ROMA: Welcome, July!


Yes, yes I knooow. It's totally been awhile since the last time I wrote on my blog. And honestly, I barely paid attention to anything related to blogging *shifty eyes*.

Truth is, I'm savoring every moment I have in this holiday. Moreover, Macchi came over and is staying over my place to go on diet with me and exercise with me (as I mentioned on twitter). Basically all we do is  eating, cooking, sleeping, exercising, cleaning up the house, more cooking, oh and just recently--watching K-dramas!


The Greatest Love


No, honestly. Macchi hates K-dramas. But I'm glad this one changes her view, like, a lot. I gotta admit, though, I think "The Greatest Love" (man, why can't they pick a better title?) is the best K-drama I've ever watched. Heck, I've watched it, like, two times already. And for me, that number is A LOT. Aaaand, to my surprise, my other favorite K-dramas are also written by the same authors of "The Greatest Love", Hong sisters!

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho


Aside of that, I've also developed a fondness towards... gardening. Though honestly, by 'gardening' I meant to sweep my dog's poop and put it around the root of our mango tree, and water here and there while sunbathing for about 5 mins or so.

But I do have new plants!

I named it Jacky in hope it can do a kungfu wonder to my frizzy hair lolol. 

Jacky Chan the Aloe Vera and Jet Li the Cincau. I meant to crush the leaves and/or eat them once they're sprouty enough and I'm happy that they seem to co-operate with me regardless how many threats I spew at them everyday. ("Hurry up and grow so I can eat you guys").

HNGH, I dunno what to write anymore. I guess I'll update my diet progress and lurk on internet for some more time to tickle my interest in blogging once more?



  1. I like the greatest love to... it's so funny haha

    Love, Leonita

  2. hi ku mw tanya. kamu puasa nggak? klo puasa dietnya jadi gmn ya? :D

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  3. I miss the time watching "my girlfriend is gumiho"... still have not watched seungi new drama yet... don't like when I finish it lol
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