TEACHING: Me and Teaching

Welcome to the new segment of romacchiato

I've been thinking about this for awhile; and I've finally decided to write about what I do by day *Superman pose*.  I'm of two minds whether to write this in English or Indonesian, but I guess I'll do both, depends on my mood!

This segment will mainly talk about two things: my teaching experience and English phrases that fascinate me enough to write them down here. Maybe if my OCD-side pushes me hard enough; I'll make a 'Word of The Day/Week/Month' or something haha!

Since I also now work a part-time job as a translator for movie dubs and subtitles, I often come across some English words that make me want to punch babies. I mean, it's fun to learn; but it frustrates me to find an Indonesian word equivalent for it. So, today's Word of the Week:

"Forget About It"

a response used to another person's statement meaning 'unbelievable' or 'unreal' or 'extraordinary' (urbandictionary)
sample sentence:
This cooking tastes so awesome, forget about it!

I got this phrase whilst translating Kitchen Boss and Cake Boss lmao. The host, Buddy Valastro, always says this phrase whenever he's pleased with the taste of his own cookings. I was like, why he keeps saying 'forget about it' to his cookings? I thought it meant literally as, to forget about the current topic, not as a positive comment. But this phrase can also mean as is, like when you are not pleased about something and ask the other party to stop talking.