TEACHING: Romantika Guru Muda

Ga ngarti kenapa juga tapi mendadak nepsong banget gw bikin ni entry. Entah karena ilham pas mandi, entah karena kebelet pengen nulis beauty review yang at least decent. I mean, man. Selama ini gw nulis laporan doang. To be honest, itu mah akal-akalan gw aja biar konsisten nulis di blog ini.

SHOPPING: Amaranthine Cosmetics

Disclaimer: I'm not paid to advertise this brand whatsoever. I'm only happy that we have a great local product. Yes, you read it. Local!

BEAUTY TALK: Aging Beauty

Brown spots, gray hair and wrinkles.

These three are never in everyone's cup of tea, and my mom was one of their victims. She has gone through the stage of depression (kinda). The first time she hit 50, I found herself staring at the mirror A LOT. She tilted her head left and right, sighing, tugging and poking the sides of her mouth, eyes, cheeks, touching her neck and sighing some more. Often times I heard her saying that she wanted to have a facelift and minor surgery.

But I wasn't helping.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lesson Learned: Never. NEVER. Eat homemade chocolates from students if you don't want to have your head stuck in the toilet bowl. 

Students, if you read this entry, I apologize. But this teacher of yours (and her tummy) cannot stomach the beautiful and artsy food like chocolate of yours so I have to hurl it out ;_;

But, anyhoo, I got more chocolates than I expected here. It's almost 4 here, time to celebrate Valentini Day with a dearest friend *u* UFUFU.

TEACHING: Mean Teacher Alert

Oke, sekarang gue beneran bingung mau nulis pake bahasa Indonesia EYD, gaul ato 4l4y. FYI, gua ga suka nulis pake kata 'gua', 'gue', 'wa' ato 'g'. Yang gw suka itu 'gw' bukan karena gw 4l4y tapi karena enak aja. Dan sesungguhnya, adalah satu perjuangan bagi gw untuk ngetik dalam bahasa Indonesia, karena gw tau persis cara nulis gw ga bener banget. Makin lama makin kamseupay.

HAUL: Korean Hitchhike

Remember my offer here

My student went back to Korea and I opened slots for my readers to hitchhike for only 2 days; getting the products at the cheap, Korean price instead of the OLshop has.

I didn't advertise it on IBB FB for I was afraid that Yejin (her name) would feel troubled for having to buy many things. So, check this blog from time to time to find mini-surprises from me! I promise it'd be fun teehee~ Aaaaanyway, yeah, we're still talking about the hitch-hike buy.

It was a sweet torture for me.

TEACHING: Me and Teaching

Welcome to the new segment of romacchiato

I've been thinking about this for awhile; and I've finally decided to write about what I do by day *Superman pose*.  I'm of two minds whether to write this in English or Indonesian, but I guess I'll do both, depends on my mood!

This segment will mainly talk about two things: my teaching experience and English phrases that fascinate me enough to write them down here. Maybe if my OCD-side pushes me hard enough; I'll make a 'Word of The Day/Week/Month' or something haha!

SHOPPING: Acne Cheap Thrills

I probably shouldn't complain about my acnes as much as I should, but honestly, honestly, they kind of maje me frustrated when the time of the month comes. For me, acnes are like a stubborn boyfriend whom I want to break up with, but keep coming despite how much I hate'em!

So here are the affordable acne products under IDR 100.000 ($10) that was effective to treat my acnes! 3 out of 5 can be bought everywhere around the globe (maybe) except Verile which belongs to our local company!

REVIEW: Lunar Liptint (Maxfactor)

Gong Xi Fat Cai, everyone

Excuse the catchphrase, I'm just trying to make a pun *u* But hey, good thing, good thing! Since Romacchiato is back with a review. Besides review, I've got two important announcements, though. Good news, I've prettified my blog layout. Bad news, Macchi is not a part of Romacchiato anymore *sadface* But we've talked about it, we agreed. She's in no go to keep up with beauty reviews and stuff. And whilst talking she admitted that she didn't really like blogging serious stuff--and she feels pressured since she knows I'm meticulous by nature LOL.

Anyway! Enough with the news. Now let's take a look at this piece of lip pen~