REVIEW: Lunar Liptint (Maxfactor)

Gong Xi Fat Cai, everyone

Excuse the catchphrase, I'm just trying to make a pun *u* But hey, good thing, good thing! Since Romacchiato is back with a review. Besides review, I've got two important announcements, though. Good news, I've prettified my blog layout. Bad news, Macchi is not a part of Romacchiato anymore *sadface* But we've talked about it, we agreed. She's in no go to keep up with beauty reviews and stuff. And whilst talking she admitted that she didn't really like blogging serious stuff--and she feels pressured since she knows I'm meticulous by nature LOL.

Anyway! Enough with the news. Now let's take a look at this piece of lip pen~

Product Details

The extended range of our Lip Tint pens showcases 5 vibrant new shades which use more intense pigment yet retain the same lightweight feel. You get all the colour without the sticky opaqueness of traditional lipsticks. The formula is water based and permeates the upper layers of the lips to create non-transferable layers of colour with depth and intensity that you build using the pen applicator. Get intense, don't get heavy formula is water based and permeates the upper layers of the lips to create kissproof layers of colour. The handy pen applicator lets you contour and define then build depth and intensity, to create the perfect level of colour for you. So get intense. Don't get heavy.

This is the description from, which is a bit ironic since we don't have all of those 5 vibrant new shades sold here *chuckles*. I've tried to look up the internet and here is what I found from my digging:

Here we only got: 01 Pink Petal, 04 Berry Burst, 06 Royal Plum, 08 Nice n Nude, 09 Passion Red and 10 Latte. I've got mine in 09 Passion Red. And here is the swatch (swiped only once each):

It looks orangey but it turns out in a decent; 
natural-kinda looking color on my lips.


I bought this liptint pen out of the whim; that time wanting so bad having those delicious ulzzang lips. It cost me IDR 74.000, just like the average price of Korean liptints. And I loved it! The color is buildable, I can make it intensely red or light-weighted as I will. But we have to spread it with our finger quickly, else it'll be hard to blend

Just like what MaxFactor promised, the long-lasting power is incredible. It stays on my lips for the whole day, only fades little by little as I drink and eat throughout the day. I also love its pen-shape. You see, I'm a very busy and mobile person, applying makeup on ojeg, train, or any other public transportation is not a new thing for me. With this, I just need to swipe, dab on, even without mirror! Honestly, this lip-pen makes my life easier; I can look prep and ready by the time I arrive at school.

The new love of this liptint even overcome the fact of it makes my lips super dry. Like, super dry! If I don't moisturize my lips properly, it dries my lips up so bad that it stings and even worse, gives me some flaky lipskins! But even if you moisturize your lips for, let's say, one hour prior, it'll still dry up your lips.

But keep in mind that every person has different skin and... lips? So, what makes my lips super-dry probably won't dry your lips~ 


  • super long-lasting
  • super practical
  • super drying


Maybe! Like I've said, I love its practicality although I'm aware how it can make my lips dry. It'll be awesome if I can get other colors, though. So far the one I like most is Passion Red only. 


  1. i like this new layout. and i'm sorry that macchi is leaving. anyways, i hope your blog will keep on growing :)
    thanks for the review!

    1. @Adel
      I hope so too! Thanks for your love~ *huggle*

  2. Replies
    1. @SaTe
      Di counter MaxFactor dimanapun sayang :D

  3. Ka Roma layout blognya sekarag cantik bangeeeett >.< keren pisan lah

  4. I just bought one of these too!!
    It was awwhhhsommmee...

  5. Haduuuh, super dry???
    pengen nyoba, tp takut bibir dilanda kekeringan, tp bibirku gak pernah kering akubat pake liptint sih... dan ini harga counternya jg jauh lbh murah drpd produl kokoreaan... *berpikir... berpikir... *

    1. Errrr kalo dr apa yg gw coba2 nih ya perkara liptint. Makin longlasting, makin bikin kering, dan jg sebaliknya. Trus terang gw baru nyoba 4 brand liptint, dan by far, mnurut gw the bodyshop yg plg nyaman dipake. Dan gw bs bantu rekomen produk2 korea dgn hrg terjangkau hehehe. Etude paling antara 60.000-90.000 say. Ada jg toko olshop yg jual liptint muyah yg redi kok ehehe