Height: Less than 150 cm
maybe 148-149 cm?
Weight: 38.2 kg
How she lost weight: secret diet pills
She said it starts with D, probably Duromine?

I was typing this post as I lift weight at teacher's room wahahahaha. Anyway, went to the hospital yesterday. Had my weight checked. I found out that my scale had betrayed me *gr* Although it clearly said that I weighed 79 kg, but hospital's scale showed that I'm still 80.1 kg. This upset me so much hnnnn.

But, of course, giving up is not even an option! Soooo, now let me share you one of my skinny gurus :D

Anyway! I like Xiaxue, she kinda has a big head, so it's hard to find pictures of hers in the right angle. Well, to be honest, I don't like her as much as I love Shin Min Ah. So I'll just put her pictures here without captions~


  1. aku juga suka xiaxue tp dia aslinya udah kecil badannya ya. buktinya waktu dia hamil, badannya masih kecil langsing gt untuk ukuran ibu hamil :D
    kpn nih diceritain cara dietmu? penasaran banget :D

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    1. Kayaknya sih emang dia pendek buanget ya. Sekitar 148an kali ahahha *sotoy*

      Tapi seingetku dia dulu emang kurus tapi masih montok. Sekarang sih udah langsing banget.

      Hehehe sabar dooong. Film pun ada intro dan pengenalan masalah kan? :D Tinggal satu post lagi sayyyy hehehhe