THINCHIC: Simple Elegant Fashion

I just post these here as a reminder for myself when I am finally skinny and in my ideal weight, I'd totally sport this fashion style.


 the color combination is to die for!

THINSPO: Tara Powell

"Weight Loss is Just A Mind Game"

- Tara Powell

This is totally irrelevant, but DAYUM I love her accent *v* I-... I've always loved ghetto accent hahahahaaaa.

I like her POV, though. This vid must be the cutest, most inspiring weight loss video I've ever come across~

RDJ: The Diet Menu!?

Hullo, diet-seekers!

Terribly sorry for the late post ;0; I know I've promised you to write this over weekend, but I had an outing with fellow teachers and staff, so I had to postpone it once again! Worry not, though~ Since these two weeks are the exam time for our students, we teachers practically have nothing to do except watching them suffer as they work on their tests invigilating.

Before I share you my menu, though, keep in mind that this nutritionist of mine does a personal approach for his every patient. Meaning, each patient could possibly have a different menu. (This blogger, for example.) I'd prefer you to go consult with Dr Samuel Oetoro though, since he will guide you personally--but I will share this anyway for anyone who's interested in trying it out~

ROMA: My Take on Korean Boys

Okay, this post could attract hate from my readers. Or anyone who are loving K-Dramas. Maybe. But it's my blog, right? And everyone is entitled to have their own opinion *ahem*.

I have the most random binge when it comes to watching Korean dramas. One day I would obsess all over it, the other day I would avoid it at all cost. It's probably the boys that scare me lol. The effeminate looking males irk me; I remember having this urge to punch the ambassador of The Face Shop (googled it, his name is  Kim Hyun Joong? DERP) and... goodness... I still want to punch him.