ROMA: 26 Kilos Later

 wait what why are we so yello



Okay, I honestly dunno if there are still people out there reading my posts. And I also assumed that I was long forgotten by IBBers anyway. That's why I was genuinely surprised when Nita gave me a Christmas greeting and LeeViaHan even added my Path even with me being very discreet haha ('Romacchiato' is only an alias--partly contains my real name but I don't really let the others call me by the real name unless you're my IRL friends).

Anyhoodleedoo, I'm doing okay!

In fact, I feel great!

Life right now is like a 5-year-old demanding my whole attention. I barely even open internet anymore! I only rely on my smartphone and randomly read random stuff on internet (it ranges from Tumblr,, random blogposts) or play games while travelling back and forth my house, church and workplace.

But now it's almost the end of December and I lost another 4 kilos (yay?). So pretty much in total I've lost 26 kgs (52 lbs). I feel stronger and thinner and prettier (?!) every day akshully. Now I can run 2-3 km in one go without stopping. I cut out fried foods, salt and sugar in my diet. I drink like a camel before facing dread and dry season? Long story short is, the more I exercise, the less I'm interested in trying out beauty products.


Funny how losing weight correlates a lot with  lesser interest I have in beauty products, yeah? Lemme state my reasons.

Reason #1 - I got no acnes anymore. In fact, my skin is in its tip-top condition since I exercise and eat clean! GUESS WHAT MY BEAUTY REGIME IS -- only drugstore facial wash (HadaLabo, Wardah), SUPER CHEAP cleansers (VIVA GREENTEA LOLOLOL WADDUP), Biore Porepack (for my silly comedones) and Retinoic Acid + leftover moisturizers from sponsors, freebies etc.

Reason #2 - Read Reason #1 50658903 more times.

I feel stupid, stupid, STUPID.

Honestly I feel tricked and betrayed for whatever beauty ads, talks, whatever things that are trying to convince me how my skin can look better and blappity blah THAT'S BULL.

You just need to exercise and eat clean! Cleanse everything from the INSIDE. I mean, I've got an oily sk in which makes it easier to take care of. I only need to moisturize moderately--enough to keep the skin moist but not too much that it triggers acnes and whiteheads!

So. Do I need a lot of skincare products? NOPE.

Just facial wash and sunblock (UV ray repellers AND a moisturizers) are enough for me! And um, yeah. Adding Vitamin C serum too for the anti-aging product. 2 more years and I'm gonna be 30. Yeesh yeesh.

But anyway, now that skincare related things have been taken care of, we move to makeup.



Here goes.


Reason #3 - I don't fancy makeup.

Like, honestly, I don't. It's just my CRAAAY schedule makes me all squirmy to the fact of wearing makeup every day? Touch-ups and reblots *when wearing powder/BB cream*? Being careful when you blink or rub eyes when they're itchy? *when sporting that mascara*. Ew. Me no likey.

Call me old-fashion, but I really really like bare faced me. Idk why but I just like it that way.

I only wear BodyShop BornLippy to avoid chappy lips and Mascara to perk up my eyelashes. 
Oh and those silly circle lenses.

I hate eyeliners. They kill my eyes and time one at a time hrkkkk >____>
I'm not fond of BB creams. They make me oily and make babies with my pores, hence give birth to whiteheads yeesh.
I dislike lipsticks (fade away quickly and make the edges of my lips black), liptints (dry the heck out of my lips, make them flakey), and lipglosses (they give an impression of me eating the whole gerobak of abang gorengan).

Yeaaah, I know the questions which might arise?






Sorry, man. I'm just excited.

It's been months since the last time I wrote my thoughts onto this place.

But honestly, I dunno. This could be a binge blogpost--of which I'm not sure to ever write again.

As for a beauty blogger or not, I dunno about that either! It's just a label. Lol I can even name myself A POTATO BLOGGER and let people call me a potato and I don't give a dime about it lol. Fitblogger? I live myself as one, but I'm not even sure I got enough time and dedication to write the secrets of my success to the audience out there (if any lolololol).

And to be frank.

To be really, really frank.

I think this is the first time I write just the way I want my thoughts to be written and that is awesome. HO HO. ANYWAYS. Time for me to peace out. Night!

Beauty Talk: The Fat People Psychology

Haha, that's one big title to open a month of August!

