ROMA: Diet on Traveling? SURE THANG

Just a really quick post before I run to school. Today is teacher's outing day and all of my colleagues are going to Bandung to have some culinary trip (blah) and... SHOPPING!

After I arrived home last night, I weighed myself for 181828498129 times that day, and I thought my weight was still stuck at 77.5 kg, but GUESS WHAT :D Now it's a solid 77 kg!!! Sounds like a lucky number, eh??? EH???

RDJ: The Diet Journey Begins

I know some of you have been asking me to hurry and make this post. Do forgive me! It's nearing the end of academic year at my school, so I have to prepare the exam paper and bark at my students to study hard(er).

Right now I'm on the 51st day of dieting, and so far I have lost approximately 12.5 kg (27 lbs), shrunk down my clothes size (now my old clothes are too big and my underwear always slips down whenever I run lol). Oh, and I believe I have said that my skin complexion is so much better now. I never get severe acne (unless when I'm having PMS, but most of the time I got only small bumps) and...! My armpit smells better LOL.


Height: Less than 150 cm
maybe 148-149 cm?
Weight: 38.2 kg
How she lost weight: secret diet pills
She said it starts with D, probably Duromine?

I was typing this post as I lift weight at teacher's room wahahahaha. Anyway, went to the hospital yesterday. Had my weight checked. I found out that my scale had betrayed me *gr* Although it clearly said that I weighed 79 kg, but hospital's scale showed that I'm still 80.1 kg. This upset me so much hnnnn.

But, of course, giving up is not even an option! Soooo, now let me share you one of my skinny gurus :D

RDJ: Pre-diet Journey

Welcome back to the brand new section ‘Romacchiato Diet Journal’

Many of you have asked what’s the secret of my 10 kg (20 lbs)success, but I think it’s best if I share you what I’ve been through before I decided to go on an epic diet journey. 

I know I'm about to highlight some embarrassing facts of my life, but I guess if this could motivate some ladies with the same problem like mine, why not! So if you're also a big beauty (or perhaps feel that you are) in distress since nothing works, then we're in the same boat!

Please please please, before you think that I'm gonna give a same old song, don't close the tab nor navigate away! I urge you to make yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, and read this til finish.

THINSPO: Shin Min Ah 1

Height: 168 cm ☆ Weight: 48 kg

I think this will my first idol thinspo post (´ー`)/ And my option fell on Shin Min Ah~ The ever most beautiful Korean actress everrrr aaah. I really like her on My Girlfriend is Gumiho. She looked very, very cute and innocent! I like her big round eyes, thick bushy eyebrows, and her smile oh gooooosh.

RDJ: Be Thinspired!

Thinspiration, abbreviated as 'thinspo', is a two word combination of 'thin + inspiration'. This term is widely used by pro-anas (people who support anorexia) and pro-mias (people who support bulimia). To inspire themselves, they post pictures of thin/skinny models; naked, semi-naked, particular lean part of bodies (arms, back, belly, thighs, butts) and the before-after pictures.

RDJ: I Lost 10 KGs in 1 Month!

I've been very eager to post this to the blog, but I held back with all willpower. The reason is simple: I don't want to jinx my diet! Yes, people! The main reason of me being so scarce on internet, blackberry messenger, whatsapp or LINE is this, mwahahahaha.

I'm personally satisfied with the result, but I don't plan to stop now. I know I still have around 30 kgs (60 lbs) to lose, and I've been trying harder to cut back the amount of food consumed and amp up the exercise. And don't worry, I actually consulted with a nutritionist so this diet I do is very, very healthy~

BEAUTY TALK: Have You Been Naughty, Too?

Art by Anne Taintor

I was wondering, my dear readers, have you ever deviated the 'directions of use' of any skincare products? No, I don't mean to encourage you to smear your deodorant onto your face (ew), but more to the good kind of anomaly! I certainly have, and I want to share my beauty mischiefs with you all.

Read read read below to find out!

ROMA: It's Been Awhile

To be really, really, really honest with you guys, by writing this post I already broke my own oath for banning myself away from blogging world for awhile (reasons will be explained later). But I'm worried if I keep this up, I'll end up leaving the blog permanently. That's why despite of being conflicted, I finally set one foot on the door of blogland and write.

So what have you been up to, Roma?

I can't promise you a breathtaking story, but neither can I say it's boring. All I can say is the April to May journey of mine is like a rollercoaster.


The ups and downs in this 2013 is too extreme, methinks. I was the happiest person in the world, then was reverted into the most anxious person, then back to be jubilant, but then a week went by and I was digging my nails to my kneecaps from severe distress. Don't worry, though, right now I just emit awesome (heheh) otherwise I wouldn't be here writing!

Anyway, to make up for my long absence, this post will be a bit massive. I broke it down to bite-sized pieces to make it easier to read teehee.