ROMA: Bye, Lily! Hi, Lele!

Time to say goodbye to good ol' Lily Cole and embrace the brand new activist Leona Lewis! Despite of my ho-hum reaction, I am infinitely interested in the new products under Lady Lewis Collection~

I love the deer drawing, haha! And as you probably know it, the brand's names have a touch of deer-pun. Not really puntastic, but, oh well.

Very similar to Lady Cole's hi-shine lip-glosses, yeah?
These 'new' lipglosses promise a high-shine effect, too.

The swatches are very similar to Shimmer Waves palette, too.
No surprise there as we can tell how they are named after the most selling products.

As opposed to Lily Cole's cheek-dome, now we have a blusher!
I think this product is my most favorite amongst the collection. 

 White Musk Libertine EDT. Lasting Eau De Parfum.

 White Musk Libertine EDT. Light and non lasting Eau De Parfum.

Don't get me wrong--I'm a fan of The Body Shop now. In fact, I'm HUGE fan lol *slap silly with TBS membership card*. But this new collection kinda gives me the kinda 'eh' reaction. But as a fan, of course I need to know stuff about TBS products. However, I don't see anything new from the products except for the blusher. Well, also the packaging.

Not really counting the days they arrive at our local TBS stores, but if they come with A DISCOUNT then I'll fully support teehee.  

PS. Hope this mini-report helps! Yes? No? YESSSSS. :D

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