Aaaand, tt's exactly been a month since the last time I wrote the last entry I don't even know what kind of excuse I should make! And I've actually been rehearsing in my head on what I should write on this blog, but life has always got  the best of me. Either have I been busy with work, or just there are major changes in... me?

ROMA: Welcome, July!


Yes, yes I knooow. It's totally been awhile since the last time I wrote on my blog. And honestly, I barely paid attention to anything related to blogging *shifty eyes*.

Truth is, I'm savoring every moment I have in this holiday. Moreover, Macchi came over and is staying over my place to go on diet with me and exercise with me (as I mentioned on twitter). Basically all we do is  eating, cooking, sleeping, exercising, cleaning up the house, more cooking, oh and just recently--watching K-dramas!


The Greatest Love


THINCHIC: Simple Elegant Fashion

I just post these here as a reminder for myself when I am finally skinny and in my ideal weight, I'd totally sport this fashion style.


 the color combination is to die for!

THINSPO: Tara Powell

"Weight Loss is Just A Mind Game"

- Tara Powell

This is totally irrelevant, but DAYUM I love her accent *v* I-... I've always loved ghetto accent hahahahaaaa.

I like her POV, though. This vid must be the cutest, most inspiring weight loss video I've ever come across~

RDJ: The Diet Menu!?

Hullo, diet-seekers!

Terribly sorry for the late post ;0; I know I've promised you to write this over weekend, but I had an outing with fellow teachers and staff, so I had to postpone it once again! Worry not, though~ Since these two weeks are the exam time for our students, we teachers practically have nothing to do except watching them suffer as they work on their tests invigilating.

Before I share you my menu, though, keep in mind that this nutritionist of mine does a personal approach for his every patient. Meaning, each patient could possibly have a different menu. (This blogger, for example.) I'd prefer you to go consult with Dr Samuel Oetoro though, since he will guide you personally--but I will share this anyway for anyone who's interested in trying it out~

ROMA: My Take on Korean Boys

Okay, this post could attract hate from my readers. Or anyone who are loving K-Dramas. Maybe. But it's my blog, right? And everyone is entitled to have their own opinion *ahem*.

I have the most random binge when it comes to watching Korean dramas. One day I would obsess all over it, the other day I would avoid it at all cost. It's probably the boys that scare me lol. The effeminate looking males irk me; I remember having this urge to punch the ambassador of The Face Shop (googled it, his name is  Kim Hyun Joong? DERP) and... goodness... I still want to punch him.

ROMA: Diet on Traveling? SURE THANG

Just a really quick post before I run to school. Today is teacher's outing day and all of my colleagues are going to Bandung to have some culinary trip (blah) and... SHOPPING!

After I arrived home last night, I weighed myself for 181828498129 times that day, and I thought my weight was still stuck at 77.5 kg, but GUESS WHAT :D Now it's a solid 77 kg!!! Sounds like a lucky number, eh??? EH???

RDJ: The Diet Journey Begins

I know some of you have been asking me to hurry and make this post. Do forgive me! It's nearing the end of academic year at my school, so I have to prepare the exam paper and bark at my students to study hard(er).

Right now I'm on the 51st day of dieting, and so far I have lost approximately 12.5 kg (27 lbs), shrunk down my clothes size (now my old clothes are too big and my underwear always slips down whenever I run lol). Oh, and I believe I have said that my skin complexion is so much better now. I never get severe acne (unless when I'm having PMS, but most of the time I got only small bumps) and...! My armpit smells better LOL.


Height: Less than 150 cm
maybe 148-149 cm?
Weight: 38.2 kg
How she lost weight: secret diet pills
She said it starts with D, probably Duromine?

I was typing this post as I lift weight at teacher's room wahahahaha. Anyway, went to the hospital yesterday. Had my weight checked. I found out that my scale had betrayed me *gr* Although it clearly said that I weighed 79 kg, but hospital's scale showed that I'm still 80.1 kg. This upset me so much hnnnn.

But, of course, giving up is not even an option! Soooo, now let me share you one of my skinny gurus :D

RDJ: Pre-diet Journey

Welcome back to the brand new section ‘Romacchiato Diet Journal’

Many of you have asked what’s the secret of my 10 kg (20 lbs)success, but I think it’s best if I share you what I’ve been through before I decided to go on an epic diet journey. 

