June 18th, 2013

Bonjour, bonjour!

Welcome to the beauty journal of Romacchiato!

This journal was first created to channel Roma's quirky view in beauty, but currently it's changed to a 80% diet diary of hers (which she proudly named as 'Romacchiato Diet Journal' aka RDJ).  Here you will find tips, tricks and any healthy whachamacallits for weight loss. Worry not, though! She will still be writing reviews for beauty products although it won't be as often as it used to be.

Oh, and do pardon her narcissism. Roma is never a narcissistic to begin with, but she's trying to as she thinks it'll boost her will to lose weight all the more, haha!


Terribly sorry! But Roma is not accepting any sponsors at the moment. Unless if you're a beauty company focuses on weight loss and anything related to it, then you are more than welcome to endorse Roma~

Shoot your e-mail to: romacchiato@gmail.com


New here? 

Here are some posts for you!

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003. Diet Menu

Thank you for reading! God blessss :D


  1. i really like your blog design.
    Simple and rapi juga ga polos banget.

    Oh iya satu lagi ga berat :D.

    Say hai from me to both of you.
    Great Authors (pardon me if my english bad#ahahahaha)

    Author of DELLilah's Blog

    1. @Rifka
      oalah makasih mak uda sudi mampir. Si macchi sayangnya uda ga ngeblog, sisa roma doang. Lupa apdet hehe. Saling follow yaaaa. Gw doyan bgt bc postingan lu hehe, seger2 cupmwah