REPORT: The End of LANCOME Battle Trilogy

Hi, lovely lattes!

Roma here to report the final stage of beauty battle between Marsha and Carnellin! This event is actually the end of trilogy Lancome duel (Macchi attended the first and the second) and--if I may say--was the best!

Since this is the first time for me to go to an event like this, I was so excited! Perhaps too excited that I babbled too much, my apologies teehee. Oh, yeah, before we proceed to the report, I want to apologize about the crappy quality of the pictures (took'em with my camera-phone). I have prepared a pocket-camera, actually. But I forgot to put in the battery so I used my phone and stole some pictures from Fweegy (u///u)

These here are the dolls (whom I conveniently called as 'dodol'). They were 'imported' from Brazil (left) and from Russia (right). Ms Putri, Lancome representative, also added that all dodols dolls are Russians (except Marsha's dodol doll). No wonder why they're so tall! I looked like a midget when I stood beside them LOL.

The event took place in the premium lounge of Lancome
at Seibu, Grand Indonesia

The battle then started, Marsha and Carnellin work hand-in-hand with Lancome MUAs, giving the MUAs instructions to beautify the dolls. The beauty-bloggers explained the concept of their makeup but.... to be honest... I wasn't really paying attention *shame*. I was busy teasing and poking Fweegy talking with other beauty bloggers to get to know them more. (I'm sorry ;___; !!!) 

From the outside lol. Reminds me a lot to fishtank

I do know that the dolls were prepared before the final-touch, though (useless info)!

AAAANYWAY here are some things I picked up while I intermittently listened to them:


Theme: Wonderland Queen
Only apply blush-on on the applecheeks. The blings are actually blingers for cellphone LOL so creative! And the roses are from art-and-craft store.


Theme: Whimsical Fairy somehow she reminds me to an avatar of The Sims
Carnellin mixed the lipsticks to create a more glossy effect. She also shared tips about falsies and blush-ons. For instance, we can put glitters or glittery nail-polish to color the falsies. And she also said that we shouldn't limit blush-ons as only blush-ons! If we want, we can use them as eyeshadows haha how convenient!

...and the winner is...


I was kinda thinking that I should insert drum-rolls and be all dramatic when I type the name of the winner. But yeah, Marsha won! The committee decided the winner based on the exactness of Lancome concept. See their logo? A single golden rose to represent French elegance around the world (source). Marsha cleverly put the roses in the face 'decoration' and I somehow got a hunch that was the most deciding reason why she came out as the champ. She looked so gleeful and mouthed "Mom, I won!" when she heard the announcement (so cute ). The little brother was overjoyed too, suddenly wanting so bad to take a part of the photo!

Both contestants got goodie-bags from Lancome worth of millions of rupiahs (JEAROUS). We also got goodie-bags, although they were just a super-teeny-tiny version of the ones given to Marsha and Carnellin lols. 

Oh, and the other best thing? They took portraits of us with Lancome dolls and backdrop and printed them out for us! I've got mine printed and framed in pretty white-card. Since I'm wearing all black, I looked awesome with the four dodols dolls lining up behind and beside me TEEHEE.

That aside, though. The thing that thrilled me most was meeting....

Priscilla Clara and Mada Foe!

I've been a fan of Cilla since October 15 2012 (LOL) after reading her very humble and down-to-earth post about her being a contestant of Axis blog award. And Mada? This gorgeous blogger made a difference by reviewing affordable products. "Beauty doesn't have to be expensive" is her all-time motto and, yes, I agree with you whole-heartedly, Mada!
"What else made you happy, Roma?" Meeting Fweegy (I love you, woman) and the other beauty bloggers, of course! I didn't have any idea how cute Leeviahan looked like or how cute and timid Nadia Appono was! Iammels looked more mature despite her being a teen (like my students) and Nita is just as chatty as I am, haha! For those whose names I forgot to mention, it doesn't mean I forget you. No wait, maybe I do. I admit I'm very forgetful to this kinda thing siiiiiiigh I'm sorry dorry morry strawberry ;o;

But but but! It was super-duper-fun and honestly I am looking forward to Shiseido event held on upcoming Friday! I hope Macchi can go with me, too, so we can frolic together ;-;!!! So, tell me in the comments: WHO'S GOING??? 




  1. aku dilupakan Roma... *nangis di pojokan*

    anyway, it was nice meeting you, Roma! ^_^

  2. *nangis juga* MAAPIIIN kan lupaaaaaaa *nangis makin kenceng*

    Tadi colong2 waktu pas ngajar soale huhahuha murid gw nanya apa *bukan jam ngajar gw, mreka cuman nanya soal komputer. Emangnye gw tukang servis komputer weeek* ampe gw cuekbebekin wakaka

  3. wakakakak "iammels" itu pusername twitter aku doangan ka Roma~~ you can call me mels or melisa laaaa~~

    wiihii baru kali ini dibilang mature >.< apa gara2 make up-an ya? gara2 rambut lepek? -__-

    see you next time bu Guru!!