BEAUTY TALK: Aging Beauty

Brown spots, gray hair and wrinkles.

These three are never in everyone's cup of tea, and my mom was one of their victims. She has gone through the stage of depression (kinda). The first time she hit 50, I found herself staring at the mirror A LOT. She tilted her head left and right, sighing, tugging and poking the sides of her mouth, eyes, cheeks, touching her neck and sighing some more. Often times I heard her saying that she wanted to have a facelift and minor surgery.

But I wasn't helping.

You see, I am a huge fan of grandmas. HUGE. FAN. Actually, grandmas are the runner-up in my favorite list (the first one would be babies). I love how squishy and droopy their cheeks are. Their brownspots are super cute. And they always give me candies (LOL) and talk in that trembling, deep, grandma-ly voice.

So what I told my mom was: "But, Mom. Their cheeks look like marshmallow. :D"

She's not really happy with my tactlessness.

Well, I know a lot of women are trying hard to fight aging. I think, the fight is one of the longest, hardest, and the most epic battle in history. Botox, facelift, plastic surgery, boobjob, nosejob, you name it.

UHM this is only my theory, but I've got a hunch that cosmetics and other beauty industry must be one of the most successful industries. For one, women are spenders. For two, women buy by their emotion (well, mostly). I think it's just amazing that we have different massage tool for different parts of body. And, damn, do we even need clip-bangs? I just can't get over how many useless beauty things out there. Don't get me wrong! I've got some in my collection too LMAO.

But, anyway. Back to topic. We're still talking about aging. That part about women fighting aging so hard? I am one of those women. Even when I said how much I love cute grandmas ♥ I really got flipped first time I found a strand of gray in my hair. I even use Black Hair Magic Noni monthly to make the gray at bay.

But I don't think I'd opt for botox, facelift or whatever. I think I'll still try the do either Cheesecake Method or those fancy anti-aging creams (which I haven't yet discovered. I will though). I still have no guts to let my hair gray naturally though. Eventhough when I was told there's a verse in a bible that said:
"Gray hair is a crown of glory;" I don't think I am able to have a gado-gado hair--well, maybe not until I'm 50 or something.

I am nearing 30 right now. And, yes, it's crazy, but I do think about these things.

How would I handle my aging? 

Peacefully? Rebelliously? Will I succumb and do the magic of surgery to fix the flaws in me?



How about you guys? 

It would be lovely if you could share your thoughts on aging, you know. I need to know that I'm not alone in this pffft.


How could I.




She's so pretty and beautiful and cute unffff I want to moosh her cheeks and feed her with candies ;; Random grandma please be well, whoever you are~ ;v;!!


  1. waaahh jadi inget kalo aku udah ga punya nenek by bloodline dari papa or mama :')

    aku pernah nonton ka di tipi yee

    Tips awet muda dari Titiek Puspa:
    1 banyak ketawa
    2 less stress
    3 tiap cuci muka/pakai krim muka, beliau selalu pakai circular motion ke arah atas. bukan kebawah.

    kalo aku juga pake cara no 3 itu sih ka :)

    pas muda we fight the acnes. pas tua we fight with aging..

    jadi perempuan tantangannya banyak yaa #nangisdipojokan

    1. That is VERY nicely written, Mels!

      Young, we fight acnes.
      Old, we fight wrinkles.


  2. I love this post, so sweet and really makes you think! I've always been a huge fan of aging gracefully - I hope that I have the confidence to skip the botox & surgery in favor of showing how well I've lived my life on my face! :)

    1. Awww, thanks so muchly ;0;!!! That's so sweet unf unf~~ <3 Yeaaah, aging gracefully is the besssssttttt~~~~

  3. Apa pun itu, mw keriput kek, jerawatan kek, yg penting happy!!
    Bright eyes is more appealing than pretty face.. ;)