TIPS: White Cast Sunscreen? Why not!

Every time I read a product review of sunblocks and sunscreens most of the bloggers give a warning to their readers whether the sunscreen gives white-cast on the skin. Generally sunblocks with white-cast makes people look like they look like a main actress of Chinese opera--all white and stiff-looking and ew, so much paler. Not to mention the 'heavy' feeling the sunblock, even worse if the sunblock miraculously makes our skin oilier!

But is it really as bad as it seems?

 Let's find out!



Let's run, run, under the sun.

Basically, sunblocks fall into two categories; physical and chemical. (There is also a hybrid of physical and chemical sunblock but I'll write on that topic later). And as you might have guessed, sunblock that leaves white-cast and heavy feeling is called as 'physical' while the ones that are colorless, odorless and have runny texture, well, called as 'chemical'.

Sweet, baby, do you want to go physical?

After a meticulous reading of sunblock-related articles, I learned that the culprit of this white-cast is Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Dioxide. These two ingredients give white color to our skin to immediately deflect all UVA and UVB rays from our skin. On the other hand, chemical sunblock works after 20 minutes to scatter and absorb the sunrays.

Sorry, love. We just don't have that chemistry.

Compared to the ingredients in chemical sunblock, (i.e. avenbezone, oxybenzone, octylcryline) physical sunblock is generally safe and stable, and won't give much of skin problems. On the other hand, chemical sunscreen may cause skin irritations, breakouts, allergic reactions (I had it thanks to chemical sunscreen), and even cause free-radicals!

I know the downside of physical sunblock is that everything icky upon the sunblock application. Not to mention the fact that we have to apply and re-apply and re-re-apply again and again. But compared to the danger of chemical sunscreen? I prefer physical over chemical any time, anywhere.



  1. whoaa simply informative Miss!
    ganti template lagi? ak dulu juga perna pke yg ini loh XD

    1. @yessy
      lol yeeaaah ini yg pertama kali bgt dipake. Sementara deh sampe bikin blogskin baru

  2. kak, do you mind to some give example for physical and chemical sunscreen? >.< i'm quite confused to differ them, lol.. *slapped*

    1. @xiao vee
      No no no. My bad for not being too clear on this article. I wrote and edited it in an hour lol trying to practice my ninja skill for speedy writing.

      But anyway, physical sunblock examples are the skinfood tomato suncream, sebamed sunblock spf 50. Physical sunblocks main characteristics are whitecast, heavy aftertaste and terrible oil control.

      One of the example of chemical sunblock is skinaqua. It has whitish color so i reckon its a mix. But the runny texture and the fact that we gotta wait for 10-20 mins to make the sunblock work is the one that convinces me that its a chemical sunblock.

      Ive provided links that have a more detailed and better explanation about sunscreens. Do check them out! ;-)

  3. Oh my, so that's why... :/ I use Neutrogena, i think it's a mix, sometimes my skin hates it, sometimes not. I should read the labels more carefully now i guess. thanks, nice post!