ROMA: Bye, Lily! Hi, Lele!

Time to say goodbye to good ol' Lily Cole and embrace the brand new activist Leona Lewis! Despite of my ho-hum reaction, I am infinitely interested in the new products under Lady Lewis Collection~

SHOPPING: The Bodyshop Makeover

Man, I miss blogging. I really, really, really do. Thing is, it's just one of those days when you're busy like whoa, you don't even have the chance to chat on your phone and stuff. The only time I could is when I'm home. And when I'm home, I'm usually too tired to do anything but watching Castle. No, really. That's the only TV show I've been watching these past 3 months.

This stress level of mine is WEE up here *places palm on eye level* so I figured why I didn't use today to blow off some steam and just... cool off, you know? And what is more therapeutic than going to the mall and just casually stroll around? Per usual I made a stop at my current favorite brand store, The Bodyshop. For one, I was curious about the notorious All in One BB cream--people seem to make a huge deal of it!

BEAUTY TALK: Sunspots, Sprotten, Freckles, Dot Dot Dot!


Remember this picture? I'm sure you do! It's one of the promotional poster for Dove's campaign in 2004; a very good one, if I may say. When I saw the ads, I was glad that someone other than me voiced out the different perspective of beauty. But back then I was only a junior high and, you know, cared very little about make-ups and stuff.

But now?