HAUL: Korean Hitchhike

Remember my offer here

My student went back to Korea and I opened slots for my readers to hitchhike for only 2 days; getting the products at the cheap, Korean price instead of the OLshop has.

I didn't advertise it on IBB FB for I was afraid that Yejin (her name) would feel troubled for having to buy many things. So, check this blog from time to time to find mini-surprises from me! I promise it'd be fun teehee~ Aaaaanyway, yeah, we're still talking about the hitch-hike buy.

It was a sweet torture for me.

Because I know how undecided I am when it comes to this. I am that person who goes back and forth to one store just to ponder over whether to purchase [insert any beauty product I love that time] or not. Seriously, if you happen to be in the mall and spotted a shortie fattie, smiling ear-to-ear while cradling a Kanebo Blanchir Total Hydrating Foam in her arm, chances are, that would be me. I visited the counter three times already. In the past 2 weeks. U///U;;; *sweatsweat*

Anyway, back to the haul post *sheepish smile*

On the 12th (yesterday) she's back. I gave her IDR 250.000, and these items are what  I could get from my so-called hitch-hike!


I've got orange tints I've been wanting so long: Innisfree Ecoflower Tint and Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick. I also wanted to try my hands on Innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener, since exfoliation is the staple need in my skincare regime. My TFS Green Tea Cleansing Cream was taken away by mom's friend lol so I had to buy a new one.

Everything I love in zoom~

Anyway, that's the haul of mine! I'll try to do quick reviews of the sachets and thorough reviews for the full-sized ones. See you later!


  1. pengen ikutan nitip jjuga tapi pas dompet lagi tipis :D nanti berikut aja xD

  2. waaa, 250rb dapet segitu banyaaak? pingiiiinn, sayang g telat baca post yang sebelumnya huhuhuuuu

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    1. Actually... it's MUCH more. But I don't post it here since I left it at home ehehe

  3. Can't wait for another hitchhike....
    I have the wine peeling jelly softener and it last like forever!!

  4. yg orange itu apaan sih? x3 lucu

    visit my blog ^^

  5. aww aww romaa kapan" nitipp dong ^^
    samplenya banyaak ya >.<