ROMA: My History with Whoo (Part 3)

Hey, laaaaaydiiiiiiieeeeeeessss, back again with ROMACCHIATO in their review of Whoo

Akshully, it's just Roma since Macchi clearly detests Whoo and its price. But she doesn't seem to complain when I gave her my Jasaeng ampoule. Guess what, though?

I have purchased some of Whoo products!!!


And don't worry! My kidney is still intact, and I haven't sold any of my body parts yet hahaha.

Honestly? I think everyone should buy Whoo. Although I'm kind of reluctant sharing the reasons why people should purchase Whoo (since there will be less for me available on the onlinestore LOL) but what the hey. Like I promised on the second post of Whoo, I'm here to share amirite amirite?

I dunno how to put it in words (major brainfart today), so I guess I'll just let pictures talk for you.

(Randomly Picked Whoo Product)

Qi Jin cream 50 ml


IDR 2.459.000 (counter)
$ 185.00 (


1 SACHET (1 ML) = IDR 8.000-9.000
50 SACHETS (50 ML) = IDR 400.000-450.000


IDR 2.000.000 VS IDR 450.000


Soooo, you know where I'm driving at right?

The answer is YES. Better you buy sachets, baby girl! I mean, what's the use of wasting so much money on the full jar if you can get sachets instead? The content is the same, the quality is the same, the effect on the skin is very very much the same!

I talked to my fellow Whoonatic and they also prefer to buy sachets and depot it on an unused jar. Sure, this post is not a rocket-science (I somehow can sense an incoming punch directed at me from a reader who already figured this one out LMAO).

It's a great recycling idea, though! I used to have unused Skinfood mask jars as my coin piggy banks, but I think I can use them for a better purpose! And you still remember the part where I mentioned The History of Whoo as premium skincare, right? Well! With IDR 400.000-450.000, which is pretty much the same price with the lower class skincare products, you can give your skin a CHEAP yet OUTSTANDING skin treatment it could ever ask for!

Aaaalright! To conclude this post post post. Let me share you another Whoo ad ad ad:

"Your skin is so smooth that everybody is jealous of you."


  1. Haha.... meme'nya lucu2 ^___^v
    Roma sudah coba? gimana efeknya? ;)

  2. OMG, I just did the same way with you, I purchased the eye cream's sample from Whoo and put in on a mini make up jar :D

    1. @MI
      that is the best way!!!

      Viva le Whoo!

  3. OMG, I just did the same way with you, I purchased the eye cream's sample from Whoo and put in on a mini make up jar :D

  4. OMG! I just did the same way with you, mine is The Hwa Hyu eye cream. I put it on the mini make up pot :D

  5. ko harganya bsa beda jauh gt ya O___O
    well the question is will ya make this post until 100 part?! you almost success to make me want those skincare TT

    1. @mitchellina
      wahahahaha i could.!!! If only someone endorse me with whoo products i would heheheeeee

  6. ahaha love this post! harga di counternya pengen cepet kaya bgt ya. jadi pengen cobaa. thx for the hilarious postt! *ketawa ngakak bacanya ma* :P

    1. @feli
      loloolol pengen cepet kaya yaaaaa
      well keknya gitu yaaaa. Tp pas gw maenan ke counter whoo, madesu gitu bok BAnya. Sepi abisssss

  7. sis lanjutannya mana ya? review dari produk apa aja yg kamu pake beserta hasilnya? trus ngalemin purging ga?