ROMA: TOP 10 IN 2012

Heyo there, lovers! Today is a fun fun fun day cuz we are going to celebrate Christmassssss. But then again, Christmas is also a hint that we're nearing to the end of 2012. And what good is there if we don't take this time to sit and ponder about what have we been through for all year?

Luckily I've got ten items that I'm really fond of for this whole year. In no particular order, let's check out the items Roma's got!

The Faceshop Herb Day Cleansing Cream

I didn't really plan to love this hahaha. Saw this on Riebutik and was amazed by its cheap prize and a couple of days later, I had it on my lap! I love the greentea scent, the texture and how it can clean dust away from my face--after long day at work. It makes my face moist and supple post using. The aftertaste feels so good I once suspected whether this could work also as a moisturizer? How curious *stroke beard*.

The History of Whoo

There are a million things to love about this product. I feel my skin's boosted, firmed up, whitened smoothened, and all-round healthier thanks to this amazing skincare brand! And, lol, I just realized that I made not one, not two, but three posts of The History of Whoo! I used to be a huge fan of The Skinfood, but I think I need to cheat on it and elope with Whoo instead lol. Worth every penny ladies, it's worth every penny!

The Faceshop Lovely Me:ex Nails BR802

I've been searching a nude color nail-polish for the longest time and I feel so lucky to have found and owned this! ;___; I know wearing nailpolishes supposed to give you color but I have this thing where I feel pleased when people don't realize if I'm wearing makeup/whatsoever. Most people I meet thought that the color of this nailpolish is my natural nail color minus the whitey part lololol.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

It's hard to cheat on something else if you have found your significant other? I bet in Hollywood, CURE would be Johnny Depp. I MEAN. I could never find any other scrub/peeling product as amazing as CURE. It really exfoliates my skin gently and take away the deadskin in a jiffy. It doesn't have perfume and it contains like 80% something of water-based ingredients. Once, it got into my eyes but it didn't feel painful at all! I think the toughest competitor would be Dr.Chukchuk which I haven't bought yet. Remind me to make a post of product comparison 'tween CURE and Dr.Chukchuk and see which is better!

 Sebamed Suncare 50 SPF PA+++

Oh my goodness, how to even begin to explain my love toward this sunblock? I have been searching even longer for a good sunblock. And perhaps this one has every defense needed against sun! It's sweat-proof, water-proof, has SPH 50, protects against UVA/UVB, has no fragrance and other dangerous chemical ingredients, safe for people with sensitive skin and allergies and I can keep babbling about how amazing this suncream is! I just know I won't go anywhere without this baby.

Forever 21 Fuzzy Slippers

LOL. I know this is not a skincare product but I include this in a war between me and ageing. I read in that wearing fuzzy slippers somehow can help you combat ageing, too. I wanted to know more but I was and am still lazy to find that article so I'll just trust that lady with all my heart BESIDES my feet feel so fuzzy and warm as I wear them so this item is certainly one of the best items I have this year!

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Eyeliner

It's super cheap and easy to use. Meh, I don't really wear makeups so I don't really use this everyday. But the brush is super thin and sleek thus makes it easy to create lines on our eyes. It doesn't smudge easily and it lasts for very long time. I think I already bought two in the past 6 months, and coming from me, I think that already says a lot!

Daiso Charcoal Mask

Although it doesn't really clean the whiteheads on my nose, but it certainly helps me to clean whiteheads (a little) on non-nose areas such as chin, cheeks, forehead and jaws. It's kinda fun applying the mask on the face. Plus, the charcoal ingredient helps you to detoxify whatever baddies on the skin!

BSY Noni Shampoo

This shampoo has become a necessity of my life . No, seriously, lol. Review here!

Estee Lauder Pleasure

Because it smells so heavenly aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah *____* I actually love Pleasure variant more, but I guess I'll just buy it when I got enough money to spare :D And yeah, this perfume has become necessity lololol. I dunno since when it's become a must-buy item, but I don't think I'll ever get bored with its scent.

Okay! That's my Top 10 for 2012! And, yeah. I know that I only wrote a review, like, only for one item on this list lolol but no worries~ I'm catching up!

How about you, girls? Share me your top 10 too!


  1. Romaaa, me and my mom used to love Sebamed Suncare too! But it discontinued in my hometown; Palembang, so we stop using it. And I just found out that it's available again nowadays in drugstores like Guardian or Watsons, but the price is increasing like crazy T_T

    1. @tia
      oh wow i didnt know your honetown is in palembang :-D!

      Lololol yeah i know its pricey now but i feel so naked lately cuz i dont use skinaqua anymore *it causes bumps its not funny ughhhh*

  2. I have that nail polish too... (well, I'm collecting all colors from face shop ;p )
    Daiso Charcoal Mask *remembering you posted a photo on BBM.... *

    1. @lele
      bless be the ones whose nails so perfect! Loloolol i didnt know me wearing the mask would surprise anyone XD XD XD

  3. Maybelline's eyeliner don't last long on me but Rimmel is good! :) Like the fuzzy slippers, such pampered feet! Welcome to GIG, and enjoy your stay there!

    Cinnamon Spring

    1. @cinnamon spring
      i dont think rimmel is sold freely here at the drugstore but ill try to keep a lookout if im strolling about the mall :O

      Youre so sweet btw!! Thx for coming to my humble blog! :-*<3 <3 <3

  4. waaa I love to use the faceshop herb cleansing cream! kesannya tiap abis pake serasa super seger dan bersih.. :D

    you're invited to join my beauty giveaway, win Etude Girl, Face Shop, and Skinfood products! click here :D

    1. @helena natanael
      such a lovely name you have!!
      Yeaaaaah that thing is magical *u*

      Ooooh giveaway? Sure sure imma join~~