I may say--was the best!

Since this is the first time for me to go to an event like this, I was so excited! Perhaps too excited that I babbled too much, my apologies teehee. Oh, yeah, before we proceed to the report, I want to apologize about the crappy quality of the pictures (took'em with my camera-phone). I have prepared a pocket-camera, actually. But I forgot to put in the battery so I used my phone and stole some pictures from Fweegy (u///u)

REVIEW: Skinfood Egg-white Pore Mask (updated 16/10/2012)

Why hello there, sexy moccachinos! Today I'm going to write a review of Skinfood's Egg-white Pore Mask. Egg-white mask, as we all may have known, has the ability to tighten the pores. Albeit it's only temporary, many use the egg-mask religiously, anyway.

SPONSORED + GIVEAWAY: A Very Dovely Birthday to Macchi

**Dovely Birthday Giveaway ada di bagian bawah halaman ini. 
Scroll down, ladies! ;) 

"Loh, Mash? Muka lo bersihan, ya?" 

SPONSORED: Dove Mini-Giveaway

Hey, lovely coffee-beans

Jangan bocen dulu, yaaaaa, tapi lagi-lagi Romacchiato mengadakan mini-giveaway dari.... DOVE!

1 (satu) set handuk Prime Cott pink senilai IDR 500.000
1 (satu) set sabun Dove Bar

SHOPPING: Baviphat Rip-Off

Guess what I saw when I went to Plaza Senayan's Guardian? 


too bad these 'Baviphats' are not phat enough

SPONSORED: Yanagiya Prexceed Hair Cream

 (picture source: carolynsshadegarden)

I've never seen a flower as romantic as Camellia. And I think that counts a lot for a person who prefers street-vendor date than a romantic, candle-lit dinner at some fancy restaurant, heheh. In fact, back while I was a sloppily-dressed comic-artist, I drew this flower quite often for backgrounds and borders.

TIPS: How to Get Rid of Comedones Effectively

Hello again, mi cappuccinos! As I promised in my last post, today I'm going to share my personal tips on how to get rid of comedones effectively. This method was found accidentally; back when I was into DIY masks.

To cut the chase! Let's introduce you guys nose?


I wish I could capture more details sobb. 
Yeah, a new camera is already on my wishlist!

SPONSORED: Belvia Mini Pie!

Hello, my lovely cappuccinos!

I'm eager to share that Romacchiato has got a new sponsor: Sakurablossomshop!

Sakurablossomshop, not only spoil us rotten by sending a beauty product endorsement each month, she also sent us TREATS! Not ordinary treats, mind you. This home-made pie is very famous in Surabaya. In fact, just recently the owner of Belvia Mini Pie set up her own store. I think that's quite an accomplishment for SOHO home-made pies. And that kinda confirms me how delicious this pie would taste.