FOTD: Romance o Roma

 lol double chin

I love love love love floral pattern. And I love love love love instagram effects! I think this is my first vain shots *twitch* I dunno if you guys can bear with me on this one, but since I found these picture lying uselessly in my folder, I figured might as well as whip them out. LOL NOT GONNA LIE. These are a set of clothings I tried when I visited X to X store size LMAO. I was looking for a formal dress for my best-friend's wedding. So I figured, why nooot~~~?

 It's shiny cuz I took the picture after 6 hours
of the make-up application

Eyeliner: Nature-Republic Strong Black Hyperliner
BB cream: The Skinfood Mushroom #23
Primer: L'Oreal Hydra-fresh Gel
Powder: The Skinfood White Grape Pact #23
Blush-on: Dior

Top: Blazer with Pearl Beads (X to X Plus Size Clothing)
Dress: Rose Vintage Dress (X to X Plus Size Clothing)

Too bad when I went there they were already sold. Blah. 

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