REPORT: Shiseido is Older than My Grandma

I was wondering for awhile how to make my report not boring or repetitive as so many beauty bloggers already wrote up Shiseido 140th Anniversary anyway (and I bet there will be soon to come). Perhaps the best I can do is to write this report in my honest point of view. Don't worry, though. I don't plan to be Ms A-Douchie-Jerkinson yet *wink*. So dig in this entry to find out what I really thought about it or just stop right here if curiosity doesn't really tickle your interest.

Keep in mind, though; I won't repeat what other beauty bloggers have written.

NOTE: Theirs are also concise and detailed (and have lotsa more photos). Please refer to museswonderland's, angelinacynthia's and even take a see of IBB's official youtube videos of the report. (Just think of this like reading a bunch of reports to complete the puzzle's missing pieces!) 

The event was held at 2.00 PM, Glow, Plaza Indonesia. Thus why by 1.20 PM, I stormed outta school, leaving my kids doing some English assignment while I frantically looked for a taxi, freaking out that I'd be late... just to find the event starts at 3.00 PM. (I don't mind the wait, really.)

Per usual, we had to register at the booth to claim a coupon. This coupon later would be traded with free-gift from Shiseido. I greeted everyone I knew; shared some lols and giggles with them.

And without us even realizing the event started with this funky beat of trance music blaring from the stereo sounds like TSH TSH TSH TSH TSH. The MC introduced Ms Hisako Inayama and shared a story about Shiseido's background and how it grew to a high-end cosmetic co.

The highlight of this event, however, is Lacquer Rouge (and I believe, there was also a refining foundation, but somehow in this event it's more inclined to this hybrid of lipstick + lipgloss = Lacquer Rouge)

The MC then announced there would be a demo of the lipstick application, and SWOOP, over the yonder were models coming in gracefully TSH TSH TSH TSH TSH TSH.

For awhile I craned my neck to find out what's going on and I found... nothing lol.

Here's the scheme of the seating arrangement to give you an idea:

Ms. Inayama then applied each model (there were 10 in total) Lacquer Rouge with different shades; once she finished doing one model, the model shifted and shuffled to give her friend a chance to be applied with the lipstick, too.


And once all models' lips were applied with Lacquer Rouge, the event is done. I think the event only took, like, 10-15 minutes. I stared at DocCii's sister, Feli and unconsciously cried, "That's it?!" So short O_____O !

There were also things that was hard to ignore as the event ran:
  •  The MC mistook us as 'FASHION BLOGGERS'. She kept referring us to that title other than 'BEAUTY BLOGGERS'. I think at some point Carnellin came up to the MC to whisper something which I assumed was the ibber's request to call us by the right name.
  • The MC stated that the color variants from Lacquer Rouge was TWELVE. I checked the pillar by the stage and it clearly said that it was EIGHT. I also checked the website, and found out that it is indeed only eight variants

 taken from Shiseido official site

  • The starting point of the model runway is kind of a miss. I think it would be much better if the grand entrance they made can be seen by us clearly. Thus a better seating arrangement should be made.
  • The photography team (you know, those people who take pretty pictures of us bloggers and models with Shiseido backdrop) was kinda rude. I politely requested for my own photo and the lady mumbled something like, "Ah, just ask the photographer lah!" Lol that was enough to make me back away.
  • The event is too short. To think that we also got lives; offices, schoolwork whatnot, I think it's a bit unfair. As for me, it's not easy for me to get a permission to step out from the office but...

...these 'flaws' are soon covered by the kind IBB team who spent some time with us; throwing us games and giveaway some prizes if we answer their questions correctly. (I GOT ONE TOO OMG THANK YOU IBB TEAM *KISSYKISSY*). And I got to spend some time with other bloggers (lol we were frolicking til late at night) so I don't think it's bad at all. And the goody-bag is quite alright :D Too lazy to transfer the pictures from my camera aaaaah

What I'm trying to say is, for an event from:
A) a high-end brand like Shiseido
B) a high-end brand like Shiseido
C) a high-end brand like Shiseido
D) a party who has sent out a formal invitation

Probably would prepare their stage and the content of the event and just--UH, be more prepared! I'm glad that beauty bloggers now are much more noticed, but it'd be great if we're not taken half-heartedly. So, I hope this report could be some kinda constructive criticisms to improve Shiseido ambassador in Indonesia. Cuz I really think this event had a chance to be cool-beans and stuff haha. 

Welp! That's the end of my report! Let's keep improving, Shiseido! Let's keep improving, bloggers!


  1. Some problem here. Photographernya engga mau motoin aku lagi stelah acaranya selesai. He only said "kayaknya udah engga bisa deh hehe *balik moto model*"

    but, overall thumbs up for they makeup show. and lol for "fashion blogger".

    1. @Marsha
      Wah, ciyus tuh pake acara 'hehe' segala? O_O

  2. sama aku jg pas acara demo makeup klar, ak minta foto sama temenku di area photo booth tp alasan photographer nya, kertas foto na uda abis.... akhirnya gw photo pake camera digital.. lol. gak pro bgt photo boothnya...

    1. @angelina cynthia
      Looool ckckkckckkckkkkk laen kali bawa kamera polaroid kita foto2 sendiri apaaaa.