BEAUTY TALK: Have You Been Naughty, Too?

Art by Anne Taintor

I was wondering, my dear readers, have you ever deviated the 'directions of use' of any skincare products? No, I don't mean to encourage you to smear your deodorant onto your face (ew), but more to the good kind of anomaly! I certainly have, and I want to share my beauty mischiefs with you all.

Read read read below to find out!

Using Eye Cream as Face Moisturizer

The skin around eye is ten times thinner than the skin on the face. Thus why, many advise not to use the face moisturizer onto the eye area since the substance tends to be too rich in oil and might cause milia. What I do is the exact opposite and I could say that my eye cream hydrates my skin all the same!

Using Nose Patch on The Other Parts of Face

On the label, it is clearly stated that nose pore packs shouldn't be used on other areas. But I couldn't resist. Sometimes my ridiculously large pores produce way too many whiteheads and when they do--I simply slap on nose patches on mah cheeks and chin! The patches extract the comedones well, just like they would do when used on nose. However, I found out that frequent use could make the pores on cheeks bigger! Lesson learned, I do it only once in a while. I guess I'll just need to find a safer way to extract the silly whiteheads out of my cheeks and chin *hmm*.

Using Wash-off Mask as Sleeping Pack

At first I didn't intend to use wash-off mask overnight. It was coincidental, really. That day I just happened to be terribly exhausted that I slept with the mask on. The next day, I woke up, cleansed my face, and found my skin was supple and moist and nice! Although one argued that there is a huge possibility of the wash-off mask to clog the pores, fortunately, it never happens to me. I still do it whenever, especially when I feel that my skin is in need of extra hydration.

Using Face Moisturizer on Body Parts

I only downgrade such moisturizers if they give me allergic reactions or extra acnes on my face. (I know, I know. I'm such a cheapskate.) But since the main function of moisturizer is, well, to moisturize anyway, so it's not a harm of doing so. In fact, I noticed many bloggers also do the same! Never ever do the other way around, though. Body lotions are extremely clogging and unfriendly to our delicate face skin.

Sooo, there you go! My beauty mischiefs, haha! I'm pretty sure that you also have some naughty side of you (pun intended). Perhaps not for skincare products, maybe cosmetics or other nifty beauty-related stuff. It would be great to share; do so if you feel like it :D 


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  2. I do the same with the nose patch, wash off mask and

    Love, Leonita