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I've never seen a flower as romantic as Camellia. And I think that counts a lot for a person who prefers street-vendor date than a romantic, candle-lit dinner at some fancy restaurant, heheh. In fact, back while I was a sloppily-dressed comic-artist, I drew this flower quite often for backgrounds and borders.

Thus why when I saw a product related to camellia's become available at Sakurablossom Shop, I put it on my wishlist. What I didn't know is, the next day the owner informed me that the product I picked was sent to me as the endorsement for September! HOW COULD I NOT LOVE HER? She's so kind beyond words, urrrghhh, saranghae, Nadiahssi!( ;o;)/

Yanagiya Prexceed is a hair-cream with Tsubaki Oil (also known as 'Camellia'). Admittedly, I've never cared much about hair-products so I know nothing about this ingredient. But I'm much more surprised to learn that, as quoted from Curly Nikki, Camellia is "rich in vitamins A, B, and E, monounsaturated fats, plant collagen, and antioxidants." The oil extracted from Camellia seed has the ability to revitalize hair, skin, nails and protects the skin from UV rays.

I snapped my fingers and smirked. That's just perfect for me!

My hair is frizzy, dry with some split-ends and hard to tame. And from the review I've read of the use of Camellia Oil, I'm all the more convinced that this probably save my hair's life! Oh, also! Do you know that the famous Japanese blogger Eki also include this product in her HG list?

Knowing how pretty her hair is, it's just hard to resist if you find this product available at store! Moreover, she mentioned that she bleaches and dyes her hair frequently, yet I just cannot see the sign of hair-damage. So I assume this product works great for those who color their hair a lot  (0v0).

Aaaaanyway, I've used this hair-cream at night for a week to test out its effectiveness.

Luvin' the flip-cap! Hygienic and practical~

All ingredients are in Japanese, unfortunately,
so I cannot put on my detective hat this time.
But I believe sometimes a picture speaks more than a thousand words. 
I translated the two pictures there as:

The texture is light--very much like lotion. 
When you squeeze it out onto hand, you won't smell anything. 
But once it's spread, there's a subtle sweet scent
tiptoeing nicely to your nose.

Like any other hair-product, Yanagiya Prexceed Hair Cream should be applied onto the hair when it's damp. Nadiah already told me that I shouldn't use too much cream for it can make the hair greasy. Thing is, I don't really know the ideal amount of hair cream application. So when I used it for the first time, the next morning my hair came out a bit greasy. But I was pleased with the fact that it doesn't 'puff up' like lion's mane when I let it loose. (Before I was so sick of my hair I just tie it all the time lol.)

So here's the result after one week:


Lol, sorry. I just couldn't help it. But I promise you the only thing I edited are those silly camellias, blush and sparkles *snerking*. Below is the real, unedited picture of my hair taken with flash!

Pretty impressive, no?
It's easy to style! Never happen before LOL

DISCOUNT? Yes, please !

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I personally think that this is quite a steal since her PO pricelist is the most affordable I can find so far. Remember the review I did of Skinfood Cucumber Mask? I bought it from her only for IDR 74,000 *grin*. And since I'm happy with the result of Yanagiya Prexceed Hairmask, I think I'll buy another one for my Macchi .

Okay, I think I'm off for now! Been down with flu and terrible cough so I think I'm going to use these two days to sleep and sleep *__* Take care, ladies. The weather is kinda funky lately... Don't get sick like me, okay!



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