ROMA: A Lot of Beauty Items

Guess what, moccachinos? 
I've got yet another package waiting for me today! *GUSHES*

Oh, gosh, I've no idea that I would be so busy lately. That's why without even realizing, beauty items are just there; some are sponsored and some are store-bought, both not yet to be reviewed! My sole and only sponsor (Though I don't really show it, I don't really advertise OLshops whom I'm not comfortable with. Unless I really, really like the service/price, then yeah.) Sakurablossomshop, already sent me TWO endorsements.

My endorsement for October

Lol, it's not that I don't wanna do a review soon. I'm just trying to grow my arm-hair back since... uhm. This product is a hair-removal. So.... Yeah.

And this here is my endorsement for November, sent along with the products I purchased from Sakurablossomshop!

What I bought: Innisfree Paddle Hair Brush, Innisfree Petit-Eyecurler, Etude House Nail Polish 
What Sakurablossomshop endorsed me: Etude House Mini Wonder-Pore, Laneige Mini Water Bank Essence, Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream, Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner, Etude House Aloe Moistful Skincare Kit, The Skinfood Agave Cactus Gift Set and some Skinfood samples.

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Deepblack

Wow. I don't have any idea that I'd live the day where I'd actually HAVE this item in my hand. I mean, it's just so girly. Whenever I see Dolly Wink, somehow the blogger that comes out my mind must be Cominica or some others who are equally pretty.

Laneige Mini Water Bank Essence, Etude House Wonder Pore Toner and 
 Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream




Honestly I was SO surprised to find these in the package as well! I HAVE no idea why Sakurablossomshop seems to know what I need MOST without really telling her what I need! <3 And Merry from justlovelyskincare totally has poisoned me with her Wonder-Pore Toner review! FYI I never really like Etude House lols. Hopefully this toner won't let me down!

Aaaand I dunno which to review first. Maybe you girls can pick one for me? In the mean time, maybe I'll present you a review of wonderful hair paddle brush and reasons why I bought it for my hair! Stay tuned~


  1. Vote for laneige!!!

  2. vote for etude wonder pore!

    1. @Sarah Azizah
      Heard you there, dear! Thanks for the vote!

  3. btw, do you mean Merry from because I click that link and there's no wonder pore freshner review nor info about the blogger.

    1. @Sarah
      LOL yes! I do mean her :DDD

      Sorry sorry lmaos I kinda was in a hurry when I typed this xD

  4. wonderpore!

  5. I don't know much about any of these products except from what I read from other bloggers so I voted for whatever it is you need the most first to be reviewed. LOL

    1. @Madame Rosdiana
      LOL yeah. An American lady like you probably prefers skincare like RoC or Lancome or something :D So classy <3

  6. vote for laneige~ I have and love wonderpore >.<

    1. @SaTe
      Ahhahhahahaha Sateeee!!!!

      I haven't sent your prize yet ;u; IM SORRY ;o; *bonked in head*

      Yeah? Issit good issit good?

      Demodex is scary unfh

  7. LOL~ it's okay dear~ *pukpuk kepala*

    aku sukaaa~ Hihihi... Dibanding malgeumnya (ada alkohol) aku lebih suka wonderpore~ :D

  8. kebanyakan yg harus direview jadi mabok ya ka? wkwkwkwk semangat ka!

  9. Aku pun suka laneige! :D
    Dan si dolly wink eyeliner itu must try loh, i swear it makes putting on liquid eyeliner much easier ;) It's my HG liquid eyeliner nowadays hehehe ;)