REVIEW: Black Magic Noni!

Hullo there, my sweet coffee-beans!

I'm trying my best to catch up with reviews. Mostly are there, lying sadly in my dashboard. So after long contemplation, I decided to write about BSY Noni.

What is Noni?

Long answer: (Also known as Morinda citrifolia) is a kind of fruit that has been used for health conditions such as diarrhea, constipation, skin inflammation, infection, mouth sores, fight hair-fall and also dandruff! It can even fight high-blood-pressure and even cancer! Its vitamins, minerals and high-antioxidants can give loads of benefits to our skin. Lucky us Indonesians for being able to grow the plant in our backyard anytime.

Short answer: MENGKUDU LOL. Yang mamakmu suka pake buwat dijus 8D. Pokoe bagus!

Now I'm going to introduce you to my must-have item: BSY NONI BLACK HAIR MAGIC! Can you imagine all Noni goodness can be found in one sachet of shampoo? I think this item is simply amazing!

I found this darling from my trust-worthy OLshop, sakurablossomshop. But since her noni is expensive (LOL sorry, Nad) and it takes long time to ship the item, I cheated on her and buy Noni regularly at local store.

price is varied, it ranges from IDR 160,000 to 220,000 per box

As we tear the sachet. 
It has a dark-copperish-darkbrown like consistency.
And yes, it smells bad.

Unfortunately, there's no ingredients listed on the box. so I can't really investigate the stuff it contains. 

What is the use of BSY Noni?

To dye hair black naturally. But of course this natural black color is for those who prefers natural jet-black hair than the colored hair. (Like me. Macchi hates black hair lol.)

 this what you get when you blowdry too hot
and spend too much time outside in pollution and in the sun

It's natural like henna, but henna dye gave me horrible itch I could feel my scalp red and burning post-using. I was reluctant too when I first tried Noni, but I've got no choice. I'm one of those who's 'blessed' with premature white-hairs. Although it's not a lot, but you can certainly spot one or two strands of white hair.

One day my student was playing with my hair and I was freaking out when they told me I got about ten white strands in one area of my head. I -literally- freaking out. Thus why I swear that I will use Noni regularly, at least once a month to keep my hair black and shiny.

How to Use BSY Noni?

I'm amazed by the fact that this product also works like shampoo. Basically you just need to wash your hair with this, rinse, and voila! You'll get your lovely black hair like so! 

However, we can optimize its use by using it more to a hair-dye than a shampoo.But of course we need a pair of gloves before we use it, unless you want your nails turn like this: 


Below are my steps of using BSY Noni:

  1. Damp your hair OR you can shampoo it first with your regular shampoo (Make sure you rinse it well. We don't want the chemicals mix up, do we?)
  2. With your gloves on, apply the liquid evenly to your scalp, particularly on the area with reddish/white hair. You can even blacken your eyebrows if you wish so.

    meet Roma the Unibrow

  3. Wait for 15-30 minutes. Per usual, I usually abuse my time til 30-60 minutes.
  4. Rinse thoroughly. Make sure you don't have the liquid left.
After I used the shampoo/dye, my hair came out a little stiff, though it's still manageable. I could tell that each strand was like buffed with powerrrr, they just don't break easily nor they have split-ends! The smell came out quite strong, even after a day or two. But you can easily ignore it (?) until the smell really wears off. I personally think it's worth the result. Now I don't have to worry about having grey hair until, like, 10,212,391 years later.


LOL I forgot where I put the after picture. But this is my photo after one month of my last use of BSY Noni. 

 omg lookatme im so sexy ohhh yisssss
stole it from museswonderland

I wonder why whenever I smile I look like a perverted old-man e__e

Okay, that's the end of my review! Hope you enjoy this one! Gotta go nooow gonna throw my bestie a bridal shower party WOO-HOO!



  1. wihiiiiiiiiiiiii ngepek (ngefek) banget inihh >.<

  2. kak roma,,serius ini tahan lama?? :O mau beli buat papaku. wkwkwkw

    1. Seriusss. Kayaknya bisa juga beli satuan. Tp harganya mahal, bisa 20-22rb. Kalo 1 pak murah

  3. Akhirnya ada loh yang review!!
    Makasih! Makasihhhh!! Penyakitnya sama nih.. rambut hitam tercinta tiba-tiba jadi coklat karena dulu keriting permanen! Dan banyak uban.. banyak ;___;

    1. @Sara
      Samaaaaaa ;o; Uwaaah untung aja ada BSY Noniiii!

      Pokoe, harga termurahnya tuh 160k/pak ya. 1 pak isi 20 sachet! Kalo lebih dari itu, teken/tawar aja terus sampe dapet hahahahaha

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  5. Klo untuk rambut rusak, bikin jadi lebih sehat ga ya? soalnya rambut ku kebanyakan di cat-smoothing-perming, jd nya ancur gt, kali aja klo di itemin lg jadi kliatan lebih sehat :,(

    1. Bikin lebih KUAT :D

      Pake itu aja. Yaaa cocok2an juga sih :)

  6. Thanku you have been really helpful and u made me feel safe to try it ill let u know how it goes I am from Australia...again thanks

  7. Haloo, salam kenal
    Kira2 pernah tau ga, kalo pake yang gak item, ngefek gak yaa? Kan legenda yg terkenal di dunia pengecatan rambut itu, kl warna rambut aslinya item tar diwarnain apapun susah keluar warnanya, kudu dibleach dulu. Hehe,makasih...