ROMA: Beauty Resolution 2013

I could say that 2012 is my happiest year. 2011 was great, but 2012 was even better! Probably cuz in 2010 I was dumped and felt so horrible about it. But after a full 2 year recovery, I am back on my feet, baby!

I don't know about you chicas, but I do have a habit of making resolutions. But making beauty checklist for the new year? I believe this would be the first time for me to do it!

So let's scroll down and see what Roma has for the idea of 2013 Beauty Resolution~

1. Wear sunblock at all times

I always forgot to wear sunblock at home cuz I thought sunblock is only for outdoor sunlight. But my favorite blogger Phanie has taught me that UV ray creeps in the window and every creak of building and still attacks skin anyway. So it's basically a  must to wear sunblock all the time.

2. Drop 10 pounds

I've dropped 6-10 pounds in 2012. It's sloooow, but suuuuure. I'm positive I could do this YEAH.

3. Exercise everyday/every other day

It's good for diet, and I just found it, for skin! Sweat produced will also expel toxins out from the body system. And when the heart goes thmp thmp as we exercise, it'll make the blood flow better. The result? Good skin!

4. Drink  2L water daily

To be honest, I'm not really fond of the idea. Drinking water makes me pee all the time and it's even harder to do when I'm teaching lol. But I guess I have to deal with it. I... I kinda wanna have flawless skin and I know a lotta water is one of the key to such success.

5. Style and take care of hair

I had great hair, but I had no knowledge in taking care of it. I remembered I had a lion's mane hair and I hated it to the guts. But I'm glad for Tresemme since it really smooths my hair and makes it not puffy. I will need to find out a good hair-serum/vitamins and the perfect tool to curl my hair. It'll be done next year. *nodnod*

6. Keep legs, arms and armpits free of hair

Man, I hate epilating. It hurts so much. Not to mention the length of time I have to go through just to make my armpits hair-free -___-;;; But I don't want to waste money either on wax since it's much more a hassle than epilation.

7. Moisturize skin every shower

Do you know that soap strips oil away from our skin?  I didn't have that knowledge so I skipped that routine. As the result, my body especially feet and hands felt dry, tight, and even a little hurt. Siiiigh, learned my lessons, so I'll make sure to slap the lotion on. Like a boss.

8. Detox at least once a month

I NEED THIS. I've never gone through even 1 day eating only fruits/raw veggies. I planned to do it this holiday but there were parties and it's hard to resist delicious food ;___; I switched it to Kinohimitsu diet, though, so I don't feel that guilty lololol.

9. Take care of feet better

Cuz feet deserve it! Imagine what if we're feetless? They have supported me (and my weight) in all these years and I really think they need pampering, too! ;3; I'll share you how to take care of feet Roma style in the next blogpost! : D

10. Be a better beauty blogger

Oh, wow. I feel a lot of things as I write this LOL. But among other targets to achieve; I know that I wanna write beauty reviews better, take pictures in better quality and update my blog more often.

Phew, finally done! That's my 10 Beauty Resolutions 2013. What's yours? :D Tell me on the commenty box~ Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~


  1. I like your new layout & template miss!
    Nice resolution >o< should I make mine too? lol

  2. I'm really agree with these revolution, especially 2,3,4
    aku juga punya kelebihan lemak T_T,

    New follower

  3. No. 4 is hard for me as well Roma.. I hate to pee all the time, but there was a time when I got urinary infection during my first year in Jakarta due to water hygiene reason. And I have to drink like maybe more than 2L because I was so afraid, and yes, it really helps.


  4. Semangaatttttt~ Aku juga bermisi 2L air per hari, lebih rajin pakai body lotion, drop 10 pounds too and be a better beauty blogger. Meski nyatanya bnyk juga lain2nya sih ;) Smangaattt~

  5. nice post kak ^_^
    btw aku pnasaran gmn caranya bikin point no 6 jd comes true? hehe

  6. waaa semangat romaaa! you can do ittt! great resolutions you have there! :D

  7. Nice post ^^
    Anw, i tagged you on the liebster award..

  8. I like your resolution and its gonna be a healthy 2013 for you with all this decision :)...Have a wonderful 2013 ahead and do drop by in our blog when you can and if you like will be great if we can follow each other..just let us know :D...

    Mimi(mimzy's closet)

  9. Heyy i found you when i googeled beauty resolutions or something like that:D this Post really inspires me :)) and wow you are teaching? I am currently studying to work for the un but teaching has always been a dream of mine so maybe i will do that instead :) XOXO

  10. @Yessy Muliawan
    Hahahaha, yakin luuuu xDDD Uda banyak yang nyela ni template LMAO
    Gih gih bikin bikin bikin~~

  11. @Novia
    Yess ;___;
    Hehe followedcha back~!

  12. @Tia
    T-then let's work our best to drink a lot and pee a lot YEAHHHH

  13. @SabrinaTe
    Awww why are you so sweettttt ;o;

    Thanks, sister! <3

    1. Seriouslyyy?? Miss Roma is soooo sweeettt too <3 My heart is melting.. <3<3 lol~

  14. mending yang ini miss dr pda yg plain putih abu" gitu ._. ga cuco ama you and your colorful writting *asal jgan murid you ikut" d kasih colorful mark aj XD*

  15. @Xiao Vee
    Thank you, Xiao Vee dear~~~
    Sekarang tinggal masalahnya do what I preach aja *____*

    Awwwww, thanks bbyyyyy LOL BISA GA YAH

    @Mei Mei ^^
    Uwaaaa, makasih banyak, ya sayaaaang. Aduuuh harus segera ke TKP niiih

    Hey, babe!
    Yuppp I hope I can do it just fiiine. It's already the third day and so far I haven't shaved LOL.

    I already followedcha! :D Nice blog you have theeere <3

    OMG you're so purddyyy ;3; <33333333333
    How do you know I teach? xDDDD
    Followedcha! Nice to meetcha!