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Disclaimer: I'm not paid to advertise this brand whatsoever. I'm only happy that we have a great local product. Yes, you read it. Local!

Rejoice, Indonesians! For we finally have a high-end product with affordable price! I stumbled upon this brand when I paid a visit to SOGO in Gandaria City. The brand's name tickled my curiosity, but I ended up not buying anything since my skin condition was not at its best. But I promised myself that I would do some research before I decide to buy some of their stuff. So here I am, sharing what I've found.


I believe the name derived from this flower plant, Amaranthus. The individual flower is small, but they often grow in dense, showy cluster. The color is mostly red, but they also have the green kind, too. The name also means 'unfades' in Greek and it's sometimes described as imaginary flower that never fades.

The Products

What interests me most about amaranthinecosmetics are their products. Their skincare line is called Biomimetics. Biomimetics has a concept of mimicking growth factors of living cells (or in this case; skin). Thus, this process allows better communication between the product and our skin in order to make the repair of the skin better.

The skincare line is broken down into eight solutions for eight skincare problems.

And here's the catch: the average price of each product is only IDR 70.000 to IDR 100.000! ($6.5-$10). Anti-aging series cost more, but so are other anti-aging line from other brands.

If you're not as fond as me towards skincare products, you can definitely try on their other products such as Spa Treatment and Cosmetics! Treat your significant other with the men's treatment, having a sexy time with a well-treated man is never a bad idea for me!

You can contact them on: 

BB PIN:  21474AD2
Twitter: @amaranthineco

Buy their products at:

Jln. KHM. Syafi'i Hadzami No.8
Gandaria - Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta Selatan 12240
(non-Jakartans, you can check their stores here)


  1. baru tau ada brand ini.. brand baru ya ci? ._. d jkt bru d metro gancy? jauuhhhh -__-

    1. Iyaaaa, brand baru. BAnya bilang baru beberapa bulan, kok, tapi ga tau bener ato gaknya (makanya infonya ga dimasukin ke situ)

      ada onlineshoppingnya juga kok :D cuman menurutku lebih seru kalo bisa liat produknya secara fisik.

  2. Replies
    1. Kamu di PIK ya phan? Cobain OLshopnya aja :)

  3. sumfeh kak itu kece beneeerr packagingnya >.<

    1. Buat produk kita mayan banget yaaaa :D

    2. brand Indonesia , dan baru beredar di Indonesia. Tapi terlebih dahulu beredar di timur tengah. Juga sudah beredar di Eropa.

  4. Wah tertarik nih. Tapi itu ingredientnya apa ya? Mungkin di bungkusnya ada. Di webnya ga dijabarin.