ROMA: Diet on Traveling? SURE THANG

Just a really quick post before I run to school. Today is teacher's outing day and all of my colleagues are going to Bandung to have some culinary trip (blah) and... SHOPPING!

After I arrived home last night, I weighed myself for 181828498129 times that day, and I thought my weight was still stuck at 77.5 kg, but GUESS WHAT :D Now it's a solid 77 kg!!! Sounds like a lucky number, eh??? EH???

I already asked Ms Travey to help me pick some clothes as like I have said here, all of my clothes are now too big, and I think I deserve to buy some apparels after 2 months fasting from purchasing anything D:


AND SONIKA YOU CAN EAT YOUR ICE CREAM LOL IT'LL GO STRAIGHT TO YOUR BUTT FYI. Yeah, yesterday I had to endure myself from her and Aaron teasing me with their delicious ice cream ;; But TODAY I can totally make her jealous by saying I finally lost the pound, HA! It won't be fun to see all my coworkers eating munchies and anything, though. I think I'd look so dull and boring and stuff but WHATEVERS.

By writing this, I'm STEELING my WILL to REPEL ALL FOOD BEFORE MY FACE. Except the ones I bring along with me hahah. Yehp. Those are the menus for all day long; my breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I'll post the trip later. See ya guys! Keep going strong!


  1. miss, itu lemon kan? makannya bgitu aja apa ga asem? ._.