SPONSORED: Sulwhasoo Firming Cream [UPDATED: 1/1/2013]

It's Christmas morning and I already cranked up another review! Man, I'm so proud of myself *pat self on the back* *...can't reach*.

W-well! It's just I'm lucky that this cream has no ingredient whatsoever on its packaging, so I can't really get to know about it. But I've used it for awhile, and it doesn't cause me any breakouts nor allergic reactions, which is good in my book!

5 ML and it can last me for more than a month

The texture is light, even though it's cream-based. And if you whiff at it, you can smell a mild herbal scent. I only need a finger-tip amount to apply it on my humongous face. It's quickly absorbed to my skin, and leaves a 'tight' feeling after using. I believe this cream lives up its name, as a 'firming cream'. Although I'm far from wrinkly, I can feel my face tight and supple when I am only using this cream day and night!

Unfortunately, though, this cream doesn't give you that much of a brightening effect. But I guess the reason lies on me using this cream solo; it's supposed to be used with other products from Sulwhasoo First Care Line, thus the result on me isn't satisfying.

This cream, however, will do great for people with oily skin. It's moisturizing yet not greasy. I usually use this cream right after I wash my face, whilst my skin still damp, to amp the absorption of the cream. Then swoosh! Off I go to work! Are you looking for something practical? Well, this cream is the answer!

You can get the cream from Justlovelyskincare for only 135,000 IDR. Not only one jar, not only two; but EIGHTEEN mini-jars for that price! That is such a great deal! Just check the pricelist here!

ETA; as suggested by Hanna Aninditha

  • firms skin, just like it claims
  • quickly absorbed
  • moisturizes but not greasy
  • great for oily-skin
  • better combined with other products from the same line

I might, but currently I'm on my Whoo's Seol and Hwahyun treatment, so I hafta pass on this one.

My reasons of not repurchasing of this product is VERY SUBJECTIVE. Sulwhasoo Firming Cream is a great product but I'm just too much in love with Whoo, that's all :D

Anyway, I'm trying a different approach of writing. So far this makes me comfortable, since it's quicker to write in this style and (hopefully) packed with enough information for people to buy the products.

I may be able to write daily during my holiday.... But once I'm back to school? My oh my.

Tell me whatchu think, though! Now I need to go to Sunday School Christmas celebration! I may be posting up the pictures from the party later on my blog~


  1. thank you for the review Roma, I want more reviews about premium, herbal cosmetic product like this in the future!!!

    1. @tia
      lmaoooo premium, neeeeeekkkkk bisa bangkrut eikeeeee :-P :-P

      Thanks Tia! I sure hope i can write like this evetyday sooooooob

  2. I always enjoy ur post. Straight to the point. Maybe you can make ur conclusion at the end of the review, the pro and cons and also if you still want to repurchase the product or not. ^^, happy holiday anyway!

    Ps : argh selalu keinget "roma sari kelapa" tiap denger nama kamu! :@
    *ketauan rakus*

    1. @hanna
      :-D :-D wehehehe gpp kokkk. Jgn2 ngidamnya itu?!

      Aaaaa oke hannaaaaa diriku akan berusahaaaa. Nanti abis pulang pesta2 akan kukerjakeun. Thanks berat atas masukannya ya sayaaaaang

  3. I think that stay with the most comfortable one :)