REPORT: Kiehl's Holiday Head to Toe Event Gathering

Three words to explain New York?

My pick would be "bustling, artsy and cutting-edge."

Surprisingly Kiehl’s could represent those words well. Even at the first sight, I can conclude how New York-ish the brand is.That, and how it reminds me to dentists *shudder*.

I had been curious about the brand secretly that one day I strolled to Kiehl's store at Pondok Indah Mall. Once I discovered that Kiehl’s is a premium brand with premium prices, though, I escaped from the store quickly LOL. 
But who’d ever guessed that five years later, here I am, sitting in front of my laptop to write a report about "Kiehl's Holiday Head to Toe" event I attended at their branch-store, located in Grand Indonesia? 

 I tried so hard to ignore that skelly over there *shudder*

Admittedly, it's hard to focus on observing for the sake of report once I met with other beauty bloggers *sheepish*. Especially when I spotted Nita had a new haircut lmao I just couldn't stop teasing her hahahahahah.

But from other bloggers' conversation, I learnt that the event's invitation was sent last-minute-ish. Personally, though, I think they did a very decent preparation for the event. It's scheduled at 3 PM, but we started 30 minutes later (not bad!) They even gave us Pulpy Orange to drink during the presentation. How considerate~

Ms. Dyah Fitrisally doin' some 'splainin of the history of Whoo Kiehl's with a srszbsnz face

The brand manager, Ms. Dyah Fitrisally, was the one giving explanation. From her we learned that Kiehl's started off as a local pharmacy in 1851 in New York and...


UUUUM to be honest I think this post is going to be massive. So I'm trying my best to break it down to categories so you readers can enjoy the report, mkaaay :D

 Kiehl's Trivia


The Old Apothecary Concept

This is their #1 Lip Balm. Some say they work, some say it's overrated.

When we talk about Kiehl's, we will notice how plain-looking the products are. Well! The simple and straightforward packaging comes from their 'old apothecary' concept. Even the beauty agents are sporting a lab-coat to represent the idea *reminds me a little to Clark Kent pffft*.

Kiehl's GrandIndo Team!

Ms. Dyah stressed how Kiehl's uses only natural ingredients and safe chemicals. Parabens, alcohols and the likes are still present, but the other beauty agent (Ms. Asia) convinced me that the amount is under control of FDA. Oh, well! I'm happy enough to know that our local health security (BPOM) already gave license to Kiehl's

Speaking of which, though. Remember a picture with skeleton on this post? That's Mr. Bones.  

Yeah, I ain't bringing you home, Mister.

John Kiehl, the founder, used an anatomically correct skeleton as his visual aid whenever he ran a diagnosis to his patient. And this skeleton has become Kiehl's iconic symbol ever since. Lol why do I find it a little ironic that he's wearing stethoscope. You're drunk, skeleton.

That Big Apple Feel

When we talk about New York, we certainly talk about art. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Kiehl's is the only brand that collaborated with a famous artist, giving Kiehl's a new image with character. 

limited edition products designed by Kenny Scharf

The fact that it also uses Harley Davidson bikes to attract male customers is very cute too lololol. 

 I wanna ride on that bike too!
Alan Morse, the second owner of Kiehl's, was a fan of huge bikes. And he was just, like, "mkay I'm gonna put this thing here lol." And somehow the male customers became comfortable and just lingered. Ever since, Harley bikes have become a part of Kiehl's too.

I did a quick-scan of the store, btw. And I smiled by its composition. Pretty much Kiehl's stores are designed like in this blue-print:

 lol shush I know the bike looks horrible I'm trying to make it chalk-board-y

The floor is wooden, the wall is brick. There are wooden racks all over the store, pretty much representing the old apothecary feel. Take a note on those neons! I think they're trying to give an impression of nighstriptclubs.

 Ms. Dyah looks surprised here hahaha.

 I love the cute lil details!
the most-awaited 'Aromatic Blends' products

The Philanthropist

Kiehl's is also actively involved in social activities such taking parts in AIDS research and prevention, children-welfare and also environment. Locally, Kiehl's also help Indonesian children with scholarships. Admittedly, this is the first time for me to hear about such news. It's either me living too long under a rock or Kiehl's just too humble that they don't really broadcast it everywhere.

...Turns out that both statements are true.

The Give Free Sample Policy

Kiehl's never really opt to advertise their products or their activities. They let people come to their store and give them free consultations and free samples! As opposed to traditional marketing, Kiehl's relies on free product samples and word of mouth endorsement from existing customers.
So, customers can walk in the store; then their skin will be diagnosed with these things:

one is pressed against cheek, one against forehead

I think such action is taken for the reason that most people don't even know what their skin-type is. After the oil-level check, the beauty agent will take the 'patient' to the consultation desk/sink (see the store blueprint picture) for further diagnosis.The beauty agent then takes notes, and finally will give the result on a piece of paper:

 the result of my skin diagnosis + the samples

That paper is my skin-prescription; the diagnosed skin-type, the treatment should be taken, and the 'medicine' (aka the skincare samples) needed to treat my skin problems! I will try this product in a week and also will report how well it goes to my skin to you (stay tuned!)

SO, are we done yet?

Hmmmmnope! Below is actually my most favorite part~!

Kiehl's New Products

Ms. Dyah happily exclaimed that Kiehl's has launched one new product and is going to launched another two new products in 2013! The first one is Kiehl's BB cream! We even got a chance to swatch it on our hand one by one and take pictures of them!

This BB cream is suitable for all skin-types with three variants of skin-tones, fair, light and natural. Ms. Dyah told us how it focuses more on skincare (well, that's not new), but it fixes the texture of the skin, reduce spots and fine lines, and also has high SPF. As you can see from the picture, the result is matte, just the way Roma likes it, heheh! This product will be available on store in February 2013~

The second product would be Wrinkle Reducing Line. It consists of powerful wrinkle reducing cream and eyecream. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera ready to snapshot of the product boooo. Anyway, this product will be ready on store in May 2013~

Okay, I think that's enough report from me. You can tell how excited I was with the event by the lengthy amount of words in my report lololol. I looooove the beauty agents. They're warm and fun to talk to :DDD

Oh, yeah! For more info, you can totally go to Kiehl's at Grand Indonesia and greet Ms. Dyah and Ms. Asia personally! But if you're too lazy to go yet you want to know more about Kiehl's Indonesia, BETTER YET, if you want to purchase Kiehl's online AT DISCOUNTED PRICE--you can totally check these links:

(online store)

Thank you for having us, Kiehl ID!
PS. Please have us again for the next 'semester', okay!

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