Beauty Talk: The Fat People Psychology

Haha, that's one big title to open a month of August!

Aaaand, tt's exactly been a month since the last time I wrote the last entry I don't even know what kind of excuse I should make! And I've actually been rehearsing in my head on what I should write on this blog, but life has always got  the best of me. Either have I been busy with work, or just there are major changes in... me?

Taken on August 2nd

And that annoy the heck out of me.

I mean, cmon.

No one ever told me that going through a diet means discovering a new side of oneself? Psychology-wise, more importantly. Maybe for you this is just something normal. But nope. It's much more than mediocre really. And I'll show you what are the things that I discovered as I lost 20 kgs (yep, you read that right. TWEN-TY KI-LOS. Or forty pounds, haha.)

And do please keep in mind, by OBESE or FAT PEOPLE, I mean ME. By PSYCHOLOGY, I mean the mental stages I had to endure.

I've talked to Macchi, too, regarding this post and she shared pretty much the same thing. With that in mind, I think what I've experienced would give you some insight on how obese people think or do or act. Intrigued? Keep on reading, sister!

Pohsitive Attitude

Before: I was like, grump grump.

After: I now like, laugh more and take things easily.

It's just awesome that now I find myself less frustrated with students and schoolwork. I think I can move quicker and faster, too! It's that agility that I could ever dream of. When I was FA-HA-AAAT, I moved sluggishly, and it felt heavy everywhere. Moreover, I got exhausted and was more prone to sickness. Now I just move around like it's nothing and rarely got sick despite of my crazy schedule. Awesome.

Do you know that obese people are prone to depression? I hate to admit this, but I just have to stress that my mood-swing was just crazy! One second I could be bubbly and friendly, the other second I could be cranky.

I shut myself from people, I avoided cameras, I avoided family gathering for my paranoia of my distant family asking my plans for the future (marriage, boyfriend, etc etc).

Or, in short: I HATED PEOPLE.

I don't hate people now so no worries hahaheheheha cough ugh.

More Feminine?

I knit and cook now *blushblush*. This is no biggie for some people, maybe. But now I picture myself as a... uh.. UH (dare I say it) a housewife more than ever. My co-worker told me that a year ago I was like a Tarzan (damn you, Joel) and now he's impressed with my cooking and knitting abilities?

And oh, let me explain how I decided to be this way:

Again--when I was FAT--I felt so ugly that I acted tomboy-like whenever boys were around. That's right, that's right. I didn't want them to see me as a girl. Unconsciously, I acted more manry whenever I was engaged in a conversation with boys. I was loud, I was reckless, and boy, I joked and talked about vulgar things! Why? Because I seriously didn't want people to see me from my physical side. I'd rather be friendly towards the others so I could get accepted.

Even my friend told me that all big people that she ever met are all funny--and my other friend told me that his female bestfriend is a fattie, too.


I guess big people (including me, duh) decided to be a clown so they can get accepted in society. Either be a clown or be astoundingly kind that people see you like an overweight angel or something. Or maybe be a very stern or sarcastic overweight person, IDEK LOL.

I can only admit that I was like the three categories and I wasn't ashamed to admit it :P Even my previous obsession towards makeup? Pah, I'm pretty sure it was only my desperate way to be pretty since I know I looked ugly while being super fat. Oh, and this leads us to the new subheading:

Big and Beautiful? Really?

Months ago I was scolded by a co-worker and a good friend of mine, and a couple of days ago, I was also scolded by my uncle. My friend said that I shouldn't torture myself for doing an extreme diet. My uncle said that obese people could be healthy too and I should put a stop of my diet.

Heckkkk, only a few people take obesity cases seriously. Sadly enough, Indonesia has severe cases of obesity, in par of those in America and other European countries. Even compared to Portugal, Spain and German, Indonesia has a higher obesity level! (source: kompas)

As cited from antaranews, the number of obese has gradually increased year by year. Tragically enough, it is also mentioned there that obesity has taken the second place as the cause of death (number one is smoking).

Though this could spark controversy, I'm sorry, I don't buy that. I found the phrase 'big and beautiful' is very misleading since it basically give an excuse for people to stay fat or to think that it's okay to be fat.

Let's just say that this is a much more natural way than plastic surgery.

Ok ok it's getting late and I guess I've written some points across! It's holiday and I guess this post is enough for me to start a new face of romacchiato. A beauty  blog still? Or could it be a new niche of a blog entirely? Stay tuned!


  1. This is a really interesting post! I come from a family of tall, slender Scandinavians, so it's hard for me to completely empathize with those who struggle with weight problems because it's just not something with which I have been confronted much.

    However, I can say that I honestly am in a better mood when I eat well and am more active. I was formerly a teacher, and I completely relate when you say you were more grumpy with your students when you were overweight. When I wasn't taking care of myself, I could feel the edginess on myself, and of course it had to relay to my students at times, too.

    That said, I do realize some people are obese due to other issues and not simply overeating or being unhealthy. But GO YOU for noticing what a problem it was for you and doing something about it!

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  3. I haven't been really2 fat, but I got your words.

    When I am fat (I used to be 56kgs), I tend to hide, to use anything to hide my real self. I don't have good self confidence, even when I am trying to be funny. Therefore, I closed some doors that opened to me.

    Later, when I am skinnier, I found more self confidence. I feel like I can prove my self, and I can do anything as long as I want it. Psychologically, I opened more doors for me.

    Well its nice to be big and beautiful, as long as deep inside you really enjoy it.