ROMA: My History with Whoo (Part 1)

If anyone curious, the badly photoshopped picture on this entry simply shows my... interest of The History of Whoo products. I am conflicted. And here is the backstory why.

One day, I was staring at the mirror. It was like a routine that I always do pre-and-post showering. Remember the part of me having too many acnes? Now it's healing. But that didn't make me feel less mortified by the size of pores and acne-scares on my cheeks (by which Leonita called as butts)

sialan lu le

But, seriously. My pores are ridiculously HUGE. I'm starting to think that there were tiny little cavemen living inside them. I scrapped the thought immediately, though. There IS a fact that tiny mites making babies and eating and pooping inside human skin-pores.

(...Actually lol nevermind. I can't decide which is worse.)

Anyway, I talked to Merry. I forgot since when we became friends but this Medanese is also a beauty-enthusiast and I sought for her advice. I complained to her about my acne-scars. 

"I seeeee," she said. "Well! I was like you. Only, a lot worse." 

She calmly directed me to her post. I was baffled. 

I thought I was another unluckier person with a historical record of epic acne-fight. I was wrong! (If you're curious, you can read the rest of her story here :D )

The name of the product she used was The History of Whoo, and according to Merry, who is also the seller of Whoo, that thing really does magic."You got THOSE acnes cleared up in THREE days?" And I was, like. Um. Cannot stop staring at her before-after picture. It's just crazy! She said that she got all kinds of acnes nestled in her butts cheeks!

"Yup. I've been eeeeverywhere. Skindoctors... Traditional meds... Nothing! But this thing? Trust me, this thing works!"

"......What's the price?"

"Well, it is pricey," said Merry again. "But, it's worth it! Consider it as an investment for the future!"

I shot her a dirty look. Or rather, I shot my blackberry a dirty look (we were talking on BBM at that time.) How could I buy something THAT expensive? Selling my kidney would probably not the best idea.

To be honest, I was angry to see the price of the complete Seol (whitening) line. Thus why after she gave me the basic idea of Whoo prices, I backed away in a sprint. A super complete set of Hwanyu (antiaging)? $700! A pretty complete set of Jasaeng (acnescars treatment)? $300! 


Then I completely ignored Whooxcistence (LMAO attempt at making puns. I'm very punny).

Funny thing is. I keep coming back to Merry, asking the prices of some items she sells. There is some strange attachment between me and Whoo. So, The History of Whoo claims itself as a skincare used by the royals, right? I imagined myself as a peasant. Dirtily clothed and dirtily dirt-poor. 

And automatically I imagined The History of Whoo as the royal princess or queen something.

Just like any other peasant-princess-love story, right? I-it's impossible to woo Whoo щ(ಥДಥщ) 

But I keep reading up about Whoo reviews anyway. I learned that it's the ingredients that made the product so expensive. It's even got silver, platinum, white lotus, deer antlers and other rare products. I know it's ridiculous, but that kinda made me want to have silver, platinum, white lotus, deer antlers in my skincare product too.

And I realized that whilst thinking of Whoo, my emotion/expression/whatever goes through a cycle. 

It always starts from:
(´∀`)♡ "Whoo~" (thinking how wonderful Whoo is)

(;_・)"...Whoo...." (a single tear; realized that there is no money to spend on it)

(´;д;`) "...W-whoo?" (cry)
。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 "WHOOOOOOOOOO" (wail)

ヽ(#`Д´)ノ "WHOO SUCKS. I DON'T NEED WHOO. WHO NEEDS WHOO?!" (denial and rejection)

 (´∀`)♡ "Whoo~" (back to stage one)

"So, you wanna buy or not?" Merry asked one day. I'm amazed by her patience. "Aaaaah, I don't need Whoo laaaaah," there I went, all defensive. "I've already got tretinoin! I'd rather buy something else. Like branded bags and stuff."

"It's your choice," she replied coolly. As if. AS IFshe knew I'd go back crawling to her crying saying how right she is. 



Read it on the next post, chicklets! I've been holding my pee for awhile and it's very cold here in my room and I need to teach in 2 hours and preparing some materials cuz I'm awesome like that. 

Byeeeeeeeeeeee \( `.∀´)/


  1. You're funny!


  2. @Medina
    lmao i lol a lot i guess xD

  3. hahahha so funny to read your post roma..
    so have you? :p

  4. wkwkwkwk this is a great entertainment!
    i'm so sorry, i'm not laughing over your misery of Whoo, it's just you are so funny >.< hahahh all the best for you and whoo? Lol

  5. ROFL!!!! Post ga bener iniiii.. pasti review nya bakal fantastis kalau udah pakai pembukaan begini XD

  6. whooohohohohoho *ketawa ngekek*
    ciyusan itu ka oke banget whoo-nya?? :O

  7. @Rini

    AHAHHAHA MISERY OF WHOO. I shudve used *that* as the title!
    But I guess im too much in love with Whoo I would immediately regret it if i ever made that a title.


  8. (eh sori lupa diapprove komen2 yang ini)

    Don't hope too much aaaaaaaa bisa stress

    Liat di post selanjutnya yaaaaa

  9. oh my god...our conversation!! lol.
    but nothing is more soft,pure (include spotless,clear,etc),white and tight than baby butts! :D :D

    looking forward your review (I'm still not in the WHOOers zone :p )


  10. romaaaa,hahaha ini yang di grup waktu itu di capture,lucuu ^^
    ngakak ni sumpah baca postnya tapi bermanfaat :*

  11. Roma dan machi, aku kasi award nih. Hihi...

  12. kamu bener2 posting dengan cara yang fuuuunnnn >.<
    aku juga lagi mau coba history of whoo nih cuma masih bingung, masih maju mundur...


  13. my goodness, I drop hereafter searching for review of Whoo, and end up LOL-ing too much, :D

  14. what exactly are the products she put on?! PLEASE!!!!!