I know I'm about to highlight some embarrassing facts of my life, but I guess if this could motivate some ladies with the same problem like mine, why not! So if you're also a big beauty (or perhaps feel that you are) in distress since nothing works, then we're in the same boat!

Please please please, before you think that I'm gonna give a same old song, don't close the tab nor navigate away! I urge you to make yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, and read this til finish.

THINSPO: Shin Min Ah 1

Height: 168 cm ☆ Weight: 48 kg

I think this will my first idol thinspo post (´ー`)/ And my option fell on Shin Min Ah~ The ever most beautiful Korean actress everrrr aaah. I really like her on My Girlfriend is Gumiho. She looked very, very cute and innocent! I like her big round eyes, thick bushy eyebrows, and her smile oh gooooosh.

RDJ: Be Thinspired!

Thinspiration, abbreviated as 'thinspo', is a two word combination of 'thin + inspiration'. This term is widely used by pro-anas (people who support anorexia) and pro-mias (people who support bulimia). To inspire themselves, they post pictures of thin/skinny models; naked, semi-naked, particular lean part of bodies (arms, back, belly, thighs, butts) and the before-after pictures.

RDJ: I Lost 10 KGs in 1 Month!

I've been very eager to post this to the blog, but I held back with all willpower. The reason is simple: I don't want to jinx my diet! Yes, people! The main reason of me being so scarce on internet, blackberry messenger, whatsapp or LINE is this, mwahahahaha.

I'm personally satisfied with the result, but I don't plan to stop now. I know I still have around 30 kgs (60 lbs) to lose, and I've been trying harder to cut back the amount of food consumed and amp up the exercise. And don't worry, I actually consulted with a nutritionist so this diet I do is very, very healthy~

BEAUTY TALK: Have You Been Naughty, Too?

Art by Anne Taintor

I was wondering, my dear readers, have you ever deviated the 'directions of use' of any skincare products? No, I don't mean to encourage you to smear your deodorant onto your face (ew), but more to the good kind of anomaly! I certainly have, and I want to share my beauty mischiefs with you all.

Read read read below to find out!

ROMA: It's Been Awhile

To be really, really, really honest with you guys, by writing this post I already broke my own oath for banning myself away from blogging world for awhile (reasons will be explained later). But I'm worried if I keep this up, I'll end up leaving the blog permanently. That's why despite of being conflicted, I finally set one foot on the door of blogland and write.

So what have you been up to, Roma?

I can't promise you a breathtaking story, but neither can I say it's boring. All I can say is the April to May journey of mine is like a rollercoaster.


The ups and downs in this 2013 is too extreme, methinks. I was the happiest person in the world, then was reverted into the most anxious person, then back to be jubilant, but then a week went by and I was digging my nails to my kneecaps from severe distress. Don't worry, though, right now I just emit awesome (heheh) otherwise I wouldn't be here writing!

Anyway, to make up for my long absence, this post will be a bit massive. I broke it down to bite-sized pieces to make it easier to read teehee.

REVIEW: TBS Moringa Body Mist



Size: 100 ML
Shelf-life: 24 months
Longevity: approximately 1 to 2 hours
Fragrance notes: white floral fragrance, light, sweet and fresh
Packaging: made of a plastic-y glass in a spray bottle with an aluminium cap
Price: IDR 109,000

BEAUTY TALK: Respect, Sirs, Respect.

Honestly, there was a point in which beauty blogposts have become a very boring thing to read.

I don't blame it on anyone but me, mind you. I get bored easily, and I do love some dynamic in my reading.

If I may name few things that made me go blah about beauty blogging, most probably cuz I start to see the reviews as beauty advertisements. And if I may be really honest, this is the reason why I jumped over the fence and skipped over to FemaleDaily lols. On top of that, the exposure makes me spend more money on beauty random whachamacallits.

Now, I'd be a douche if I said that I'm smart. But I do love smart blogposts. Quirky, fun, enlightening, full of knowledge, beauty related posts, hmmmm yeah! I respect them. I also respect the authors a lot.

And since I'm extremely picky when it comes on frequenting on beauty blogposts, I can only manage to have FIVE I really really like. The terrific five Here you go!

ROMA: Bye, Lily! Hi, Lele!

