SHOPPING: Baviphat Rip-Off

Guess what I saw when I went to Plaza Senayan's Guardian? 


too bad these 'Baviphats' are not phat enough

 the display by the cashier

manufactured by PT Cosmar, Tangerang - Indonesia

 the real ones

I was surprised, of course. I thought Baviphat finally had their counter at Jakarta, haha! PT Cosmar only copied the packaging, fortunately (or is it 'unfortunately'?) The content is body lotion with similar texture to Baviphat's sleeping masks. 

 BTW, there's a 30% discount at Guardian til Oct31st

This post is just a mini one. I think I'm going to be scarce from blogging world for a bit. The activities in October is just crazy crazy. So after this post it'll be the announcement of the winner or Romacchiato Giveaway. For those who have commented and tagged us on whatever things, please excuse us. We will do our best to catch up, soon ( ;u;)/

Oh, also!

Thank you so much, Fweegy! You're so sweet! Can't wait to meet you IRL~~ Maybe one day in the future, yeah? *smooch*


  1. WOOOAAAH!! ka aku kirain baviphat yang naro produk di Guardian u__u eerrr tapi selama mereka ga ngaku2 baviphat a.k.a produk pelsong it's okay laaa

    btw ini ka Roma atau ka Macchi?? I've met ka Macchi at Lancome event at Plaza Indonesia, so I hope I can met ka Roma too :)

    see you when I see you!!
    mels at

    1. Wahaha iya tau tuh bisa2nya ya kepikiran utk niru2 containernya xDD

      Emmm, kalo yg biasa networking di web sih akyu (Roma) Kalo Macchi lebi ke networking IRL :)

  2. wow copycat bgt packagingnya :O

  3. Waktu list kirain baviphat masuk guardian, ternyata oh ternyataa......

  4. hey! wah baru liat hehehee welcome! these products need a new home kok :P sayang kalo di buang, n d kel aku g ada yg "secentil" aku hahaha hope to seeee uu in person SOON hahha *maksa yaaa* :P

  5. kok bisa ya masuk guardian?
    meski mereka ga ngaku itu baviphat, ini termasuk plagiat bukan ya? o.O bakalan bisa dituntut sama companynya baviphat loh..

  6. Eh, mirip banget, klo beneran baviphat aku pasti mampir ke guardian, namanya produknya apa sis??

    jangan-jangan itu bekas tempat baviphat yang diisi produk mereka. mirip banget sih. =P