REVIEW: Kinohimitsu Jpan DTox Plum, Rosela and Cranberry Juice


With parties line up during this holiday, eating delicious noms is inevitable. Putting on some weight? No problem! Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Plum, Rosela & Cranberry Juice could be the stuff you're looking for!

Price: 130.000 IDR (approximation)
Each box contains three bottles, each is 30 ml sized.

I gotta tell ya, though. This product does promise a lot of good things. Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Plum, Rosella & Cranberry Juice states that it'll help you to fix below problems:

  • Poor digestion, stomach bloating
  • Fatigue, low energy, sickly body
  • Poor complexion, blemishes, skin allergies
  • Bad breath, body odor
  • Headache, migraine 

Let's check the ingredients if their promises aren't much of a word of advertising.

The three main ingredients are:


Plums are low in calories but high in minerals, and vitamins. The fruits are also high in dietary fiber to relieve constipation conditions. (source: nutrition-and-you)

Rosela (Roselle)
The plants originated from Africa and best-known as cough-medicine. They have become quite popular in Indonesia to treat gout, high-blood pressure, diabetes, to slow down cancer growth rate and many more (source: wikipedia indonesia).

Cranberry fights bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. It also contains high-antioxidants to prevent damages caused by unstable molecules caused by free-radicals. It reduces bad cholesterol, strengthens bones and teeth, and avoids respiratory infections. (source: organicfacts)

And the complete list are:

Dark Plum Fruit Juice, Purified Water, Sorbitol, Roselle Fruit Juice, Mannitol, Blueberry Concentrate, Cranberry Juice, Blackberry Concentrate, Glace Plum Fruit Juice, Citric Acid

I'm pretty sure with the short descriptions of each main ingredient you can tell how powerful this can be when they're combined. The main ingredients deal with constipation and digestive system and overall can improve your health and metabolism.

The rest ingredients are made from natural fruit juices, Mannitol as laxative (often called as 'baby-laxative'; safe for digestion) and Sorbitol as the replacement of sugar for sweetener (also used in diabetics food products). Citric Acid is placed as the natural preservative.

Direction: Shake well before drinking. 1 bottle each time, preferably after food. Taste excellent when chilled. 

Suggestion: Best to have it 2-4 hours before planning for defecation. First time users should have 1 bottle a day, consecutively for 3 days.

The drink itself has a mild sour scent and has a mix of sweet, sour and bitter taste. It's no challenge to drink this up every day as it's similar to drinking normal juice.

I consumed Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Plum, Rosela & Cranberry Juice only for three days, and I do it every night right before I went to bed.

The first day, nature called 8 hours after I drank the juice--I'm not sure how to put this delicately LOL--but let's say it really let out the waste and toxic from my body in a large amount. It's gotten lesser and lesser by the second and third day, and I think this is a proof that my toxic waste has been flushed away. The detoxification was quite successful: I dropped 3 pounds only in three days!

I believe, though, the result of each person is varied as different people have different body and metabolism, but, boy, this drink can certainly make you poop LOL. If it's combined with healthful--only veggies diet, this drink could really kickass!

As I've no problem with my health whatsoever, I can't really tell if it really helped to deal with fatigue, migraine, headache, low energy or sickly body. The same goes with its promise to boost skin complexion and heal blemishes and skin allergies. However, it really heals stomach bloating; I feel my stomach isn't that gassy anymore (I've got acute ulcer problem lmao). As for its effect on skin, I will need a long-term consumption to see if it's a real deal.


  • made from natural ingredients; totally safe
  • good for detox program; it really flushes out toxins out of body
  • good for short-term diet; for impatient people who want to see quick result
  • not so good for your pocket; 130.000 IDR for 3 days? Imagine it for a month.


Only I've got money to spare or when I feel like detoxifying my body.


  1. Harganya lumayan juga yach
    Agak pricey.....
    Penasaran sih jdnya habis baca reviewmu xixixi
    Pengen beli T.T

    1. @lina
      ah kamu uda kurus gitu say :-P
      Tp bagus bwt jaga badan imo ;-)

  2. as far as i know this one is just for detoxification, the skin complexion one is another product's promises (the ub drink). kata orang kinohimitsu nya sih ini untuk proses detoks sebelum ngambil program yang lain hehehe jadi efek ke kulitnya hampir ga ada, cuma untuk detoks. cmiiw

    a nice review btw! i am in the process of reviewing this too!

    1. @beatrix
      as a
      far as i know sih gitu juga. Tp itu keterangan yg tertera di boxnya ehehe. Thanks ya deaaar

  3. Wooow, i wanna try..
    But it very expensive, huaaaa..

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  4. Wooow, i wanna try..
    But it very expensive, huaaaa..

    Visit and follow my blog

  5. hii..thanks for your comment! and thanks for the post too, I like how you mention each benefits of the plants (I love cranberries and rosela~~) hehe

    1. @rindodo
      Awaaaaaa thx for coming to my humble page hunnnn
      thanks for the comment tooooooooo