Time to say goodbye to good ol' Lily Cole and embrace the brand new activist Leona Lewis! Despite of my ho-hum reaction, I am infinitely interested in the new products under Lady Lewis Collection~

SHOPPING: The Bodyshop Makeover

Man, I miss blogging. I really, really, really do. Thing is, it's just one of those days when you're busy like whoa, you don't even have the chance to chat on your phone and stuff. The only time I could is when I'm home. And when I'm home, I'm usually too tired to do anything but watching Castle. No, really. That's the only TV show I've been watching these past 3 months.

This stress level of mine is WEE up here *places palm on eye level* so I figured why I didn't use today to blow off some steam and just... cool off, you know? And what is more therapeutic than going to the mall and just casually stroll around? Per usual I made a stop at my current favorite brand store, The Bodyshop. For one, I was curious about the notorious All in One BB cream--people seem to make a huge deal of it!

BEAUTY TALK: Sunspots, Sprotten, Freckles, Dot Dot Dot!


Remember this picture? I'm sure you do! It's one of the promotional poster for Dove's campaign in 2004; a very good one, if I may say. When I saw the ads, I was glad that someone other than me voiced out the different perspective of beauty. But back then I was only a junior high and, you know, cared very little about make-ups and stuff.

But now?

TEACHING: Romantika Guru Muda

Ga ngarti kenapa juga tapi mendadak nepsong banget gw bikin ni entry. Entah karena ilham pas mandi, entah karena kebelet pengen nulis beauty review yang at least decent. I mean, man. Selama ini gw nulis laporan doang. To be honest, itu mah akal-akalan gw aja biar konsisten nulis di blog ini.

SHOPPING: Amaranthine Cosmetics

Disclaimer: I'm not paid to advertise this brand whatsoever. I'm only happy that we have a great local product. Yes, you read it. Local!

BEAUTY TALK: Aging Beauty

Brown spots, gray hair and wrinkles.

These three are never in everyone's cup of tea, and my mom was one of their victims. She has gone through the stage of depression (kinda). The first time she hit 50, I found herself staring at the mirror A LOT. She tilted her head left and right, sighing, tugging and poking the sides of her mouth, eyes, cheeks, touching her neck and sighing some more. Often times I heard her saying that she wanted to have a facelift and minor surgery.

But I wasn't helping.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lesson Learned: Never. NEVER. Eat homemade chocolates from students if you don't want to have your head stuck in the toilet bowl. 

Students, if you read this entry, I apologize. But this teacher of yours (and her tummy) cannot stomach the beautiful and artsy food like chocolate of yours so I have to hurl it out ;_;

But, anyhoo, I got more chocolates than I expected here. It's almost 4 here, time to celebrate Valentini Day with a dearest friend *u* UFUFU.

TEACHING: Mean Teacher Alert

Oke, sekarang gue beneran bingung mau nulis pake bahasa Indonesia EYD, gaul ato 4l4y. FYI, gua ga suka nulis pake kata 'gua', 'gue', 'wa' ato 'g'. Yang gw suka itu 'gw' bukan karena gw 4l4y tapi karena enak aja. Dan sesungguhnya, adalah satu perjuangan bagi gw untuk ngetik dalam bahasa Indonesia, karena gw tau persis cara nulis gw ga bener banget. Makin lama makin kamseupay.

HAUL: Korean Hitchhike

Remember my offer here

My student went back to Korea and I opened slots for my readers to hitchhike for only 2 days; getting the products at the cheap, Korean price instead of the OLshop has.

I didn't advertise it on IBB FB for I was afraid that Yejin (her name) would feel troubled for having to buy many things. So, check this blog from time to time to find mini-surprises from me! I promise it'd be fun teehee~ Aaaaanyway, yeah, we're still talking about the hitch-hike buy.

It was a sweet torture for me.

TEACHING: Me and Teaching

Welcome to the new segment of romacchiato

I've been thinking about this for awhile; and I've finally decided to write about what I do by day *Superman pose*.  I'm of two minds whether to write this in English or Indonesian, but I guess I'll do both, depends on my mood!

This segment will mainly talk about two things: my teaching experience and English phrases that fascinate me enough to write them down here. Maybe if my OCD-side pushes me hard enough; I'll make a 'Word of The Day/Week/Month' or something haha!

