ROMA: My History with Whoo (Part 2)

The peasant-queen romance continues, folks. And no matter how weird and geeky that makes me, my love to Whoo is still as strong as ten thousand burning suns. 

Since I've (not so proudly) announce that I am a geek, let me share you

My History with Whoo

 Part Two

 drawn by Kate Beaton

Perhaps some of you already know this, but there are three classes of Korean skincare: Premium Class (e.g. Sulwhasoo, SU:M 37), Medium Class (e.g. Laneige, IOPE) and Lower Class (e.g. Etude, The Faceshop, Innisfree). Practically the prices vary depends on the class you pick. And as you might have guessed, Whoo is included in the Premium Class skincare, manufactured by LG. It's a toughest competitor of Sulwhasoo (manufactured by Amore Pacific; the mother of Etude and Mamonde).

Whoo takes a concept of Empress chasing perfection for her skin using only the best products. (And for some weird reason, it reminds me to this comic strip lol.)


The key ingredient is Gongjin-dan (공 진 단) or also known as Korean Red Ginseng; medicine that is used to be taken by kings for over 5,000 years. It takes a loooong time for Korean ginseng to transform into Korean Red Ginseng.

 (source: google)

As the name suggested, the ginseng only grows in Korea, and can stimulate the entire body to overcome stress, fatigue and weakness. No wonder it's expensive lol. Oh, yeah, read here for more info about Korean Red Ginseng.


And I've been obsessed of Whoo I've been looking up their youtube ads, too (U////U;; ). Fun fact I found was, that it's not pronounced as a plain "WHO" but it has more an FFF sound to it. It's like a combination of FOO and WHO. I guess that explains why the symbol is like so: 

And it's almost too cute to know that in the ads they add wind sound-effect when Whoo is pronounced.

The main lines available are: 

 Seol (Whitening Intensive)
not really hydrating tho

 Soo Yeon (Hydrating and Moisturizing)
you can get pearly, blushing school-girl skin with this

Bichup Jasaeng Essence (Fix Acne-scars)
it improves my skin-texture for real

 Jinyul (Anti-wrinkle)
specialised for menopause women lol

 Hwan Yu (Antiaging)
the best eyecream, this line has

 In Yang and Qi Jin (Most Hydrating)
best combination ever. And they happen to be their oldest and first line

 Hwa Hyun (Anti-aging, Moisturizing, Skin-whitening)
 what else more a woman can ask?

There are some more, but I'll just post the ones we need to know. And, yeah! What I love most about Whoo is the fact that they care so much about elderly women. I know there are thousands of skincare brand out there that are trying to prove that they've got the solution to combat aging, but by far I'm most convinced by Whoo. (That Gongjin-dan stuff sounds very convincing heheh.) Every day I suffer from pollution in Jakarta and I need a more than decent skincare to combat bad impact I got from it.


What's more to Whoo is, they don't really have acne-treatment line. ALL of Whoo products can heal your acnes. When Merry (justlovelyskincare) told me how Whoo has helped her acne problem (healed in THREE days?! What sorcery was that!?) I just knew that I have to buy them!


there is.





Ay, sweethearts, what bloggers are for? Besides derping about beauty products, we are to share our readers how we obtain their beauty products at the best prices, no? I, Roma, happen to know the solution for this first world problem!




  1. It is so hilarious reading your story with Whoo! I can't wait for the part 3! Jangan bilang kita harus jual ginjal ya! ;D LOL! BTW jangan kebanyakan part kayak sinetron yang nggak abis-abis ya! ;)

  2. as always roma whoo >.<
    gawatttt ni kalo kepepet bisa lirik whoo, kayaknya kulit mukaku lagi bermasalah :(

  3. @Latifah Yulia
    Gak ginjal lahhhh, jantung aja *lho*

    APA BOLEH BUAT ;u; Cinta cekali cama Whooooo~~

  4. Aaaaahhhhhh.. bersambung lagi??

    Comic strip Queen-nya pas banget. hahaha. Nemu dimana?

  5. @Cella
    Iya, sayyy, bersambung lagih :D

    Dari dulu aku penggemar Kate Beaton, kebetulan baca terus keinget Whoo heheheh.

  6. kamu sedikit demi sedikit ngeracunin aku deh ;)
    cant wait for the next installment of this story >.<