SPONSORED: Belvia Mini Pie!

Hello, my lovely cappuccinos!

I'm eager to share that Romacchiato has got a new sponsor: Sakurablossomshop!

Sakurablossomshop, not only spoil us rotten by sending a beauty product endorsement each month, she also sent us TREATS! Not ordinary treats, mind you. This home-made pie is very famous in Surabaya. In fact, just recently the owner of Belvia Mini Pie set up her own store. I think that's quite an accomplishment for SOHO home-made pies. And that kinda confirms me how delicious this pie would taste.

Quoted from their website: 
Belvia Mini Pie is great for breakfast, snacks, treats for pregnant moms, children, treats for guests, meeting, or simply for hand-gifts!
Which I totally agree!

I'm actually contemplating whether to order some from Sakurablossomshop for every week; planning to sell them at our school canteen. Thus the endorsement that was sent for the reaction-meter from my 'victims' (I asked my co-worker and my students to sample them one by one). And I'm pleased to say that the response was very positive! So that means YES! Ma'am, I think you'll have me as your loyal customer!

Belvia Mini Pie has 5 flavors; Original, Choco-chip, Cheeze, Dark Raisins and Choco Freeze. Recently they added THREE new flavors: Almond, Blueberry and Apple. The prices is not even expensive. It starts from 2,500 IDR to 3,700 IDR for each pie~


LOL you might have guessed, and yes, this is Mr. Prince. He's my co-worker. He's a bit of narcissistic that he's actually pleased to be the model of my Belvia Mini Pie Campaign! I bribed him with one pie, but he asked for one more. So far his favorite is Dark Raisins!

These here are my students. They are excited to try each flavor out! I think the one that Ms. P is holding is Choco Freeze flavor. Ms. N said that she'd buy more Original flavored pies for snacking while she's studying. Ms. K? Ahaha I think she's just conscious of me taking pictures of them! She nibbled on her Blueberry slowly, trying to shy awaaaaay from my camera~

The boys are always greedy for food. And the moment they laid their eyes on Belvia Mini Pie, but of course they all chirped 'wantwantwant' in unison. Mr. C had his second pie already, thus made Mr. H think that Mr. C asked for one more (he's fresh from Korea so it's hard for him to process rapid English). I asked him in broken Korean how did it taste (he got his in Apple flavor), and he said it was nice. Ms. P who's also from Korea agreed. Even Koreans enjoyed Belvia Mini Pie! Go Surabaya!


Eh? How to buy Belvia Mini Pie if you're outside Surabaya, you say? Special delivery, of course! The box was specially designed so it's safe for delivery, which minimizes the risk of getting ruined the moment it arrives at the destination!

You can always order the food here: PO SAKURABLOSSOMSHOP
Or just e-mail her on order@sakurablossomshop.com for more information!

Hohoho~ I think with Christmas coming up, I don't have to fuss over on what treats I should give to my guests! You think the same way I do, don't you?


  1. Oh no, I read it in a hungry-I-could-eat-a-horse-state, *drools*

    1. BUY EEEEET *racoen!*

      It only costs around 65k per box (24 pies @box). You can even get to pick your own flavors!

      My favorite is blueberry om nom nom nom nom

  2. Aku baru tau sakurablossomshop ada kuenya.. choco freeze.. *tadah liur*

    1. Ups, eit, eit!! *bantuin tadahin*

      Hahaha, iya, loh. Murid2ku pada kemaruk. Aku aja uda ngiler pengen comot ga kebagian *SIGH*

  3. ya ampun.. ngiler liatnya O_O
    apalagi yang cheeze!

    visit my blog ^^

  4. @Luchluch

    Ahaha namanya gemes ya, luchluch *v*~~