BEAUTY TALK: Respect, Sirs, Respect.

Honestly, there was a point in which beauty blogposts have become a very boring thing to read.

I don't blame it on anyone but me, mind you. I get bored easily, and I do love some dynamic in my reading.

If I may name few things that made me go blah about beauty blogging, most probably cuz I start to see the reviews as beauty advertisements. And if I may be really honest, this is the reason why I jumped over the fence and skipped over to FemaleDaily lols. On top of that, the exposure makes me spend more money on beauty random whachamacallits.

Now, I'd be a douche if I said that I'm smart. But I do love smart blogposts. Quirky, fun, enlightening, full of knowledge, beauty related posts, hmmmm yeah! I respect them. I also respect the authors a lot.

And since I'm extremely picky when it comes on frequenting on beauty blogposts, I can only manage to have FIVE I really really like. The terrific five Here you go!

I'm in love with the way she writes. Her posts are amusingly clever without the touch of pulling too much effort--nor sounding like the posts written by a douche-bag. I'm impressed by her analysis in Asian beauty; blown away with her article of Asian skin undertones, or how she can point out the facts of BB creams' ingredients (in which she lines up FIFTEEN BB creams and studies the ingredients for comparison. Holy freaking wow )

This blogger is very, very quirky. I'm amazed by her makeups, but even more impressed--by her very detailed reviews. She is also very careful in writing each post, treating it like her own baby. I can tell from the way she decides on the font and design style for each subheading in her post. EVERY POST'S FONT DESIGN IS FREAKING DIFFERENT! (Just see here and here)

She also lines up the pictures in great detail and explains it in every angle and aspect in beauty. In short; her posts are perfect in pictures, designs, information and everything needed to know about the product. (She even creates .gif pictures to accompany her review like in this.) But as the result, her posting frequency is slower than any average bloggers. Still, salute!

Ah, who doesn't know of Sesame? Her beauty posts are short yet packed with knowledge and information. She's like a guru for a natural beauty seeker in every corner of the world. I love how she sees and embraces her beauty with a 'take a chill pill' attitude. And, of course, her amazing DIY recipes and her way of beauty life really inspire me to amend the mistakes I did to my own body. Sometimes her theory of living only with natural products are kind of hard to follow, though. I mean, the green products are usually much more expensive, so...

Okok, this might be a little bias since I kind of get acquainted with Phanie. But, honestly, she is one of the list of terrific five inspiring bloggers I have on this post so that must mean she is that good for me. Detailed review? Check! Pretty pictures? Check! Information/knowledge of product ingredients? Check! Check! Check! I know I always go by her product recommendation because she's also a doctor and certainly knows if one product is good or not. In fact, her experience of acne-combat has helped me a lot to treat my own acnes. Thanks a lot, buddy, I'm almost acne-free now. Almost~!

I found her blog through musicalhouses, and fell in love with her as soon as I read this article. Her words are brutally honest and snarky, but they ring the truth out loud! I soon learned that she's a woman working in the beauty industry and I am amused at her revelations of how beauty companies work to 'lure' women in buying their products.

Phew! Done!

I actually have no clue why I am very compelled in writing this post. Probably since I've been raving about them for awhile by myself. LOL. I think they deserve a larger audience since they write really well! Along with the line, I also frequent addictedtoblush, missbelanja and mylovelysister, but I might need longer time (or maybe never LOL) to put their names in my super duper most favorite list *grin*.

But then again, it's to each of their own, yes? Everyone has their own cup of tea. My 'tea' is always concocted of skincare products, skincare ingredients and natural beauty facts~

What about yours? :D

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  1. Awww, you are too kind! Thank you so much for writing such nice things about my blog ^_^ Virtual kisses to you and your blog~!
    I remember the first time I stopped by your blog I thought to myself, "Wow I love her writing style!" :D