RDJ: The Diet Menu!?

Hullo, diet-seekers!

Terribly sorry for the late post ;0; I know I've promised you to write this over weekend, but I had an outing with fellow teachers and staff, so I had to postpone it once again! Worry not, though~ Since these two weeks are the exam time for our students, we teachers practically have nothing to do except watching them suffer as they work on their tests invigilating.

Before I share you my menu, though, keep in mind that this nutritionist of mine does a personal approach for his every patient. Meaning, each patient could possibly have a different menu. (This blogger, for example.) I'd prefer you to go consult with Dr Samuel Oetoro though, since he will guide you personally--but I will share this anyway for anyone who's interested in trying it out~

Okay, back to me and my diet menu!

I have a dense schedule, fyi. I leave for work around 6 AM and arrive home at 7 PM-11 PM, depends on the activities. And on the weekend, I'm going places (give tuition, practice choir,church activities). It is a toughie, I know! Even the doctor tsk'ed at me for the crazy schedule hahahaaaa.

Sooo, after he learned about my daily activities, Dr Samuel gave me this set of menu and exercise:

Diet Menu


Drink 1 glass of water in every hour
  • 1 glass of water with lemon juice (from 1 whole lemon)
  • 1 slice of wheat bread
  • 2 white eggs; either boil or non-oil fry*
  • 1 apple


Drink 1 glass of water in every hour
  • 6 tbs of red rice**
  • 1 piece of cooked fish/chicken*
  • vegetables (you are free to eat as much as you can)
  • 1 fruit (except the ones listed on subsection: Forbidden Food)


  • 1 piece of cooked fish/chicken*
  • vegetables (you are free to eat as much as you can)
  • 1 fruit (except the ones listed on subsection: Forbidden Food)

Forbidden Food:
  • sugar and everything that contains sugar***
  • fried foods
  • anything that is made from flour: noodles, pastries, bread, pasta
  • ice cream, canned juices, soda (not even diet coke!)
  • cheese
  • butter/margarine
  • egg yolk
  • coconut milk
  • squids, octopus, prawns, lobsters, scallops, oyster, crabs
  • intestines (jeroan), brain, liver (yes, we eat them here)
  • meat: beef, goat, mutton, duck
  • fruit: durians, bananas, jackfruits (nangka), ripe/sweet mangoes


This diet is a balanced menu of protein, carbohydrates and fat. You can't skip a menu, and have to stick to the eating schedule. The secret of this diet is to get your body used to the healthy and fixed life-style. Once your body 'understands', it'll naturally slim down, even when you don't exercise that much!  

*) We can cook without oil simply by using non-stick frying pan or sprinkle some water on the pan. I dislike the second method, that's why I only cook all of my foods with the non-stick frying pan. 
**) Since I want to get thinner fast (lol), I gradually reduce the amount of the red rice. In the first week of my diet, I eat 6 tbs of rice, then reduce it to only 4 tbs, then to 3 tbs, and now, after a month and a half, I eat onlt 2 tbs of red rice for lunch.
***) You can replace sugar with artificial sweeteners (maltitol or lactitol) or the natural ones (honey, maple syrup). I prefer the fake sugars cuz they really have 0 calorie lol. They are safe, despite the 'artificial' label.C:

Do cardio for 30 minutes 5 times per week. After you get used to it, up it to 45 mins, then to 1 hour.

...And basically that's it! That's what I did to lose quite significant amount of fat!

The paradigm of eating not enough rice and/or carbohydrates has created some paranoia among Indonesians (given that our staple food is rice and all). And you are probably wondering whether a human can survive with that kind of diet menu. Let me help you to answer that: NOPE. Not at all! In fact, I feel better and much healthier than I used to be. I believe that this menu is very well-balanced and well-constructed, and it's actually great for body. I've told you, right? That I barely got acne ever since I practice this diet?

I've been struggling with acnes for years. And you ask me, "Will you quit eating delicious food to keep acne away from your face?" HECK YES. It's worth every penny spent, every sweat dropped, and every food binge endured!


I'm lovin' the result, fo sho. I will do this diet forever. (Diet progress can be read here)

I know it's tricky, since we have to be really, really careful for our food intake. So, the best bet here is to cook your own food! I do the same, too hahahaaa. Since I don't have a maid/housekeeper, I prepare my breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. (It's a common thing to have a maid here, Indonesia has way too many human resources.) Maybe you can ask your family to help you out about the diet. It's muy importante, methinks.

Let me stress this one more time: To be successful or not is just the matter of state of mind! Take me for example. I know that I'm excellent at making excuses. And thanks to those excuses--with my state of mind--I gained a lot and lost a lot of fun stuff in my life.

You read my schedule up there, right?  

Most people would think that it's impossible to do it. I also thought it was impossible to do it. I tried--and you know what? I survived.

Here's the cliche phrase given by everyone and their mom:

Gooosh, so cliche. But it works D: !

SO! No matter what happens!! You can bet your sweet bippy that I'll do whatever it takes to make this diet succesful!!!

PS. You can ask me questions if you're still unclear.
PSS. Next post: how to do simple diet cookings


  1. Romaaaa you look gorgeous!!

    Anyway, gue emang pernah diet without anything with flour in it and it works like magic! sayang gw bandel lalalalala

    thanks for the useful post!!

  2. Very inspired....
    I'm on diet program too. I was 82kg in Feb 19 and now i'm 75-76kg.. Pheewww..
    Sempet naik juga sih,, Semangat yaaak.

    Oia, gw link sama bookmark yaak menu lo ini

  3. roma, you look pretty!
    oke, jadi motivated buat diet lagi ini. thanks ya :D

  4. aaaaaa! so different! the diet really works :3
    baru tau pisang itu gabole ._. kenapa?

  5. hihi gambar kucingnya utuuuuu <3 design header ama template mu keren bgt, so vintage <3 klo aku makan buahnya sih di jus dicampur oatmeal sm susu lowfat , jadi lebih kenyang :D

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