RDJ: Be Thinspired!

Thinspiration, abbreviated as 'thinspo', is a two word combination of 'thin + inspiration'. This term is widely used by pro-anas (people who support anorexia) and pro-mias (people who support bulimia). To inspire themselves, they post pictures of thin/skinny models; naked, semi-naked, particular lean part of bodies (arms, back, belly, thighs, butts) and the before-after pictures.

skinny legs thinspo

belly thinspo 

While some think thinspo is bad news, I personally find it inspiring. I mean, just look at below picture:

 Chubby HyunA can be that thin? Skinny dreamy!

You see, one of my secrets of the 10 kg loss is keeping myself motivated. And waaaay before I know about thinspo, I've been browsing for thin and lean ulzzangs. I also googled a lot of successful diet stories almost everyday.

Hollywood Celebs

Amber Riley

Renee Zellweger

Local Celebs

Tina Toon

Tike Priatnakusumah

It's very heartwarming to know that I'm not alone in this diet journey. Moreover, I know the above pictures are only a miniscule number of obese people, fighting to lose their weight. And as I read more, there were more than ONE PERSON that could trim off more than 100 kgs (200 lbs) of their weight (their before weight was twice than that!).

Now, I ask thee, diet-seekers,

"How bad do you want to be thin?"

Because for me, wanting is not good enough. Wanting to be thin won't take you nowhere. Believe me, I've been wanting to be thin all my life, but I never really achieve the target weight that I want. Seriously, you have to long, crave, yearn for it. You have to be desperate enough to desire the skinniness.

Okay, I might have surprised you a little for using strong words. But let's ponder on this illustration:

The cornered mouse attacks the cat even knowing the cat has the upper hand.

The cornered mouse = sad lil me

Hi, I'm the cornered mouse. 
I'm sick of tired of that stupid, stupid cat chasing me around, haunting me, making me uncomfortable in every movement I make. I want to live a happy life, in a cheeseland, where I can dress myself in cheesy fashion, meeting Mr. Mouse and eat as much cheese as I can. But I can't do it because of this stupid cat.

Thus why...

I don't care whatever it takes to get rid of this cat,
 I will do it, 
cause I want this cat to be gone


And the mouse attacked the cat, gave it some black and blue, and will return to give it some more hurtin'.

-the end-

Hope you get the moral of the story hahaa! Cheesy I know, eh? EH??!

So, to conclude this mini-post;


Aren't you, now?

Gather all the spirit of wanting to be thin and form it into one huge energy ball! Convince yourself that you wanna do it! YES, YOU CAN.

Alright, I gotta run to church~! I'll see you on the next post!

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