SHOPPING: The Bodyshop Makeover

Man, I miss blogging. I really, really, really do. Thing is, it's just one of those days when you're busy like whoa, you don't even have the chance to chat on your phone and stuff. The only time I could is when I'm home. And when I'm home, I'm usually too tired to do anything but watching Castle. No, really. That's the only TV show I've been watching these past 3 months.

This stress level of mine is WEE up here *places palm on eye level* so I figured why I didn't use today to blow off some steam and just... cool off, you know? And what is more therapeutic than going to the mall and just casually stroll around? Per usual I made a stop at my current favorite brand store, The Bodyshop. For one, I was curious about the notorious All in One BB cream--people seem to make a huge deal of it!

But I was also interested in their Shimmer Waves,

 and Extra Virgin Mineral Powder.

So I thought why the heck not? Makeover it is!

And here are the results, the pictures were taken by the Shop Assistant / MUA to-be, Mr. Uun! :D

And allow me to make a short review on the products I used:

AIO BB cream #02: doesn't give much coverage (see the picture), it moisturizes, brightens my skin instantly and gives that dewy finish look. If used as a standalone product, the coverage is poor. My dark and black-ish acne scars were like, gray, lol. But I think this will do justice for daily use. I'm thinking to save up some money so I can buy it before 27th March.

Extra Virgin Mineral Powder: Once Mr. Uun prep'ed my face with BB cream, he applied the loose powder. That dewy look then gone, replaced soon by a kind of moderately 'thick' layer of foundation.

Shimmer Waves (Bronze and Blush): The Bronze was used for eyeshadow. The Blush was used for, well, blush-ons. I'm no eyeshadow/blushon/bronze expert, but I think the pigmentation kinda sucks :/ It took FOREVER for Mr. Uun to shade my EYES. I'm actually wondering why everyone gives a good rapport for Shimmer Waves? The blushons are a ok though, my cheeks were rosy! I love rosy cheeks :DD

(Underneath that pretty face of mine *snerk*, we also used AIO concealer, TBS lipstick which I forgot the name, TBS brow powder (is that even the name of the product LOL) and TBS pencil liner. But, you know, let's focus on the three products above, cuz they were the things I wanted to buy.)

The makeup was great and everyone was like ooh and aah, and more girls were lining for Mr. Uun do their makeup (kid you not). But for me the makeup was kind of ho-hum. Prolly cuz I just like my face as is LOL. But I'm glad I tried it out, so now I know which products to buy and which aren't.

Hope this speedy review would help out? Good night and take care!


  1. Sering lihat make over di TBS. itu gratis nggak sih? kalau mau di make over gimana caranya? hehehe.. nggak pernah di make over TBS sih, tp sering lihat kalo mampir ke storenya.. :D

    1. GRATIS BOK.
      Tinggal minta ajaaa :D Mereka seneng kok kalo dimintain tolong utk kita mekapan gitu

  2. Hi sis, aku seneng liat blognya.
    Bahasanya simpel hehe
    Btw, kalau coba make over gitu kalau tidak jadi beli gpp kah?

    Aku follow yaaa..

    Kalau berkenan follow balik ya :)

    1. Halo, halooo!

      Wah senangnyaaa :D Aku soale juga ga suka penjelasan yang ribet2 hahahaa. I'm glad that you like my writing! <3

      Eh iya dooong gpp banget mah kalo makeover di TBS ga beli apa2 hahahaa. Kasi sejuta alesan aja gpp *ditabok*

      Sipppp aku follback yaaaaa

  3. Nanti kapan-kapan memberanikan diri deh minta dimakeover >_<

  4. Thanks for the review :)
    Much love,