ROMA: The Skinfood Water Series

I've always adored The Skinfood products.

Perhaps it's in the packaging and the brand name, but there's something about it that I couldn't resist.

Recently I found out that they had new skincare lines called 'Thermal Water' (hydrating and softening), 'Glacier Water' (toning and soothing) and 'Deep Sea Water' (brightening) series. Each line has mask sheet, gel mask, multi gel and multi toner.

the toners (source: google)

Unfortunately, when I visited the official website of The Skinfood, they have got no info about it yet. The onliest thing I could dig from my investigation was Shasha's review of their mask sheet. I vaguely remember there's Yevi Ng's review too but too lazy to find it lol. Anyhoo, below are the masksheets~

Thermal Water (hydrating and softening):

Makes skin smooth and moist.
Includes natural water.
Recommended for dry skin.


Glacier Water (toning and soothing):

Pacifies skin.
Contains mineral such as oxygen, potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium
Recommended for sensitive skin and rich sebum skin.


Deep Sea Water (brightening):

Makes skin bright and clean.
Contains mineral.
Recommended for dry skin and dark skin.

FYI, I know I don't need these. BUT IDK. There's something in the new skinline that has drawn me *shame*. I actually already circled this on my PO list at sakurablossomshop lol.

Why thermal? Cuz my skin is kinda flaky and dry now. But anyway! I gotsa go. I prolly will update this entry for a better one. Have a good day, everyone! 

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