ROMA: My History with Whoo (Part 1)

If anyone curious, the badly photoshopped picture on this entry simply shows my... interest of The History of Whoo products. I am conflicted. And here is the backstory why.

REPORT: Shiseido is Older than My Grandma

I was wondering for awhile how to make my report not boring or repetitive as so many beauty bloggers already wrote up Shiseido 140th Anniversary anyway (and I bet there will be soon to come). Perhaps the best I can do is to write this report in my honest point of view. Don't worry, though. I don't plan to be Ms A-Douchie-Jerkinson yet *wink*. So dig in this entry to find out what I really thought about it or just stop right here if curiosity doesn't really tickle your interest.

REVIEW: Innisfree Paddle Hairbrush

You might raise your brows and ask among themselves, o my lovely coffee beans. 

What's the deal with the hairbrush? But honestly, have you ever wondered what is the right brush for you? 

ROMA: A Lot of Beauty Items

Guess what, moccachinos? 
I've got yet another package waiting for me today! *GUSHES*

Oh, gosh, I've no idea that I would be so busy lately. That's why without even realizing, beauty items are just there; some are sponsored and some are store-bought, both not yet to be reviewed! My sole and only sponsor (Though I don't really show it, I don't really advertise OLshops whom I'm not comfortable with. Unless I really, really like the service/price, then yeah.) Sakurablossomshop, already sent me TWO endorsements.

REVIEW: Black Magic Noni!

Hullo there, my sweet coffee-beans!

I'm trying my best to catch up with reviews. Mostly are there, lying sadly in my dashboard. So after long contemplation, I decided to write about BSY Noni.

FOTD: Romance o Roma

 lol double chin

I love love love love floral pattern. And I love love love love instagram effects! I think this is my first vain shots *twitch* I dunno if you guys can bear with me on this one, but since I found these picture lying uselessly in my folder, I figured might as well as whip them out. LOL NOT GONNA LIE. These are a set of clothings I tried when I visited X to X store size LMAO. I was looking for a formal dress for my best-friend's wedding. So I figured, why nooot~~~?

ROMA: The Skinfood Water Series

I've always adored The Skinfood products.

Perhaps it's in the packaging and the brand name, but there's something about it that I couldn't resist.

Recently I found out that they had new skincare lines called 'Thermal Water' (hydrating and softening), 'Glacier Water' (toning and soothing) and 'Deep Sea Water' (brightening) series. Each line has mask sheet, gel mask, multi gel and multi toner.

the toners (source: google)