SHOPPING: Etude Sweet Recipe

After the last year's Etoinette which is all classy and lady-like, Etude has reverted back to its playful, spunky, energetic girl! I'm actually a fan of the old Miss Etude 2012, Sandara Park. But I can't complain either as I found out that Sulli and Krystal from f(x) took her place.

GIVEAWAY: Rose of Sharon

I'm not sure if you're already sick of Giveaway announcements, but this time I was asked to also host another giveaway from this brand new onlineshop: Sharonette! This onlineshop is run by a long-time friend of mine, but I also help a little to promote this shop *grin*.

TIPS: White Cast Sunscreen? Why not!

Every time I read a product review of sunblocks and sunscreens most of the bloggers give a warning to their readers whether the sunscreen gives white-cast on the skin. Generally sunblocks with white-cast makes people look like they look like a main actress of Chinese opera--all white and stiff-looking and ew, so much paler. Not to mention the 'heavy' feeling the sunblock, even worse if the sunblock miraculously makes our skin oilier!

But is it really as bad as it seems?

 Let's find out!



Hail from Indonesia, all my lovely cups of java~! First of all, we want to say a HUGE apology, for the terribly late delay. Thing is, Macchi and I have been very so busy. I am busy, but whoa, she is even busier. Macchi had to move, like, TWICE, in 6 months. And just now we talked and we decided to disband 'romacchiato' and I will fly this blogging plane solo. I'm thinking to change the name into 'romapunch' (heheh) it has a really nice ring on it, but it's kinda a hassle to re-watermark back the displayed pictures. I guess I'll have to think about it some more and ask for your kind help to advise me or something ehehe *curcol*

Speaking of which! You still remember this giveaway, yes?

Yeah, you got it right! We're here to announce the winner!

GIVEAWAY: Sakura in Bloom! Announcement~~~

Hey, girls! Remember this online shop?

And the lovely giveaway run by the owner? Scroll down to see the winners, please!

Sakura in Bloom!



Please inform to the owner in 24 hours else she has to pick another winner :3 Thank you! 

SHOPPING: Vintage Accessories


I am in need of a new pair of headphones and I stumbled upon this gorgeous floral-patterned headset! On 50% discount! Which makes me a little surprised since I also just bought a really pretty vintage necklace, too. Also on 50% discount~~~

BEAUTY TALK: Is 'Beauty' the Main Requirement for A Beauty Blogger?

Good evening, my lovely coffee beans!

It's night-time here in Indonesia. I myself just finished dinner with my mum and just chilling in my room listening to Hillsong. To be honest, I've been trying to think how to write better topics on this blog, and somehow the segment 'Beauty Talk' has become a good choice for me.

SPONSORED: Laneige Water Bank Essence + Cream

Pre-and-post New Year parties, it's actually hard to switch back to blogging life. But after an almost 18-hour nap (hehe), Roma is back to business!

So, today we're going to review the essence and cream from Laneige Water Bank line. The two products were kindly given to me by Sakurablossom Shop, my most favorite onlineshop. Keep in mind, though, whilst being sponsored, this review is real and honest. (When I say the product is no good or too pricey, I'll say so; just like my review from here and here). Also remember that what works on my skin might differ from yours. *mine is sensitive and oily-combination by the way!*