ROMA: Let's Go on Skin-diet with Me!

Healthy foods make healthy skin. But are they really?

Recently I've been addicted in reading beauty and health articles. Maybe the age factor was the main reason. I just turned 27 last month, and I just realized how little care I gave for my own body.

But then again, my family has never been THAT health-conscious. All of our foods are cooked either fried, stir-fried or deep-fried *snickers*. Oh, and don't ask the amount of MSG my mother uses. It took me and Macchi a long time to convince her that foods without MSG are equally delicious if cooked with soy-sauce and chopped up garlic. I'm just thankful that my mother is not into coconut milk or red meat, though! Imagine how oilier my face would be if she fed me with rendang (beef curry) or opor ayam (chicken in coconut gravy) urggh.

I was pretty surprised to find that most of foods I love were the trigger of my acnes. MSG, fried-food, chicken, eggs, coffee, sugar, pastries and the likes are actually our skin' natural enemies. Oh, and salt! We cannot forget salt... heh. According to Sesame, salt can cause hydration to our skin. And it runs in a long-term, which in the end will give us a leathery, saggy, wrinkly skin.

Thank goodness I've found a perfect bread! 
NO sugar, NO milk and NO egg! 
No delicious? M-maybe. It was hard to chew, though...

I know, I know. I feel my stomach is churning too as I read the list further. The skin-diet is just too brutal to carry out pffffttttt.

But then I stopped throwing tantrums when she threw a rhetorical question: What's the use of spending all your money on expensive skincare products, if in the end it's just all about you eat?

Dear God, how right she is. 

I won't lie to you guys... I think I spent more than twenty millions of rupiahs in the past 2 years... *ponder* Give or take that I spent 500k to 1 million a month for my skincare products. I frown a lot whenever I see the digit. I mean--I could've bought TWO Samsung S3 I always dream of!

In my defense, though--I was young and naive. I got zero knowledge about beauty and health. I was reckless and I just spent money on things which I thought could save my skin, and guess what? Turned out they didn't really help much!

It's after I cut down my chicken, egg, fried-foods consumption that my skin condition has gotten better. My skincare treatment is only cottonmask lotion (day and night), daycream, sunblock, vitacid cream (night) and hadalabo cream (night). And I promise you, the most expensive skincare product for that treatment is IDR 90,000 something. (Don't worry, I'll make a review for it later!) Also thanks for this skin-diet I think I also lost couple of kilos. (I didn't really count.) Maybe I will add exercise to top it off. I wonder if I can squeeze in exercise time in my busy schedule... (I'm active from 5 AM and usually at home by 11 PM or midnight lol)

Welp! To practice what I preach; let me share you my own recipe of healthy foods:

Did you know? 
Seaweed is a great source of vitamin A, C, E, K, and B-vitamins. 
It’s also rich in many minerals including iodine, selenium, calcium, and iron.
(source: foxnews)

½ onion, chopped randomly
✖ crispy seaweed (mine is niconico, bought it at Foodhall for 22,000 IDR)
✖ 1 pinch of cayene pepper
✖ 1 tsp of soysauce 
✖ 1 tsp of sesame oil
✖ 1 sprinkle of corn oil? (No kidding, I really sprinkle the pan a little lol)
✖ 1 bowl of white rice   

Cooking time: 5-8 minutes

Cooking instructions:
1. Throw the chopped onion to the pre-heated pan with oil LIKE A BOSS.Wait for it to turn golden brown and smell like heavenly onion.
2. Add rice onto the pan, grab your ladle and stir-mix-stir-mix the rice with the onion.
3. Add 1 teaspoon of soysauce. Stir-mix-stir-mix.
(Yeah, it's not salty at all lol. You could add more if you want?)
4. Add 1 teaspoon of sesame oil and a pinch of cayene pepper. Stir-mix-stir-mix.
5. Add seaweed. You can go brutal for stronger flavor. Stir-mix-stir-mix.
6. Once it's cooked, place it on the plate! Garnish it with.... seaweed on top!

I actually eat everything with seaweed now :|

Wheat bread with seaweed, oatmeal with seaweed. I thought I'd puke but they tasted quite okay. FYI, 1 oz of crispy seaweed is 117 cal. But I believe the seaweed used in the fried-rice is less than that lol. I think I'll just switch white rice to red/brown rice later. Oh, wow, MA, I'm becoming a hippie!

Alright, that's it for now? Oh, yeah! Stay tuned for my DIY yogurt mask! I'm going to show you how effective it is to get rid of silly comedones. So, until then!


  1. Sama.. Aku juga kurangin ayam ras dan telur. Trus lebih sering mencoba buat masak sendiri daripada jajan.. Trus minuman berkarbonasu juga dikurangin sama potato chip sebangsa lays dan mr potato.. Hukss cemilan favorit...

    Kalo soal red meat gag dikurangin soalnya jarang2 jugak makan red meat (nasib anak kost), untungnya perutku tidak setuju dengan santan jadinya jarang juga bersantan ria.

    BTW ternyata kita sepantaran yaks.. Kupikir lebih muda he he he

  2. YAY FOR HEALTHY DIET! aku juga sering baca sesame.. DIY-nya bagus..
    Tapi badan org aneh-aneh juga loh.. contoh: aku kalau makan kacang mulus mukanya dan cepet jadi kurus.. =___=a heran

  3. @Sekar
    Wahahha pantes kita cucok ya, nek. Rupanya sama-sama sensitip kulit kita *u* Eh btw blogspot aneh nih. Komen2 ndak bisa dibalas coba hmmm.

    Iya, ya, DIYnya bagus2.
    Eh, tapi katanya kacang2 tertentu memang dijadiin cemilan diet sehat. Aku malah curiga kalo mitos makan kacang bikin jerawatan itu cuman mitos di orang indo aja loll