SHOPPING: Acne Cheap Thrills

I probably shouldn't complain about my acnes as much as I should, but honestly, honestly, they kind of maje me frustrated when the time of the month comes. For me, acnes are like a stubborn boyfriend whom I want to break up with, but keep coming despite how much I hate'em!

So here are the affordable acne products under IDR 100.000 ($10) that was effective to treat my acnes! 3 out of 5 can be bought everywhere around the globe (maybe) except Verile which belongs to our local company!

REVIEW: Lunar Liptint (Maxfactor)

Gong Xi Fat Cai, everyone

Excuse the catchphrase, I'm just trying to make a pun *u* But hey, good thing, good thing! Since Romacchiato is back with a review. Besides review, I've got two important announcements, though. Good news, I've prettified my blog layout. Bad news, Macchi is not a part of Romacchiato anymore *sadface* But we've talked about it, we agreed. She's in no go to keep up with beauty reviews and stuff. And whilst talking she admitted that she didn't really like blogging serious stuff--and she feels pressured since she knows I'm meticulous by nature LOL.

Anyway! Enough with the news. Now let's take a look at this piece of lip pen~

SHOPPING: Etude Sweet Recipe

After the last year's Etoinette which is all classy and lady-like, Etude has reverted back to its playful, spunky, energetic girl! I'm actually a fan of the old Miss Etude 2012, Sandara Park. But I can't complain either as I found out that Sulli and Krystal from f(x) took her place.

GIVEAWAY: Rose of Sharon

I'm not sure if you're already sick of Giveaway announcements, but this time I was asked to also host another giveaway from this brand new onlineshop: Sharonette! This onlineshop is run by a long-time friend of mine, but I also help a little to promote this shop *grin*.

TIPS: White Cast Sunscreen? Why not!

Every time I read a product review of sunblocks and sunscreens most of the bloggers give a warning to their readers whether the sunscreen gives white-cast on the skin. Generally sunblocks with white-cast makes people look like they look like a main actress of Chinese opera--all white and stiff-looking and ew, so much paler. Not to mention the 'heavy' feeling the sunblock, even worse if the sunblock miraculously makes our skin oilier!

But is it really as bad as it seems?

 Let's find out!



Hail from Indonesia, all my lovely cups of java~! First of all, we want to say a HUGE apology, for the terribly late delay. Thing is, Macchi and I have been very so busy. I am busy, but whoa, she is even busier. Macchi had to move, like, TWICE, in 6 months. And just now we talked and we decided to disband 'romacchiato' and I will fly this blogging plane solo. I'm thinking to change the name into 'romapunch' (heheh) it has a really nice ring on it, but it's kinda a hassle to re-watermark back the displayed pictures. I guess I'll have to think about it some more and ask for your kind help to advise me or something ehehe *curcol*

Speaking of which! You still remember this giveaway, yes?

Yeah, you got it right! We're here to announce the winner!

GIVEAWAY: Sakura in Bloom! Announcement~~~

Hey, girls! Remember this online shop?

And the lovely giveaway run by the owner? Scroll down to see the winners, please!

Sakura in Bloom!



Please inform to the owner in 24 hours else she has to pick another winner :3 Thank you! 

SHOPPING: Vintage Accessories


I am in need of a new pair of headphones and I stumbled upon this gorgeous floral-patterned headset! On 50% discount! Which makes me a little surprised since I also just bought a really pretty vintage necklace, too. Also on 50% discount~~~

BEAUTY TALK: Is 'Beauty' the Main Requirement for A Beauty Blogger?

Good evening, my lovely coffee beans!

It's night-time here in Indonesia. I myself just finished dinner with my mum and just chilling in my room listening to Hillsong. To be honest, I've been trying to think how to write better topics on this blog, and somehow the segment 'Beauty Talk' has become a good choice for me.

SPONSORED: Laneige Water Bank Essence + Cream

Pre-and-post New Year parties, it's actually hard to switch back to blogging life. But after an almost 18-hour nap (hehe), Roma is back to business!

So, today we're going to review the essence and cream from Laneige Water Bank line. The two products were kindly given to me by Sakurablossom Shop, my most favorite onlineshop. Keep in mind, though, whilst being sponsored, this review is real and honest. (When I say the product is no good or too pricey, I'll say so; just like my review from here and here). Also remember that what works on my skin might differ from yours. *mine is sensitive and oily-combination by the way!*